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How To Speak French Beginners Pronunciation PART 3

How should you speak French as a beginner? When it comes to pronunciation, I make it a ton easier for an English speaker to understand based on the English language.

How To Speak French Beginners Pronunciation PART 2

How to speak French. Pronunciation for beginners PARTS 2. These are 3 words and/or phrases that will come in handy when you travel to a French-speaking country or interact with a French speaker.


My sister told me the Congolese Tag was going around on YouTube, so I decided to get on the train! I am from Congo and love my country! 10 more words

Favorite Foods Top 5

My Top 5 favorite foods listed in order actually! I had to share this with you all.

3 Questions Job Seekers Do Not Ask at Job Interview

Here are 3 questions for your job interview to ask to an employer. These three questions cover all basis, and helps you connect with the interviewer. 15 more words

Singing U.S. National Anthem To Myself

I sung the United StatesNational Anthem to my #1 fan, and later found out she is not quite a fan of my singing… 10 more words

5 Reasons You Should Start a YouTube Channel

Should I start my YouTube Channel? Yes! 5 reasons why you should have a YouTube presence. This platform is like a world in its own, so come in and tell us about yourself and what you offer to humanity. 8 more words