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New Neighbors, Same Voyeur

The neighbors, Sweetey, Petey, and Baby Dumdum, moved across town with promises to come back for a summer time cook-out. We watched them drive off with the final carload of clothes and boxes, feeling a sense of regret and acceptance that a reunion would never happen. 460 more words

Short Story

Polite vs Flirtation

There is this big, no–HUGE difference between being polite and flirting. Tumblr can back me up on this, because no matter the gender–whether it’s a boy, girl or other–THEY STILL CAN’T F***ING TELL! 521 more words


Is it just me or is online dating a Pain!

I can’t just start a conversation with a “Hi sexy” or “do you wanna get wet?” Let me give you some context, I recently signed up on a few dating and social networking sites and this is what it leads to. 348 more words


Obsession Vs. Being A Creep

So Last Night, seeing Darren Criss was a huge treat. After, many years of not years of not seeing him.

The way to ruin this is having creeps who ask you for backstage things. 95 more words


Small Safety Reminder Time

My friend told me a creepy story this weekend. A clean cut man with a clip board knocked on her door and asked her questions about one of her neighbors. 414 more words

Personal Safety

Striped - Tanka + Haiku


p {
 margin-bottom: 0.2em;

Striped fierce majesty

Elusive to prying eyes

Forest hides her skin

Mysterious tapestry

Shielded within its strong arms

p {
 margin-bottom: 0.2em;
… 151 more words

Let's Get Creepy

As a general rule, when someone preferences something with “I don’t want to sound creepy but…” They are about to say something really fucking creepy. 247 more words