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How to Read Music: Dynamic Markings

Dynamics are a huge component of the expressive power of music, making key contributions to establishing moods and expectations. Dynamic markings are used to express how loudly or softly to play. 108 more words

Music Lessons

My mind's crescendo

Sometimes,  when I’m anxious and, my breathing is slow and heavy
Yet,  it seems so fast paced, almost a crescendo in a song,
a melancholic song in this sense. 196 more words


The Cynic

There is a


to the way that your eyebrows shoot up

just before a laugh

erupts from your lips.

It is as if you are surprised that… 127 more words


Writing Music

Writing is like music,

As it shapes into a masterpiece.

How you carefully phrase,

Each sentence and paragraph.

Holding back the note,

Build up that crescendo. 24 more words

Desk Notes

Episode 3


Talking with Kevin Wong–Bay Area Comedy Producer at The Rail (San Carlos), The Red Rock (Mountain View) and host of “The Podcast… 53 more words



For every second with you was absolutely brilliant, every moment imprinting on my heart. Days filled with laughter and sparkling enthusiasm for all that we were. 192 more words


Review: The Hush Hush Series by Becca Fitzpatrick

(!!Contains Spoilers!!)

Hush Hush:

The novels follow Nora Grey, a sophomore in Coldwater High. She lives an average life in a farmhouse with only her mother after her father was killed. 882 more words

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