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“An Unkindness of Ravens” by Ruth Rendell

A Wexford Mystery, this is classic Ruth Rendell mystery with Wexford joining the dots to come up with the murderer. When a neighbour’s husband goes missing, Wexford initially thinks it merely a case of him going off with another woman, but it turns out there are more sinister goings on. 109 more words

4 Star Review

“Dead and Buried” by Quintin Jardine

With a title like “Dead and Buried” you would expect a significant body count and this book doesn’t disappoint. The book comprises of four interwoven mysteries, which Bob Skinner and his Edinburgh police colleagues are striving to solve. 206 more words

4 Star Review

“The Return” by Håkan Nesser

A Swedish crime thriller, inasmuch as it was written by a Swedish writer. The action takes place in some imaginary backwoods in an unspecified part of Northern Europe. 192 more words

4 Star Review

A ballet of Ghosts, corruption and sandwiches - The Coroner's Lunch, by Colin Cotterill book review (#AW80Books Laos)

Books imitate life, as always, and in this case my next stop on this literal journey (see #AW80books) after Myanmar / Burma is – as in life – Laos. 460 more words


“Where Are You Now?” by Mary Higgins Clark

Billed as the “Queen of Suspense” on the book cover, Mary Higgins-Clark does keep one turning the pages to find out what is going to happen next. 129 more words

4 Star Review

How My Two Huge Dogs Became Characters in "The Dread Line"

I never intended to make Brady, my big lovable Bernese Mountain dog, and Rondo, my huge goofy mutt, characters in one of my hard-boiled crime novels; but when I write, they are always with me, often sitting on my feet, their big heads in my lap. 1,010 more words

“E” is for Evidence by Sue Grafton

There is possibly a whole alphabet of these books now. This was the first I’ve read and probably the last. It is the story of a Private Investigator, caught up in what seems to be an insurance fraud but turns murderous. 212 more words

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