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Mushroom & Escarole Soup

One of the things that makes winter great is that there are so many one-pot dinners and so many soups to make! I love when clean up is just a pot and a cutting board. 372 more words


feminism, convenience & dumb challenges; plus thai sweet & sour soup

A dumb challenge can make one do crazy things.

Once I felt compelled to prove to my father that I could finish a 10-mile charity race in under 2 ½ hours, mostly because he said I couldn’t do it. 1,033 more words


Chicken with Cognac and Mushroom

Sunday dinner features chicken more often than not.  This afternoon I watched The Hundred-Foot Journey, a movie starring Manish Dayal which tells the story of an East Indian start-up restaurant right across the street (exactly One Hundred Feet) from a Michelin-starred French restaurant owned and operated by Helen Mirren.   298 more words


Soup for a Winter's Night

Crazy December. Crazy time of year to start writing here again. But it bothered me that 2015 would go by, and there would have been no entry made the whole length of the year. 626 more words

Clara Lombardi

Rustic Mushroom Tart

It is said that cooking with mushrooms was first mentioned in a 13th century France cookbook. And as late as the nineteenth century, writer and gastronome Alexandre Dumas said, “I confess, that nothing frightens me more than the appearance of mushrooms on the table, especially in a small provincial town.” 378 more words

Vegetarian Recipe

October 2015 Exercise - Elizabeth Buckingham

Elizabeth Buckingham, Chef, Moveable Feast, Colorado

Seared scallop with sauteed cremini mushrooms and black truffle butter

Ombre by Tafelstern

I Want to Deep Plate!

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chicken spaghetti a la serena...a moving story

Moving can bring out superpowers in people.

Last week, as my family moved to a larger abode only a stone’s throw away, I witnessed my own sweet, gentle husband Erik lifting large sofas, bulky bookshelves and heavy chest of drawers all by himself. 987 more words