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5 Ways to Avoid Creeps at the Gym

How do I avoid creeps at the gym? That’s the question a friend of mine asked me a while back, when complaining about always having her workouts interrupted because she’s constantly getting hit on. 897 more words


When Can We Stop Being Creeps?

We’re a culture of Creeps.

It’s been that way for a long, long time, I know. The pornification of our culture is so evident though, way too mainstream. 764 more words

Pop Culture

The corporate creeps again (this time: Amazon ... I mean Twitch ... I mean both. ... I guess?)

Twitch.tv now belongs to Amazon. It was also proudly announced a while ago that Twitch.tv is now its own company. Yeah, Amazon, you’re basically bragging with your tax evasion. 219 more words

Society & Culture

In Defence of Perverts

Last night Jackson came over, all flustered. Apparently as he was cruising down the aisles of some independent bookstore he realized that an old dude was following him. 911 more words

High School

Pregnancy Dating 101

Don’t do it. Or at least that is my opinion. One of my friends said to me “you are still getting asked out more than I do on a regular basis even now that you are showing.. 537 more words

Baby Blog


So for today I will talk about what else resides on the map apart from you.

Remember the lanes from last post? Well aside from having towers they serve another very important purpose. 600 more words


"Those" Guys

Those guys who only have eyes for their lover, but as soon as she leaves the room they don’t waste a beat in locking eyes with the first pair they meet and declaring their undying love. 139 more words