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Bowlers hold the key in batsman's utopia

This article was originally published on Last Word On Sports.

Much has been made about the dominance bat has acquired over ball in One Day cricket—a theme that has only been amplified during this World Cup. 1,497 more words


Kiwis triumph over England a result defined by captaincy

Watching a merciless New Zealand pulverise England has not been a rare occurrence over the years, but the latest harrowing defeat has little in common with its predecessors. 787 more words


Darling Sport

We would like to build a category about sporting events in the community. There is so much going on. Darling sporting stars are moving up to provincial and national levels. 93 more words

Author Peter Hall

E.W. Swanton v Enoch Powell

As a footnote to the Grand Christmas Quiz, this is the full text of the letter that E.W. Swanton sent to the Spectator in response to Enoch Powell’s so-called “Rivers of Blood” speech at Birmingham in 1968. 303 more words


Grand Christmas Cricket Quiz : Round 3

Welcome to the third and final round.  I wouldn’t expect anyone in their right mind to know the answers to these questions, but please do feel free to have a go, and I hope the quiz has provided some amusement along the way. 650 more words


Grand Cricket Christmas Quiz : Round 2

1.    Of whom did Jonathan Agnew write the following (in 1988)?

“He had problems with his approach to the game last year, and failed to fulfil his enormous potential.   507 more words


Grand Christmas Cricket Quiz : Round 1

It’s time to join the Three Wise Men above (Percy Chapman seated and Plum Warner on the far right), not to mention Freddie Brown (second left) for the first round of this year’s Grand Christmas Quiz. 545 more words