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But... Who is Woody Allen?

I know you guys are embarrassed to ask me this. You feel like you should know who that is, judging by the tone people take. Don’t feel bad, really!! 389 more words

All Kids

What Scares Me

Murders are creepy

I can’t stand heights 88 more words


Senator Gropes Sleeping Soldier’s Breasts And Forces Her To Kiss Him

Minnesota Democratic Sen. Al Franken might have pulled the worst stunt of his life back in 2006 and I bet his career is over. The story goes that Franken was a comedian back in the day and while performing at a USO show he groped the sleeping soldier, Leeann Tweeden, while she was asleep, and there is a picture of it. 259 more words

#1047: "How do I talk to my future roommate about her homophobic comments & behaviors?"

Dear Captain Awkward,

How is a good way to let a friend know that her mildly homophobic comments are hurtful to me before I move in with her? 710 more words

Reader Questions

Creep Much? 

I have a Facebook page primarily linked to this WordPress account. One of the kink community pages I am in had an open call for friend requests. 441 more words


Top 5 Creeper Stories From a Female Traveler

I would offer that no one is exempt from unwanted advances or uncomfortable encounters. They’re bound to happen to people from every background, in any location, and at any time of day. 1,315 more words


Episode 19 | Alison Segel

Hey!  We’re back from a short hiatus and have a killer show for you!  Alison Segel is in the studio (dining room) with us talking about some really important stuff!   58 more words