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“Matthew! You can knock off early after you’re finished with the extractor fan,” Trevor called out, smiling as a hand popped out the back of the machine to wave his thanks as the other tightened an errant screw. 1,016 more words

Kyra Leigh

Honour the Dead, Warn the Living

It’s a beautiful building and looks a bit like a stable, but it holds a dark past.

Inside the sight of furnaces and metal stretchers, on which bodies would have been transported into the flames, brought home the dark truth of its use. 101 more words


How Do You Solve a Problem Like Highgate?

by Sheldon 

Highgate Cemetery is asking for ideas on how to be a sustainable place of burial for years to come.

This is important for many reasons. 670 more words


New photos show atrocities at Syrian military prison

This week, the U.S. State Department released photos showing what they say is a crematorium used to burn the bodies of people hanged in Syria. The State Department says as many as 50 detainees are being hanged each day at… 274 more words


US State Department Alleges Mass Crematorium in Syria

As world opinion on the imperialist invasion of Syria has begun to shift away from US interests – new allegations are being made against the Syrian government and Bashar Al-Assad. 462 more words


Fake News Day: One Day, Three Serious News Stories That Turn Out to be False

It is a fake news day. Three stories are making the rounds through the media that are each based on false or widely exaggerated interpretation of claims. 1,554 more words


Syrian mass killings accusation

There have been many killed in the Syrian civil war including many atrocities and alleged atrocities.

The US has now accused the Syrian government of burning bodies to hide mass killings, with the support of Russia and Iran, but this has been denied. 368 more words