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CRY OUT to the Lord for Help.

You need help from the Lord, don’t be to reserved,
CRY OUT to the Lord for Help.

“Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, 12 more words

Too Tight For Good Girl Like Us

We’d never ever have fitted it
We couldn’t even if we’d tried
We’d have broken the seams on the side of the dress
And then our Mums would’ve cried

Bears Rebellion 20/03/15

Someday you’ll cry for me like I cried for you; someday you’ll miss me like I missed you; someday you’ll need me like I needed you; someday you’ll love me, but I won’t love you.


Tried, but was never good enough
Cried, but was never helped out
Lied, but was never found out
Sighed, but was never asked about
Died, but was never cared about


touched and cried

must have the past

and how a face or a phrase

struck a chord

and  left a tender heart open

as if a bird had flown and landed on the arm… 45 more words



I cried today for the first time in a long time because I had a realization of just how lonely I was. Not because I didn’t have anybody or anything to bring me happiness but because the only things that bring me happiness have left. 46 more words