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Closing Thought--19Jul18

Hey let’s talk about the Nobel Peace Prize.  There is a steady beat of those that think Our Dear Leader should get the Peace Prize because of the NK meeting and then the Russian meeting…… 347 more words


Exceptions or the systemic nature of Corporate Crime. They claim it the legitimate pursuit of profit and Capitalism agrees by simply fining those responsible.(ODT)

In their amoral, dollar-obsessed way, economists assess the attractions of law breaking by weighing the benefit to be gained against the cost of being caught multiplied by the probability of being caught.

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Corporate Welfare

Chicago shooting

In Chicago, the police fatally shot a man because he had a bulge around his waist that might have been a gun. Therefore, it is now potentially fatal in Chicago to have a midriff bulge if you are black.

Trump must go

Crime & Punishment

Spin Dry Man

DATELINE: Smarty Pants

If you want a movie that gives a disservice, try The Spinning Man. This is one of those intellectual mystery movies, which is to say, you won’t have clever a plot, only an overwrought one. 264 more words

Biting Irony

It is not a crime

It is not a crime, according to Republicans, for Russians to hack Democratic emails. It is not a crime, according to Republicans, to conspire with Russians to elect a Republican. 44 more words

Donald Trump

Defiant Strzok testifies anti-Trump texts rooted in ‘deep patriotism,’ Republicans blast ‘textbook bias’

Peter Strzok testified that his political opinions including anti-Trump texts exchanged in 2016 were rooted in “deep patriotism,” as GOP lawmakers blasted the FBI official for “textbook bias” in his first public hearing before Congress. 704 more words

Current Events

Lisa Page will not appear for Capitol Hill interview despite subpoena, attorney says

Former FBI attorney Lisa Page will not appear for a private interview with two House committees despite being subpoenaed, her attorney told Fox News Tuesday. Amy Jeffress said her client did not have enough time to prepare and had asked the the House Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform Committees to schedule another date. 389 more words

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