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Truman Capote’s ashes sold for $45,000 at Los Angeles auction

This year I’m learning just how much dead things are worth, for example dead mice, to feed my son’s snake are actually worth 25 cents each and apparently Truman Capote’s ashes are worth a hell of a lot more than that, say like $45,000.  34 more words


The Importance of Ashes

There seems to be a lot of significance placed on cremated remains. It’s reasonable really, if you consider that these ashes are the last remaining piece of a person you may have once cared about. 380 more words


Building to house inurned ashes at Olivet

Dr. Mark Quanstrom’s final resting place will be at Olivet. His children who live in states outside of Illinois but are Olivet alum will have the university as a gathering place to see each other and pay respect to their father. 525 more words


The Cremation Jewelry – The New Way To Tribute Your Loved One

We the human being are entirely attached to each other. That is why the last journey of the loved one hurts us to a great extent. 487 more words

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Grave Hardship: 4 Ghastly Challenges of Dying in Greece

The saying that nothing is as certain as death and taxes applies to Greece. Of course, the funeral business is more lucrative than taxes as the bereaved are in no position to protest while being tricked out of small fortunes by the state, church and funeral offices. 671 more words