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Blonde - All Cried Out (Oliver Nelson Remix)

So this might be a bit of Oliver Nelson overload (but surely that’s a good thing?), and this definitely isn’t the first ‘All Cried Out’ remix posted, but this deserves a post. 14 more words


Rebekah: I'm Not A Crier, But I Teared Up While Cleaning Out My Mazda 3 For The Last Time

Ok, so my car is officially dead. In case you are wondering what happened to her…I wrecked her last week. I got the official estimate from the body shop on Saturday morning. 319 more words


My first pitch to a journalist – and why I cried

I m not going to pretend the first time I tried to pitch a story to a journalist it was horrible.  I sat looking at the phone for what felt like forever before I summoned up the guts to actually dial the number. 154 more words

A million words won’t bring you back, I know because I tried. Neither will a million tears, I know because I cried.


People Who Should Have Cried For Me....

….I got to thinking about a line I live by in a posting elsewhere on the board and it was about people crying for us. I wrote never cry for something or somebody who will not cry for you. 74 more words

The Journey : Mary Oliver

I  posted this one some time ago   but I am posting it again today,  because   poems   like these   can    never   be read enough.


One day you finally knew… 150 more words


Today I Cried....the tales of a single mom

Today, today was a hard day for me.  I’m tired and feel like the pressure of the world is on my shoulders.  It’s just me. The kids arguing, the kids school projects, car problems, plumbing problems, the kid’s asking “what’s for dinner?”.   455 more words