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Classic Sourdough by Ed Wood and Jean Wood

One of my new year’s resolutions, not that I place too much stock in them or treat them too seriously, is to learn to bake sourdough. 122 more words

My Relationship with Crib

The Game of Crib

(January 17, 2018)

“15/2…15/4….15/6….and a pair of 4’s for 8”


Words like that used to drive me CRAZY!!!!!!

I heard them every night for hours as the guys got together in our home and played cards, specifically crib. 731 more words


Cribbage Terms

Cody Gotchall attended Oregon State University, where he was primarily interested in STEM courses (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Because of his interest in math, Cody Gotchall enjoys playing… 109 more words

Cody Gotchall


“Woe to he who checkmates his opponent at last, only to discover they have been playing cribbage.”—Charles Unwin, from The Manual of Detection by Jedediah Berry.

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4 apps to keep your brain from melting.

A lot of my friends and family back in the Northeast are struggling through another snow day right now. My own little monsters sweet angels just went back to school yesterday, so even though I’m happily enjoying the sweet sounds of silence right now, I can vividly recall Jen of Two Days Ago wondering if she’d ever be able to watch grown up television again (you know, like, … 275 more words


Thanksgiving Thanksgaming

Vacations take on a predictable rhythm when you work in a school. If you are on the teaching calendar, those intermittent breaks in the all consuming flurry of busy classrooms are like the eye of the hurricane. 802 more words

Pegging in Cribbage

When Cody Gotchall was younger, his father taught him cribbage as a way of learning pattern recognition and math. Now a student at Linn-Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon, Cody Gotchall enjoys winning cribbage matches against his father and other members of their family. 246 more words

Cody Gotchall