The Waxing Moon of Spring

Spring is the season for Earthshine on the waxing Moon.

April 8 was the perfect night for capturing the waxing crescent Moon illuminated both by the Sun and by the Earth. 836 more words

Solar System

Round Trip

“No luck at first destination. Heard rumor of supply at Stillwater. Am going to look into it. Should take me a couple days travel. I’ll be back as soon as I can. 5,435 more words


Minarets, Domes and Crescent

…#6 in the ongoing series…

Factoid: Visited the Jamek Mosque  in Central Kuala Lumpur in 2010. A privilege to don a robe as per  custom and have a look inside (barring the inner courtyard and place of prayer, non-believers being excluded from those parts of the complex).  79 more words

As Dusk Falls

As Dusk Falls

The sliver

               of a new moon



deepening blue,

                as a brushstroke.

Keep up with Tai Woodville’s many creative pursuits,  including a conceptual electronic album, musical appearances, poetry readings and more. 7 more words


the Masjid which defines the city - Abu Dhabi

When real crescent meets
the fake one,
a dried lake one
made of glittering gold,
thousand merchants sold
It smiles and says
Billion dollars and this… 44 more words


Pakistan Matrix Style Flag

Another wallpaper for your desktop if your’e much inspired by The Matrix films.