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In development, I hate the use of the world “field”: field office, field visit, “I’m in/going to the field,” etc. It’s not a fuckin’ field. It’s a city or a town or a village. 366 more words


Welcome !


Allow me to introduce myself starting with the basics. My name is Luis I am 22 years old born towards the end of June which means my zodiac sign is cancer. 215 more words


Kings cage, Red queen series book 3

by Victoria Aveyard

I will make a podcast when I am done with my 5 other projects.

Mare Borrow has become a prisoner, with Silent Stone taking away her lightning. 193 more words


My little sister
Cried when they took me away
To join their army


My last tear

I’ve cried my last tear for you.
You knew exactly what to say,
The right things
at the right moment.
But it’s actions,
It’s actions that define a man. 35 more words



What did I ever do

To deserve this pain?

Why have I ever cared

Since going insane?

Why can’t I just forget you

Like you forgot me? 34 more words


Bold Strength

In the day when I cried out, You answered me, And made me bold with strength in my soul. Psalm 138:3


How often do you go around struggling and wonder where God is and why isn’t He doing anything to help you? 302 more words