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Îles flottante

Three clouds of meringue floating in a pool of from-scratch crème anglaise, topped with a pulled sugar nest.

December 8th, 2016


Custard and Creme Anglaise

Subtly different, Creme Anglaise is both richer and more temperamental than a good pouring custard.

The differences in preparation are really quite trivial, and for all but the grandest f entertaining, the custard alternative is probably the best bet.   194 more words


Vive Les Cremes Patissieres - in all their forms

When I started this blog I had never made Creme Patissiere (often shortened to “Creme Pat” by us Brits, and called “Pastry Cream” by our American cousins).   265 more words


Creme Anglaise - or Custard to you and me

Custard! What Englishman doesn’t love custard? Not that horror that we had at school with a nasty thick skin on it, but the gorgeous yellow vanilla rich sauce that has to accompany a Crumble or Sticky Toffee Pudding .   246 more words


Matcha Souffle with Osmanthus Creme Anglaise

Hello everybody!

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been pausing on my treks about campus every couple dozen feet and sniffing the air like a crazy person. 1,024 more words


Apple Walnut Crumble

September has been pretty busy, school has started, so does hockey, piano, drawing class…..etc. And I want to go back to my running routine…… just wish there was more time to bake and blog ! 251 more words


a lavender shade of pale - lavender ice-cream

Lavender ice-cream

I had the idea for this recipe after seeing a sweet pumpkin pie recipe and I thought the two would go well together – both visually and their tastes. 592 more words