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freaky walk home

I have been walking to and from work, I can’t complain, its only a half a mile.  Normally I want to walk. Today I had a weird feeling about walking home.  238 more words

Another Creeper Case Reported In Boulder

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– There’s been another reported creeper case in Boulder, this time the victim was a man.

In recent weeks there have been several incidents of a man found in the bedrooms or homes of women in Boulder in May and June. 145 more words


Conversations With My Cousin: Magnetism for the Maniac

There are many times when I wonder if it is just me…am I the only one receiving the weirdest messages from the most disturbed individuals on the Internet? 149 more words

Internet Dating

Musing: When I Was a Secretary

I used to think that being a secretary was the most glamorous job a girl could have. More glamorous than an airline stewardess or a model. 767 more words


Willbohor Ravelin

Il me l’a demandé, il me l’a réclamé, je n’ai rien écouté, mais mieux vaut tard que jamais ! Voici une petite présentation de Willbohor Ravelin… 219 more words


I'm a Creeper

I’ve checked my ex’s facebook account just to see what she’s up to. I find I do this maybe roughly ever 4-6 months. I shouldn’t do this, I know. 91 more words

Encounter With A Briton #2

(Sitting on the train from Waterloo Station to Basingstoke to go see Elvis Costello. A silent man with a bicycle is the only other occupant of the car, unless you count his bicycle and my three bags of varying size and heaviness. 1,104 more words