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Reviewing: New Year's Resolutions

Most people never keep their New Year’s resolutions. I know I don’t. But who says you can only start something new at the beginning of the year? 650 more words


Crescent City Classic, Glow Run, and Other Thoughts

The Crescent City Classic
For five months, one race loomed large in my mind as something either fantastic or awful, something out of which I would come either valiant or defeated: the crescent city classic 10k. 1,351 more words


Crescent City Classic 2015 Expo

You can often judge the success of a race based on their expo and vendors. Usually for a 10k you don’t expect much of an expo, or even one at all. 570 more words

Running & Fitness

Running: Surviving the Crescent City Classic by Guest Blogger Rochelle Pedersen

I’m happy to announce our first guest blogger to The Adventures of a NOLA Nerd Couple: Rochelle Pedersen! She is writing a great blog on a classic New Orleans tradition, the Crescent City Classic. 679 more words


Allstate Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic 10k- Top Finishers

Men’s top finisher: Dominic Ondoro: (Kenya) 28:57

Women’s top finisher: Hiwot Ayalew (Kenya) 31:54

New Orleans Top Finisher: Andrew Shapero (New Orleans, LA) 32:31

Crescent City Classic 10k

word: meretricious


Definition: (adjective) Attracting attention in a vulgar manner. Synonyms: flashy, garish, gaudy, tawdry, trashy, tacky Usage: The town’s tasteful welcome sign was replaced with a meretricious monstrosity, a blinking neon tower. Discuss.


Race #7 in 2014

Race #20 Overall

So I start up writing a recap to one of the best races ever and realize that perhaps I needed to write a small recap from the first bridge run.  1,168 more words

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