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Why You Should Not Hate Prosperity Preachers

TV preaching and I were born and grew up around the same time, the eighties and nineties. Kenneth Copeland started in 1979. Jimmy Swaggart started his Telecast in 1975, but he really came to prominence in the early 80s when it began to be broadcast by 3000 stations and cable systems. 617 more words


12 Days of Glory - Day 6 {Requirements of Salvation before and after the Cross}

“God is not good to you because you are good, He is good because He is good!

We are not blessed because of our obedience but because of the obedience of our Lord Jesus Christ!” 514 more words

5 Lessons Learnt in 2016

It is never an easy task to get back on your feet after prolonged mental torture,but there is no other way out,you just have to put on your adult pants hold on to God for dear life and carry on. 632 more words

Just A Thought

Bill Johnson and Kenneth Copeland, Jonathan Welton and E.W. Kenyon...Birds of a Feather

It doesn’t matter if you present false teaching wrapped in the prosperity gospel, the word of faith movement, or the signs and wonders/heaven to earth message…it is false teaching. 1,759 more words

Prediction: CHARISMANIA 2017 To Be The Craziest Battle Royale in History

Todd “Bam-Bam” Bentley,  Michael “The Doctor” Brown, Creflo “The Grifter”  Dollar, and “Two-Face” Joyce Meyer headline Charismania 2017 in Houston, Texas. What began as a normal, everyday miracle-off deep inside Benny Hinn’s underground bunker made out of skulls and tar, is blossoming into a free-for-all that will be broadcast all over the world. 275 more words



Religion focuses on who we are in ourselves, and it disqualifies even the best people. But the Gospel of Christ focuses on who we are in Christ, and it qualifies even the worst people. 171 more words

Relationship With God