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The Visit Review!

*Disclaimer: this is my OPINION*

Last night, I finally got around to go seeing The Visit. It was okay, but definitely not as great as the commercials made it seem. 224 more words


Two Week Recap

I haven’t been on WordPress for the past two weeks.

I wondered what I’ve been missing and what my fellow bloggers are up to.

Here is the overall theme from what I’ve gathered from five minutes of perusing my feed: 16 more words


Richard Corriere's Science Update: Online Creeps like it anonymous

Richard Corriere’s Science Update:  Online Creeps like it anonymous

  • The greater anonymity the more people are negative and nasty.  Turns out bravery is for the transparent. 
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Richard Corriere


Swerved around, that’s how it felt. Like an issue or an unsolved problem that only sirens could bring any attention to. Oh, my gosh! Look out, here he is. 2,537 more words


Indian Handcrafts - Creeps

Canadian stoner-ish rock duo Indian Handcrafts have taken 3 years to put together a sequel to their debut record Civil Disobedience for Losers. Frankly that’s too damn long – the world may not be short on big dumb rock bands but there aren’t many who can match these guys for gleeful riff-based silliness. 48 more words


Going home, whatever that means, part one.

I got the very last seat on the entire Boeing 757, between two seemingly benign old men, one with a bright red comb-over and the other with white hair and a classic grandpa nose. 643 more words