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Arcadia PD Reports Decrease in Overall Crime

I’m beginning to see that everything has a cycle: seasons, relationships, political systems and, as I recently found out, crime. Find out more about the current decrease in Arcadia’s crime rate cycle in my new Arcadia Weekly article.

Katta Hules

African-Americans account for around 52% of all murder arrest in this country while also being arrested for murder at a rate that is 6.7 times greater…

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Make America Safe Again? Part Two: The September Surprise

August 11, 2016

In Part One, I drew attention to a difference of opinion between Democrats and Donald Trump on the direction of crime rates in the U.S. 1,127 more words

Election 2016

Make America Safe Again? Part One: The Great Crime Rate Controversy

August 1, 2016

The interpretation of crime-rate data has become a source of contention in this year’s election. Donald Trump has declared that crime is increasing and we need to make America safe again, but when we talk about gun violence, Republicans and their allies opposing gun control declare that rates of violent crime are decreasing. 1,166 more words

Election 2016


Expect an increase in the crime rate, and less law enforcement because of the ‘Ferguson Effect.’ The ‘Ferguson Effect’ was first written about in Heather Mac Donald’s new book, … 1,482 more words


Edmonton police chief 'not really surprised' by surge in crime rates

Police-reported crime in Canada went up last year for the first time in 12 years, Statistics Canada revealed on Wednesday, with Alberta bearing the brunt of the increases. 579 more words


Educators share how race plays a part in school discipline

Studies have shown minorities tend to be disciplined more often than white children in school systems nationwide. Some educators believe it is purely due to behavior with no racial biases. 832 more words