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10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Créme de Menthe

National Créme de Menthe Day was yesterday, and that got us thinking. We’ve all heard of putting this minty liquer in coffee – but why should we limit ourselves? 211 more words


Crème De Menthe

It’s still summer and the mint is growing well and it’s time to make some preserves or to prepare this special liquor. For this recipe you may use peppermint or other kind of aromatic mints. 266 more words


Chocolate Irish Coffee with Crème de Menthe

Only one week ago I made my  homemade crème de menthe and now I’m more than glad that had the opportunity to try this with this fabulous drink! 104 more words


Italian Food. Elizabeth David.

This is an absolute gem.

I spotted it on my first visit to Charlie Byrne’s bookshop and couldn’t resist going back to buy it on the last day. 520 more words



This is the twin of Brandy Alexander Pie both very much desserts of the 70s.  They have basically the same ingredients, but this one has creme de menthe instead of brandy.   35 more words

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Crème de menthe

Crème de menthe may sound like some exotic alcoholic drink. The simple truth is that actually it is the French for mint cream and the name is used for sweets as well as for an intoxicating beverage. 165 more words


Model of QUEEN MARY Liquor Bottle

This commemorative liquor bottle from the Queen Mary has never been opened.  The contents of Creme de Menthe can be heard splashing when handling the exquisite piece.   53 more words