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Body Care Massage Parlour

Saturday, April 16th 3:00pm, Grey Saturn station wagon, Alberta license plate number LEW-901 pulled into rear parking at Body Care massage parlour and man pictured above entered through back door. 278 more words


Learning from your mistakes? Not me

Recently, I’ve made some pretty bad decisions when it comes to dating.

Actually, I think that’s an understatement. They’ve been terrible, terrible decisions. The kind where you almost have an out-of-body experience and can see yourself doing the stupid thing, but no matter how much you scream and protest, you can’t make you stop. 217 more words

Plenty Of Fish

#857: "I thought I made it clear that I just wanted to be friends but apparently not."

Dear Captain Awkward,

I’m a 23 year old college student, and the kind of degree and profession I want to work in requires constant joint projects where working alone is not an option, and because our industry is so small, making good connections in college with your peers can be really important. 1,395 more words

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Dating IRL: Mr 'Cadbury Flake'

Once again, I’ve broken my own rule. I didn’t trust my instincts and the mistake has come back to bite me on the arse.

Last week, a guy I had met on Plenty of Fish cancelled our date, using the ever ominous “something’s come up” excuse. 365 more words

Plenty Of Fish

Did I offend you? Good.

I know I can be a little too direct – some might say harsh – but I don’t believe in sugar-coating anything, particularly when someone hasĀ overstepped the line (although, there doesn’t seem to be one on the internet). 325 more words

Plenty Of Fish

#852 & #853 Goofus and Gallant Attempt Mentoring Young Women

Hi Captain,

I went to university to be a screenwriter and, as i’m sure you know, it’s not exactly an easy industry to break into (especially if you’re female – ‘old boys club’ indeed). 2,485 more words


#849: What do I owe the awkward dude who won't take no for an answer and shows up at my work? (Spoiler: NOTHING)

It appears to be Dude-B-Gone week at Captain Awkward Enterprises. Also, re: confusing post numbering (850/849), sometimes I write a bunch of answers at once and schedule them ahead of time and they post out of order. 1,362 more words

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