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Horrible Message Series : 10

Got another message in the inbox. Some days you wonder why when they complained about having bad experiences that they never realised that it is them causing it to themselves? 161 more words


Closet Fears

No, I’m not afraid of coming out of a closet. Rather, I’m afraid of things that can hide in a closet. I have a very creepy story that may make you afraid of closets. 951 more words

Horrible Message Series : 10

Got this message that screamed out “Idiot” to me.

Message 1:

Hi there

I am new to this page but I have been a sub on off for the past 3 years… 826 more words


Ted Bundy & Whatever

A list of serial killer traits and behaviors:

  • manipulation
  • childhood bed-wetting
  • substance abuse
  • violent fantasies
  • lacking of empathy/compassion
  • preference of auto-erotic activities
  • killing animals
  • picking the elliptical next to mine at the gym in a row of 25-30 empty machines.

Stop it.

We of all the small ones grew up and were changed
We all the small ones went to the store
We grew up and changed, we grew and changed, we transfigured and expanded… 175 more words



I am so sorry that I met you

That I ever ran into you at all.

You are a perfect example

That the human race is about to fall. 333 more words


Horrible Message Series : 9

A few days ago I received a message that had been copied and pasted to several others before.

Here it is:

From Local boy:

Hey im a local singaporean who is still studying in uni. 130 more words