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So you want to have a Cricut crafting party?

I’ve got a few friends in Chicago that rent hotel suites and do nothing but craft, watch movies, and enjoy each other’s company for the whole weekend, and it makes me miss my Chicago friends so much! 800 more words

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I just bought a Cricut Maker! Now what?!

My husband loves stickers! When my purchases are packed with stickers, they go right in the garbage with the rest of the packing materials… Unless my husband sees them. 723 more words

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10 tips for starting a small business with a Cricut Maker!

“How much would you charge me to make this?”

“Can you make my cheer team shirts for super cheap?”

“You should make this art I found online and sell it on Etsy!” 3,688 more words

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Which Cricut machine should I get?

You know you want to get a craft cutter, but which one should you get?

What not to get

First, let’s talk about the machines you shouldn’t get– even if they’re free. 1,251 more words

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Let's Make SNAP Bags!

Snap bags!  They are all over Pinterest and I had to give one a try.  Okay, maybe more than one.. did I mention these little cuties are rather addicting? 217 more words

My Favorite Things - Cricut XL Scraper

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When Cricut released the XL Scraper, I thought it would be nice to have, but I wasn’t sure I’d use it that much. 108 more words

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"Boo" Raven Pocket Card by JGoode Designs

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This project by JGoode from the Ready to Make projects in Cricut Design Space is a quick, elegant card that I immediately wanted to make. 170 more words