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Keeping Faith Under A Sparkless Everlasting Sun

You start searching for a hidden twist because Jo Nesbo cannot be such plain and second-rate. Dumping Harry Hole and starting his standalones with Blood on Snow… 434 more words


The Mistake I Made - A Review

I first saw this book at my local bookstore & the blurb sounded quite interesting. So one day while browsing Netgalley I stumbled upon this book and ended up requesting it. 375 more words

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The Wild Inside - Book Review

This has been labeled a novel of suspense. While I don’t know if I was ever really feeling tense with suspense, I liked the story, but probably not for the reasons you would think. 748 more words

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The Gilded Hour - Book Review

Loved it. In fact, after 1 chapter I was hooked and knew I would love the whole thing. It honestly just got better and better the more I read. 721 more words

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