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The Walking Dead Season 4 - Cremation

In previous posts on The Walking Dead I’ve identified the utilitarian and negative associations of cremation in the post-apocalyptic world. In seasons 1-3, it is opted as a mode for killing and disposing of the unknown living-dead. 257 more words


Death becomes you

Is there an auspicious day for death? I guess no one will ever know. But the Hindus certainly view the day of one’s death as a vitally important day. 1,101 more words


Simply Funerals ...

My sister and I went out to dinner Friday night (seems like an eternity ago but I think that may be due to my Mondayitis but whatever). 273 more words


Day 11 - Varanasi - The Ganges and a surprise rooftop patio

We met the group at 6 for our sunrise boat tour on the Ganges. Again, just incredible and surreal. Our CEO explained about the bacteria in the Ganges that eats other bacteria and viruses, which I had seen in a documentary before. 686 more words


Complaints Rise Over Colorado-Based Cremation Firm Operating Illegally In California

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — A cremation company with a history of legal problems and a trail of unhappy customers continues to operate here in California, despite being ordered to stop offering its services in the Golden State. 616 more words


The Royal's Rain (Goes Away)

This morning, Ubudians were greeted by the unusual sight of a bright and sunny day; skies a perfect shade of blue that augurs well for people living in the tropics – and who’ve suffered under the weeks-long strain of relentless rains. 521 more words