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The Creep Squad/No Real Man

watching love and hip hop and this whole “creep Squad” thing has been insane to me this entire time. There are so many real men that work so hard to never be called or looked at like creeps and work so hard to be better men then that. 119 more words

#942: "A coworker invited herself along on my vacation."

Dear Captain Awkward,

I have a situation that is getting very awkward indeed. In a few months, I will be going on vacation to Tokyo with my best friend. 2,162 more words

Reader Questions

My Encounter

I rode in a Lyft from my place (Haight) to Chinatown around dusk last night. I got dropped off in front of a noodle-house on a busy street, restaurants lining my side and 20-story hotels towering down on the opposite side. 585 more words

Digital Photography

Why French men aren’t charming, just creepy af.

Rhiannon Copeland

French men have traditionally been seen as more romantic, desirable and charming than their British counterparts.  Is it their accent? Their dress sense? Their skills in the… kitchen? 697 more words

Children: The Ultimate Creep Repellent!

If you know me, you know that I enjoy adult interaction because it’s nice to talk to other humans that aren’t children every once in a while. 557 more words

Cheap DAOC plat and DAOC gold | Particular opponent creeps

You can go to a new notion named Idiot Forbidding so that you can help the particular “bringing creeps nearer for you to our very own tower” thing,. 376 more words