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The Da Vinci Code 82: How To Goatse A Plot Hole

Please excuse the lack of post last week, but I had to go to London last weekend and ended up frazzled and totally burnt out from the experience. 2,720 more words

The Da Vinci Code

Ad industry whines Apple Safari update is against tracking

❝ Six ad industry organizations have crafted an open letter complaining about changes coming to Apple’s Safari browser, claiming that a new feature — “Intelligent Tracking Prevention” — will hurt both them — and the public.

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My Favorite Mistake: Friends

Friends. They’re amazing, right? But why would they purposely try to ruin your life? I wasn’t even rich! I didn’t have nice clothes, but at least I innovated: was it my confidence, creativity, smile, hair, humour, taste in music, hieght, voice? 180 more words


Today I will be telling you about my thoughts on Instagram.  Let me just start off with, Instagram is the death to our social life!  Who cares about how many likes or followers you get?   160 more words


Credible Threats And What To Do

I have been threatened a lot lately due to one of my articles in which I saved every screenshot. I don’t get all worried much about internet threats but these are different, they impact me and can be carried out. 77 more words

"God Sent The Shooter” Right-Wing Domestic Terrorism

Why has America focused its obsession on Islamic terrorism over domestic terrorism from alt-right groups and lone wolves? From lynching to cross burning, shooting up abortion clinics and blow up federal buildings, conservative extremists usually with a fundamentalist Christian agenda have proved to be far more of a threat. 150 more words

N.C. Citizen Militia Exposed As Fascists And Easily Triggered

Recently I had made a passing comment on my private Facebook account to a friend about the nepotism of the deep south. As many of my friends know I have a lot of connections within different departments and it had come to light a few years ago from multiple sources that the N.C. 842 more words