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The return of a false teacher to Zimbabwe

False teacher Creflo Dollar will be returning to Zimbabwe this month at the invitation of Va Vutabwashe. Both men preach and propagate the false gospel of gain that Paul warns Timothy of in 1 Timothy 6. 432 more words

Do Prosperity Pastors Obey the Bible?

MATTHEW 6:24- YOU CANNOT SERVE GOD AND MONEY. These pastors are 6 of the wealthiest ministers. Billy Graham only recently passed away and the other two Americans are TD Jakes and Creflo Dollar. 50 more words

Prosperity Gospel

Jim Bakker Stooge Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor, an ex-fireman predicted that Donald Trump would be president during the second term of Barack Obama. When he got that wrong, he predicted Trump would win against Hillary Clinton. 101 more words

New Apostolic Reformation

In defence of the Jet

In February 2012 I found myself criticizing Bishop TD Jakes, as I watched a sermon on YouTube.  I admired him and was thankful to God for him.   1,515 more words


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In defence of the Jet...words of wisdom to heed. In February 2012 I found myself criticizing Bishop TD Jakes, as I watched a sermon on YouTube. I admired him and was thankful to God for him. His sermon, the ‘Place of His Passion’, caused me to recommit my life to Jesus Christ; in my office on a Friday afternoon. Every Sunday I eagerly watched his sermons online. This time I judged his every move. I criticized how he talked, how his fingers moved, how he breathed, etc. Without reason, every minute detail offended me. I was alone at home or so I thought. In an instance, the Lord rebuked me! “Do not speak ill of my servant. I have raised him up and set him above nations”, thundered the angry voice of God. It startled and frightened me. I quickly repented. I should have learnt my lesson but that was not the end of it.

Further Repentance

Four months later I did a similar thing. This time I found fault with Prophetess Juanita Bynum. I had forgotten how her testimonies had impacted my spiritual development. After I recommitted my life to the Lord I wanted more than the worship of the Methodist Church, I attended from mid-teenage years. I started attending a Pentecostal church. Most members were happy that I was attending the church, until they found out I was coming from a Methodist Church. I was repeatedly rejected. They did not want to interact with a sinner. I was alone with God. The prophetic had birthed in me and there was no one to help. I did not know how to communicate with God. He spoke. I never thought I could speak to Him. I knew very little of the Bible. I thought He was judgemental and unmerciful. One little move and I would be toast! Prophetess Bynum’s testimonies and teachings helped me in a big way to understand what was happening. A few minutes after I spoke ill of her the Lord rebuked me. “I work through imperfect vessels. I am able to bring them to perfection”, he told me. What was at work in me was decades of being suspicious of ‘televangelists’. Chief among them was Senior Pastor Creflo Dollar. From the first day I heard the name, I became suspicious of the surname. “What kind of name is that for a Pastor?” I was convinced he was not an honourable person. Then came a period of very unsettling dreams. For weeks they terrified me. Every day I prayed for release and peace of mind. I became afraid to sleep until the Lord directed to search YouTube for one of Mr. Dollar’s teachings on spiritual warfare. It solved the problem but my lesson was not done. The Lord chastened me for speaking ill of him. He told me that He taught Mr. Dollar about prosperity and told him to teach His people. The following year the Lord had me repent for speaking ill of His ministers (televangelists) . I was reminded of persons I had spoken ill of from I was a teenager. Two decades ago! I learnt that day not to speak ill about another man’s ministry. The Lord also taught me about the pressures these men and women of God faced and why some servants failed. Especially, how easy it was to fail. For the first time, I understood the many traps and sneers that the minister of God had to navigate. The road was not easy. None were exempt from daily trials, tribulations and temptations. Only God could keep the leader from failing. It thought me to keep my mouth shut and not speak against another man’s ministry.

Good Gifts

When the recent report about the cost of Mr. Dollar’s plane was published, I kept my mouth shut. I did not ask the Lord about it. I was determined not to become distracted by the noise, until Sunday May 10, 2015. On Friday May 8, 2015, I was walking home after completing some assignments for the Lord, when He challenged me to lift my faith. “You can believe me to heal and fulfill my word for others. What about you? Can you believe me for some of the things you want?” I asked Him for a car and left it at that. Every time I am to receive something from God, He always asked me to give up something. I was either told to sow a seed, make a sacrificial offering, give to someone or do something else. On Sunday May 10, I was told to pray for Mr. Dollar to receive his new plane. The Lord began speaking to me about the issue. “I favour Him. It is nothing for Me to give it to him. I have no problem with my children being wealthy. I will not bless them, if they are greedy or desire it for selfish reasons. I have no problem with them being very successful or rich, as long as it does not become an idol. What are a few millions to Me. People approve when business leaders or entertainers purchase whatever they desire. Why are they offended when my servants are rewarded for their work? Why do they think that it pleases me to see my servants living in poverty and lack?”

Pentecostal Humor

Pentecostal humor this is a British late night show and they are highlighting Pentecostal preachers. Creflo Dollar in particular is quite funny even though he doesn’t know he’s being funny. 53 more words


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