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Incompetence, crime and democrats.

As we all know, there’s a couple dozen themes that democrats routinely push on America to suit their agenda. I suppose up in the top five, you will always find ‘crime’ and ‘gun control’, pretty much in the same breathless babbling whenever there’s yet another gangsta shooting spree in… 511 more words

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10 worst cities to raise children

London’s high crime rates and expensive homes make it the least family-friendly city in the UK, according to a new survey.

House prices, access to green spaces, school rankings, average salaries and crime rates were among the factors analysed. 262 more words


Let’s Look Back at the 1994 Crime Bill

In the early half of 2016, the subject of the 1994 crime bill dogged Hillary Clinton’s campaign — until it was eclipse by other matters. The attention was however placed on Clinton as her husband, Bill, signed it into law and Hillary gave her unyielding support to it at the time. 1,521 more words

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On the (mis)use of crime figures

When we hear or read about crime trends, we tend to take such news and statements at face value. Politicians, journalists, and pundits alike are quick to cite figures that lack any context. 620 more words


Crime Rates in Texas' Four Major Cities

Every year, thousands of crimes occur all over the US. Although Texas may not be the most dangerous state, it is home of some of the largest cities in America; Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin. 440 more words

Crime Rates

Crime Rates in Texas' Four Major Cities

My data includes the crime rates compared to the income rates from the four major and most populated cities in Texas; Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin. 166 more words

Crime Rates

Crime Rates in Texas' Four Major Cities

As mentioned in my last post, the four major cities with the highest population in Texas are Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin. These four cities have significantly high crime rates, and due to some research, I was able to find the specific numbers for these crimes. 105 more words

Crime Rates