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Jenny McCarthy Is Allegedly Being Haunted (And She Caught It On Video)

Who doesn’t love a good ghost story? At least, when it isn’t happening to you. Unfortunately for Jenny McCarthy, her spooky story is our entertainment, at least for today. 148 more words


Something's Wrong With Mother



David J. Gibbs

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“Then something went wrong with her. Something went wrong with mother. There wasn’t any stopping her. 2,708 more words

My creepy ghost story

I was not going to write this because it’s quit long and most people there days don’t really believe in ghosts and the paranormal. I have always beloved in the paranormal since I was a young age I don’t know why but I was always into those whitchcraft shows and movies. 759 more words


Dirty bathroom

The bathroom in last night’s dream was absolutely disgusting. So dirty. It was like something out of a horror movie. Not a lot of things I remember. 7 more words


Summer: A Survival Guide

If you are anything like me and my wife, summer sucks. It’s the absolute worst season. But I have good news! Today my wife spotted red leaves in a tree! 564 more words

There's A House For Sale

There’s a house for sale. It’s a nice house. Not too big. Not too small. Just enough room for a single person looking for a quiet place. 547 more words


“What’s the guy in the holding cell ‘tripping’ on? I think we need to call in medical assistance before he bites his damn tongue off. He’s got the most frightening brain-eating zombie stare I’ve ever seen.” 1,933 more words

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