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A Better Way To Pray...

when we submit and let God change us from the inside out, worship,love and the willingness to serve just spews out of us so naturally!

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Revelations From God

Creflo Dollar Releases Doc To Show How He Gives Away Money

We wouldn’t say televangelist Creflo Dollar has gone Hollywood, but he and his Atlanta-based World Changers International church have produced a documentary film called Uncharted… 487 more words

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The Prosperity Gospel: What a Con Game, A Sham!

This video was posted 5 years ago. In it,  I make reference to a dream I had about Creflo Dollar and the prosperity gospel. Time has moved so quickly.  861 more words

Prosperity Gospel

GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE by Creflo Dollar

Have you ever felt all alone and 
afraid when you found yourself in 
a tough situation? It’s natural for 
us to feel afraid when we’re faced
 with trouble too big to handle by
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Creflo Dollar dies in 'act of God' plane crash

Televangelist Creflo Dollar has died after his private jet crashed shortly after take-off from Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, Atlanta.

Eyewitnesses claim to have seen a bright flash before smoke and fire enveloped the plane just minutes into its maiden flight. 241 more words


Tell me what you want what you really really want.

#whatailsya – Quit beating around the bush. For every question asked, there is an answer that is desired. Are you brave enough to say why you want to know? 27 more words


Why You Should Not Hate Prosperity Preachers

TV preaching and I were born and grew up around the same time, the eighties and nineties. Kenneth Copeland started in 1979. Jimmy Swaggart started his Telecast in 1975, but he really came to prominence in the early 80s when it began to be broadcast by 3000 stations and cable systems. 617 more words