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Top survival tips for Minecraft

So i may not be a huge expert when it comes to Minecraft. I only got introduced to game when it came out on Xbox One but i have learned some very valuable lessons when it comes to survival! 1,407 more words

Idlewild, We are the Ocean, The Subways and more for 2000trees Festival

Scottish indie rockers Idlewild will play the main stage at the award-winning 2000trees Festival, having just launched their new album Everything Ever Written. 329 more words


Anti-Paranoia Spell

Sometimes when I’m typing in public I imagine people reading over my shoulder,¬†judging me. One instance was so vivid I heard a, “Damn girl, don’t go telling people about your problems,” and a, “Girl, you crazy!” from very sassy, southern gentlemen with impeccable taste in millinery. 21 more words


Confession of a Thespian: RENT Audition

So I guess this is becoming a thing. Alright! Let’s do this!

So this happened the other day actually. Everything I’m saying it true. I’m not making this up. 1,171 more words


Phouka Loves Ryu: 131 "Creeper Kitten: Under the weather."

Yeah, not feeling the greatest. Sorry guys. Maybe it’s something I ate. It’s really hard to make a comic while curled into a ball. We should be back to the regular scheduled comic on Friday.


Q&A With Funeral For A Friend

Funeral For A Friend have been going strong for 13 years now, producing album after album and changing their sound on almost every one. Newest release… 1,731 more words


Art a la Latouche

#LouisLatouche (1829-1884) is a name that is not well known to people and possibly even to experts but to a few very famous artists he was well known.   411 more words

Oil Paintings