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Trolls Talking Smack

Creeping trolls who love to mumble,
Talking smack in whispered jumble,
Maybe you should be more humble–
Bullies break from simple tumble.

Blaming others for your stumble? 22 more words


Lesson from the creepy guy walking down the sidewalk:

Today, I unintentionally locked eyes with a dude who had been very intensely starring at my face the entire time we shared the sidewalk.

I feel very small when I get stared down or cat-called. 139 more words

Return of the Car Wash

Okay at this point I probably deserve every bad “date” and experience I keep having. I mean I think my self esteem just hit the lowest of low so I’m just finding ways to pretend I don’t hate myself now. 1,104 more words

#921: "Captain, can you e-slap some sense into me, please?" or, 12 steps for getting over a charismatic lying sexy jerkface.

Dear Captain Awkward…

I started seeing a man who claimed he and his wife were ok to seek outside relationships. He said the friendship of those outside liaisons was important to him. 1,077 more words

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3:32 am thoughts

Nights like this rarely comes,

where my heart beats faster,

where I’m hysterical

Nights where my thoughts creep

faster than my consciousness

Nights where I wish you hold me tight… 63 more words

Random Thoughts

#919:"Metamour vetoed me, he wants a relationship anyway."

Dear Captain,

This is a bit messy, please bear with me… One year ago, a long time acquaintance, “John”, figured out my interest in BDSM. It turned out him and his wife “Julia”, were a dominant and submissive couple in a polyamorus triad with another woman, who I will call “Katie”. 609 more words

Reader Questions

CREEPS Comes To The Cultch November 30 - December 10, 2016

The play CREEPS premiered in 1971.  At that time, it was David E. Freeman’s first play for which he won the Chalmers Award for Outstanding Play Award, the New York Drama Award for Outstanding New Playright in 1973 and one of the six Edinburgh “Fringe” Festival Awards in 1979.   157 more words