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How do I keep the Doctor away, with a Banana of course.

So much to say about one of my very favorite desserts, mm let me see, bananas, cream, pastry, creme anglaise, fluffy and downright delicious. Oh my what could be better.  600 more words



custard and i have an interesting relationship. i have changed my philosophy several times as i’ve worked towards a good custard recipe. for instance i was initially against thickening additives on the basis that eggs, sugar and cream were the purest form. 727 more words


An Eggcellent Easter: 4. Rhubarb Jam and Custard with Shortbread

“It’s Spring. Why Can’t I Find Rhubarb!?”

I know we’re a week after Easter but I wanted to get one more eggy recipe out and here it is. 901 more words



The local farmers’ market has just gotten going seriously for the season. A couple of weeks ago there were only a few stands with limited choices. 895 more words


Îles flottante

Three clouds of meringue floating in a pool of from-scratch crème anglaise, topped with a pulled sugar nest.

December 8th, 2016


Custard and Creme Anglaise

Subtly different, Creme Anglaise is both richer and more temperamental than a good pouring custard.

The differences in preparation are really quite trivial, and for all but the grandest f entertaining, the custard alternative is probably the best bet.   194 more words


Vive Les Cremes Patissieres - in all their forms

When I started this blog I had never made Creme Patissiere (often shortened to “Creme Pat” by us Brits, and called “Pastry Cream” by our American cousins).   265 more words