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A friend's death 3: the service.

With one exception, when I wrote about the death of my brother-in-law, I have opened these posts with a limerick.  Understandably, until now.

Synopsis: I’m a Family Practitioner from Sioux City, Iowa. 680 more words


A Nice Story About Death

I used to work for a company that did maintenance work on properties that were foreclosed upon and had become bank-owned. Our company contracted with vendors who would do lawn work and maintain the interior of these non-lived-in homes all over the country. 1,151 more words


Reflection: after life

I know some people don’t mind what happens after or some people are afraid to make preparations. Somehow I do mind and having been around death since I can remember (my grandmother passed when I was four), I have some strong thoughts on what I’d like done with my stuff and my body before and after the inevitable occurs. 641 more words

N.B. couple helps grieving families honour their loved ones through glass art pieces

A couple from New Horton, N.B. is using their art to help grieving families find peace by moulding creative glass pieces meant to honour lost loved ones. 355 more words


BPAS and Baby Remains

I have just come across this page on the BPAS website https://www.bpas.org/abortion-care/after-an-abortion/pregnancy-remains. I am horrified at it. These precious babies that BPAS so conveniently destroy are finally being given some recognition that they are human and that there are remains of a baby (without using the word ‘baby’) for the grieving mothers to take away so a funeral can be arranged. 109 more words


A Prehistoric Millennium Time Capsule at Carmel, Carmarthenshire

On a lens of land between the current route of the A476 between Cross Hands and Llandeilo and its older route which now abruptly stops in a dead end, the community of Carmel, Carmarthenshire, selected to build a distinctive monument for the Millennium. 807 more words


Sigurd's Funeral - Vikings Season 5 part 1

I’m now well into Season 5 of Vikings and want to continue my commentary on the mortuary practices of the Northmen and their archaeological and other sources of inspiration. 1,310 more words