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When it comes to crime novels, I prefer murder-mysteries over thrillers and conspiracy theories. I’m just not that keen on fast-paced stories of People in High Places Covering Up. 235 more words


I Never Liked Nancy Drew

I consider it a mark against my character that I never liked Nancy Drew.

She was just so nice. Her manners were unbelievably good. In my own life, I never met anyone so…  pleasant. 770 more words

Getting published - at last!

“Thanks but no thanks…” Coping with rejection – or not

My crime novel, The Shame of Innocence, was pretty much finished at the start of this year, and I approached agents with the usual submission of the first few hundred words and a synopsis. 233 more words


Self-Publishing News: 7.25.2016

And now for the news!

This week in the world of self-publishing:

“Authors of thrillers and mysteries who have endured the woes of traditional publishing may find that the indie route is the best way to go,” declares Nicole Audrey Spector in this July 22 article for  877 more words

Hard-Boiled Roots: Books of Film Noir

While German Expressionism influenced the look of film noir, the hard-boiled crime novels of the 30’s and 40’s influenced the words.

Hard-boiled detective/crime novels originally started as short stories in pulp fiction magazines (named for the cheap word pulp paper they were printed on). 532 more words


"A Philosophical Investigation" by Philip Kerr

A crime novel with a philosophical twist and a dash of sci-fi. A book written in 1992 but set in 2013, imagines an Orwellian world where potential serial killers are pre-determined by a controversial program. 238 more words

Crime Novels

The Cuckoo's Calling

Not one for crime novels, (except for the occasional tv crime drama, RIP Castle) I was hesitant about reading The Cuckoo’s Calling. But I’m glad I did. 120 more words

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