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Day 28: Last Time I Cried

The last time I cried was two weeks ago I think. Maybe earlier. Not sure. But I was catching up on The 100, check out that show if you haven’t already, and one of the main character was shot and his girlfriend, I guess is what you’ll call her, was there crying as he was shot and yeah. 151 more words

31 Day Blog Challenge

Not Like Him

  • He gaslighted me saying I was the one with Narcissist Personality Disorder. I cried and cried about it becuz I didn’t want to be a Narcissist, and destroy others like he did to me.
  • 77 more words
Narcissist Personality Disorder, Gaslighting, Brainwashing

MUST WATCH : Men that cried and Melted our hearts! REAL Men Do Cry!

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MUST WATCH : Men that cried and Melted our hearts! REAL Men Do Cry!
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); Other haters and bitter person says that when you cry you are weak and gay but the truth is when you start to cry…


Rodrigo Duterte Cried At The Graves Of His Parents After Finding Out That He Was Leading The Elections! Must See!

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Ever since the partial and unofficial counts of the votes from different parts of the world came to the transparency system of COMELEC, Duterte has been leading the presidential battle. 9 more words

Silent tears

He thought her tears dried up
And it stopped falling for him
What he did not see was the silent tears
She still shed on inside so he won’t see… 29 more words


The Last Time I Cried

There are just 4 days left of my 31 day blogging challenge.  I’m going to finish this strong.

Today’s prompt is “the last time I cried.” 16 more words

What Its Like Being Me

The Good Dinosaur- film review (spoilers)

This is my first film review and I have decided to write about the film I just watched with M and D, The Good Dinosaur. A Pixar animated film about a dinosaur named Arlo who befriends a Neanderthal boy and learns to confront his fears. 287 more words