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Kahlua Drinks


1 oz. Kahlua
4 oz. milk

Serve on the rocks.

Spanish Moss

This recipe comes from the makers of Kahlua.

1 oz. Kahula
1 oz. 35 more words


#12: The Dirty Girl Scout

I honestly don’t know why so many cocktails have naughty names.  Maybe it’s to create discomfort when someone orders a drink at a bar.  I can imagine saying “I’ll have a Sex on the Beach” is far more uncomfortable than saying “I’ll have a gin & tonic.”  While I’d throw the “Dirty Girl Scout” in the list of naughty named cocktails, it actually pales in comparison to some of the ones on… 216 more words


Irish Flag Shot - St Patrick's Day

Nhân ngày St Patrick’s Day thứ năm tuần trước mình làm ly rượu xếp tầng này theo lá cờ của người Irish.  Xếp lớp như mình thường hay xếp cho loại rượu B52, bạn nào thích cocktail như mình thì làm thử nhé. 98 more words


Grasshopper fudge mint brownies

I needed Creme de Menthe for a cheesecake I made for my husband’s birthday a few weeks back. Unfortunately in Minnesota they don’t sell liquor in the grocery stores and I couldn’t even find a small bottle of Creme de Menthe in the baking section, so I had to buy an entire bottle from the liquor store. 419 more words


Harry Potter: Potable Potions

The Inspiration:

A couple of months ago I posted four whisky-heavy Harry Potter themed cocktails inspired by the Marauders. But not everyone is a Gryffindor (or a whisky lover). 211 more words


Festivus in Seattle

It’s getting on towards the winter holidays, so we decided to throw together a couple of seasonal cocktails, featuring flavors we associate with this time of year. 652 more words

Original Cocktail

3 more Vape Wild juices

Creme de Menthe– Ordered this in a 50/50 blend at 24mg. Of two minds on this particular juice, as anyone who has listened to episode 48 knows. 613 more words

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