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Private life is dead


Is no more,

For us,

Its all for a score,

What happened today,

You might say,

Everyone seem to care,

You say no way, 33 more words


Crawley Creeps: Vol I. Part I.

‘I hate this place.’

Danny looked about himself. ‘You mean Burger King?’

‘No,’ Patrick said through a mouthful of burger. ‘Pease Pottage. Crawley. Place gives me the fuckin’ creeps.’ 889 more words


Calendar flutters, The disc slowly starts swirling on the gramophone with a creek….”Abhi na jao chod kar….chod kar….krrrr” The odour of dust and wood wafting through the air.” Ke dil abhi….bharaaaaaaa” Floor covered with dry leaves, debris and unread papers. 284 more words

Drawlloween in April: Day 2, She Floats

After the previous day and how long I spent drawing just that, I went for a simple sketch this time. You’ll see a pattern of this and honestly, how much homework I had for college depended on my length of time. 73 more words


Creeps Revisited

After posting what was certainly a poor generalized scratch on the surface of the discussion about what it means to be a creep and how that term is beginning to influence gender dynamics, it occurred to me that I didn’t include any anecdotes. 3,031 more words


Tinder Nightmares Part One: A healthy dose of sleaze on holiday

Madrid was riddled with Tinder nightmare after Tinder nightmare …largely, (hopefully), because a few things got lost in translation. My friend and I set up a group date profile, clicking the ‘we’re going out’ option we found ourselves swiping right and left for pairs of guys as opposed to just one.  180 more words

Stories From the Bar

A couple weeks ago I went out to the bar with a new friend. It is the first time I have been out with her, and the first time I’ve been out for a girls night in nearly 3 years. 683 more words