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Hello wordpress

Wow. wordpress is like, really really neat. LIke OMG!

Some infinities are larger than other infinities

I cried a little. But I was with my girlfriend so I hid my tears.

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What we give up, what we lose, what we get robbed of cannot be ours again. Even though there is hope—a little of it—to ever gain back that shred of normalcy, that fleeting moment of fullness and contentment, that sureness that what we own is truly ours, that what we have is grasped tightly in our hands and in our hearts; it is time to decide whether we continually let ourselves be swept along into the loop of what should’ve been forgotten, or to finally drop the phantom weight of memories that will remain as such. 135 more words

Of Me

Live Music Only Happens Once

Live music only happens once.  I have said this probably a gazillion times.  I love live music.  I love all music.  I love the thrill of simultaneously hearing a familiar tune while experiencing an unknown version of it.   627 more words


Free Reign: Structure in Change

Structure in change. I want to make a plan for better execution and I have. It’s all about objective goals. Small goals that you can achieve so that those big ones become diminished like a cliff face hollowed by the tides until it becomes a cave upon the shore. 239 more words

Lagi Lagi Hiatus

Gue kasi tahu sesuatu deh. Gue nyalon jadi pengurus harian OSIS di sekolah gue. Ya, gue nyalon jadi bendahara. Macem macem alesannya. Tapi yang jelas tujuan gue itu ya keterima di OSIS. 229 more words


Day 149

After today’s bike ride I have injured my thumbs :cc