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The best form of art, in my humble opinion, is one which is dominated by chaos. It is the apt representation of the universe– uncertain and chaotic.- Acrylic on paper

Poetry And Art

What do you mean I can't crash at your place? It's a perfectly acceptable 1st date!!!

Oh online dating, you are the bane of my existence. Not only do you get my hopes up for what turn out to be awful dates, you offer me the following selections: 220 more words

Covered In Lamesauce

I'm Back!

It’s been ages since the last post. A show, an Etsy shop, two workshops, and an operating-system-upgrade ago, not to mention all of the seasonal celebrations, initiations, and continued learning. 503 more words


Minecraft Creeper Bow Tie

Minecraft creeper bow tie that I’d made for a friend. :)

All of my art is for sale. If you have any requests or would like to order a custom piece, please be sure to email me at mtogg@live.com… 15 more words

creepin cupcake

eeeeughhh this cupcake totally looks like a creeper.

eeew creep.


A state of EcoFluxx

Ecologist? Check. Enjoy card games? Check. Why not play EcoFluxx to celebrate your membership of this niche subculture?

EcoFluxx is an ecology-themed version of Fluxx… 1,244 more words


Minecraft cake pops

My boys are Minecraft fans, and have been playing Minecraft for years. I’m less opposed to Minecraft compared to other computer games. It’s Lego in pixels after all! 99 more words

Cake Pops