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Hello World!

Born in College Park, GA, Dr. Creflo A. Dollar is the founder and lead pastor of World Changers Church International. WCCI began with a sermon in a local elementary school cafeteria and has since developed a large following, making it and its founder a hot topic. 117 more words


For A Ride

I tried to stay out of this, but like the proverbial moth drawn to the flame, I couldn’t: Oh Creflo, say it ain’t so! The Creflo of whom I speak is Creflo A. 644 more words


Will Creflo use his billion dollar gimmick to get his $65 million dollar jet?

The Christian Post earlier reported,

“After coming under heavy criticism for asking the public for $65 million dollars to purchase a luxury airplane for his ministry last month, popular televangelist and founder of World Changers Church International Creflo Dollar responded in spectacular defiance in a recent message to his church declaring: “If I want to believe God for a $65 million plane, you cannot stop me.” 1,106 more words

Creflo Dollar

Robo-dinosaur as hotel clerk, bring on Robo-Pope in biblical churches

So, another development from Japan. The much in demand (?) robot dinosaur hotel clerk.

I have been thinking, for some time now, about government robots in churches.  259 more words

How to be a Famous Preacher by Mark

SOURCE: 1. Be a good public speaker. Express emotion: either be very good at anger, or weep copiously, or smile successfully. Wear the right outfit for your target audience: a Rolex,  leather, tattoos, an Armani suit, whatever cardboard caricature impresses your particular constituents and will make them quit changing channels and watch you. 1,295 more words


Worldly Wisdom: A Danger to Belief?

I was perusing the reviews for a book called “Misquoting Jesus” by Bart D. Ehrman to see if it might be something that I’d want to read, and one of the reviews really stuck out to me… First off, it was written by someone who obviously didn’t read the book, but beyond that I was struck by the content.   975 more words


10 Things Creflo Dollar Could Have Bought With 65 Million Dollars Instead of a private Jet [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Remember that time Creflo Dollar convinced everyone in his church that he needed 65 million dollars for a private jet? Jasmine Sanders provides us with 10 less frivolous things he could’ve done with $65 Million that would’ve helped the black community. 67 more words