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25 Women Reveal The Most Extreme Thing They Ever Did To Force A Creepy Guy To Leave Them Alone

Found on AskReddit.

1. I vomited on him.

“I once told a guy at a party that his personality was so disgusting it made me want to vomit. 4,254 more words

Whew! Bristol Must Be Relieved that the Creeps are Gone!!!

 It was less than a month ago that Bristol expressed concern about “creeps” targeting her children.  She illustrated her concern by posting a blurry image of Sailor a… 75 more words

Model Life: Creeps

So there is a deluded myth out there that the modeling industry is full of nothing but porn directors, scam artists and rapists looking for their next victim. 1,005 more words

How should I respond to hate posts?

I have a pretty low bar for hate posts. I don’t like to see anyone* trashed fairly or unfairly.

In that spirit, I will be replying to everything that I deem mean or divisive. 35 more words

All Kids

Problems with Social Networks

Social networks are inseparable attribute to modern human beings. We post everything, starting from our daily routines to sharing the pictures of the food we eat, and finishing with personal information, such as relationship statuses, providing the world with insights about our lives. 500 more words


Sarah Palin Exposes Herself as an Uncaring Grandmother

Five days ago, June 23, 2016, Bristol pretended to be so concerned  about the safety of her children that she edited out Trip’s face and blurred the face of Sailor.   223 more words