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Telephone Scam

Several Brentwood residents have reported receiving a call from a “James Caston” of the U.S. Treasury.  The call states this is an “enforcement action”.  This action may be for tax related offenses and may threaten arrest.   76 more words

Buffalo Police Searching for "Older" Male Approaching Children.

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Be advised that the Buffalo Police Department is investigating complaints involving an “older” male in a black 4-door car with dark tinted windows, and a diamond pattern on the tires, who approached a 12-year-old female student at her bus stop on Clark Street in the Broadway Fillmore area this morning, March 14th. 91 more words

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Town of Tonawanda Police Alerting Public About Fake Money Making its Rounds Around the Area.

The Town of Tonawanda PD would like to alert the public to reports of counterfeit notes being passed in the Town recently. “Movie Money” is the latest counterfeit note being passed. 268 more words

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Buffalo: Buffalo Police are investigating who slashed over 100 car tires in the Allen Town Neighborhood last night. They are asking anyone with Info, Camera Footage or anything that they think may help catch the vandals to contact Buffalo Police at 851-4403 or the Confidential Tip Line at 847-2255.

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Flag Football Player Embroiled in Domestic Abuse Case

BY Stephen A. Smiff
Whistle Swallower

NEW BRUNSWICK—Star Rutgers flag football player Darryl Robertson is appealing a suspension after being charged with domestic violence.

The junior is set to defend his championship next semester, but Associate Director of Sports Paul Fischbach handed down a full-semester suspension Monday. 351 more words

Rutgers University

Why Are You In My House?

BY Brad Pitt

Yeah I’m Brad Pitt, who the fuck are you? Yes I was the guy who was in Moneyball and Troy, but I don’t see how that gives you any right to be in my house. 308 more words



DANVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) — A Danville police officer was shot and killed overnight in Knox County.

Thomas Cottrell (Danville PD)

According to the Knox County Sheriff David Shaffer, Officer Thomas Cottrell was killed in the line of duty late Sunday night. 197 more words

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