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Samoan. That’s the first identifier that comes to mind after my name. Okay, maybe that I’m 25 years old comes before that, but at least third for sure. 717 more words

#1077: 'Ware the Hovering Hobbyists

Hey Captain!

I’m a single straight cis woman.  Some time ago I joined a new hobby group, and it’s been great!  There are lots of men in the hobby group and a number of them have asked me out on dates.  1,225 more words

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Brain Infection

The smell of relaxing herbal tea filled the room. It smelled good, and gave her a strange feeling of mystery. Madame Lasara sat in front of her, looking her into the eyes. 801 more words


Will be nice to not watch our backs.

I was in a somewhat upsetting situation last weekend where I was feeling creeped out by this Canadian Anuroop guy that I had rejected 2 years back. 351 more words

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#1076: The Xenophobe In The Group Chat

Yo, Captain!

I have a friend who I care about dearly but he keeps sending quite rude (almost downright racist) messages over a group chat I have with all of my friends, often targeted towards me and my heritage. 1,103 more words

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Instetiquette - etiquette on instagram

Mainly based on business oriented Instagram users and followers

Instagram followers,

  • Self Promote – do not comment your ads under a particular post. Why? It is annoying for both the user and other followers.
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Confessions of a Retail Associate 10

I work the sales floor, I deal directly with customers on a daily basis. Some people are nice (I maintain that most people are nice, just the rotten few ruin everything) they ask for help, they apologize for interrupting my task, and they thank me for showing them whatever they asked for; others are complete jackasses, they demand my attention, they get annoyed when I need a moment to put down what I’m doing, and they just ignore me after I show them what they wanted. 361 more words

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