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Deathscapes for the future

This week I attended an event at Bristol’s Arnos Vale Cemetery to discuss the future of funerals.  Arnos Vale is a wonderfully atmospheric Victorian Cemetery full of majestic tombs and memorials whilst also having areas of wild tangled brambles and trees growing up through graves.  485 more words

On Getting The Call

It was bound to burn, because we couldn’t afford much else.

The finish of coffins, the beauty of earthly swallow, every bell, whistle, and anything should have been hers. 686 more words


Burial or Cremation

My thoughts on the subject of death have crystalized over four decades of adulthood. I now know what I want to have done with my body after I die. 605 more words

The Funeral Traditions of Different Religions

Every culture in the world practices some type of funeral service for their deceased. In many, death is not seen as an end, but rather as a transition from one form of existence to another. 564 more words


Hop To It!

A grasshopper walks into a bar, pulls up a stool,
and orders a beer.

The bartender pours him a tall, frothy mug and
says “You know… we have a drink named after you…” 355 more words