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Cinnamon Vanilla Bread Pudding with Crème Anglais

Bread and pudding don’t even sound like they should be in the same sentence.

This has to be one of my favourite flavour combinations. Coupled with balsamic + honey and blue cheese + sweet chilli. 881 more words


Earl Grey Souffle with Lavender Creme Anglaise


This past weekend, I was 130% in the mood for tea. Not just my ordinary cup of green haphazardly thrown together any hour of the day but a proper English tea served promptly at 4:00 pm. 1,178 more words

Recette de Crème Anglaise Facile et Rapide

Voici une nouvelle recette de Crème Anglaise nommée aussi Custard que j’utilise le plus souvent pour mes dessert et mes tartes à maison. Une recette facile à réaliser dans un peu de temps; j’ai pris l’habitude d’en faire régulièrement. 130 more words

Gourmandaise Constellation

Sometimes I get so in to making cakes that I forget that other kinds of desserts exist. Or if I happen to remember I scare myself away because I am so much more comfortable making layer cakes–and that comfort has come by enough experience to know when a recipe is going south or when I am experiencing beginners luck. 1,184 more words


Hark the Herald Angel Food Cake with Creme Anglaise

Like most of us, I had only eaten boxed mixes or store bought angel food cake growing up and never knew what I was missing… until a few years ago when my friend’s mom made the most light, airy, spongy, delicious angel food cake that I’d ever had. 1,319 more words


16. Pourable Cream

A mixture of eggs and a milk product to produce something like a liquid custard. Creme Anglaise is a great example of a pourable cream. Egg nog would be another great example. 229 more words