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#998: "My Very First Dick Pic:" A horrible coming-of-age story

Dear Captain Awkward,

I would like some advice on how to deal with this. Let’s start in the beginning. It was the beginning of the school year (8th), when a boy asked for my number. 2,633 more words

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Running For The Shadows

A few nights ago I went to my room and got ready to go to bed. Right as I turned on the light, I looked in the corner and saw a cockroach the size of South Carolina (rough estimate) scurrying for the nearest shadow. 835 more words

Official Kingdom Document The Creep & Sneak Report!

Compiled by:   The Watcher’s Information Center


Official Kingdom Document

The Creep & Sneak Report!

Investigation Report on the letter from Jude.

Study done by; Pamela Brodt for the Saints… 3,446 more words

Bible Studies

a human connection

oftentimes i have hope
other times i don’t
belief that there is a person out there
willing to be there for me
willing to care about me… 621 more words

Two Common Medications = One $455 Million Specialty Pill

❝ Everything happened so fast as I walked out of the doctor’s exam room. I was tucking in my shirt and wondering if I’d asked all my questions about my injured shoulder when one of the doctor’s assistants handed me two small boxes of pills.

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#982: "A friend is trying to set me up with someone she knows and I prefer not to."

Hello Captain,

My distant friend Sally and I went out to dinner and she started asking me about my past relationships. I’ve known Sally for over a decade and she’s never pried into my dating life. 1,064 more words