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Souls that Crescendo

when I see the glimmer

of souls learning one another

the ones beginning to crescendo

behind our silent backs

I think of the beauty the rest of us hold on our faces… 45 more words


Word: 'Crescendo'

(One in an occasional series)

Let us now consider an oft-misused and misunderstood word: Crescendo. Musicians get it, of course, but others don’t. Take this recent example: 435 more words

Classical Music

PINK CRES. crescendo

So, “Miyabi’s new group”. That’s what we were calling it for over a year, including five months after the audition winners were announced. Hell, even Miyabi herself got in on the joke, calling it “Miyabi Factory”. 808 more words


Daily Listening Assignment ~ June 11

The other day, a student and I were looking at a piece with a l-o-n-g crescendo marking on it and she wondered how long the longest crescendo was in any piece. 223 more words


Sharing and Crescendoing

Why do I reach out?  Why aren’t I writing this thought into a piece of paper to hide away or a Word document to save on my desktop?   317 more words



Crescendo are a dreamy psych-pop project with a post-punk slant. In other words, a match made in heaven. Based out of Los Angeles, the trio makes music with the ability to transport you far, far away. 116 more words