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“The Bronx is Safer” as Borough Crime Rates Hit All-Time Low

In the late 1970s the Bronx was burning as seven different census tracts lost more than 97 percent of their buildings to fire and abandonment. The New York Times reported that 1980 was the “worst year of crime” in the city’s history with just under 2,000 homicides – an average of 34 murders per week. 448 more words



Melbourne, the city that has always held onto its throne as one of the most liveable city is on the verge of losing its position. The rising living cost and soaring population, similar to that of New York and Los Angeles, raises the question whether this is a  boon or a bane to the residents. 298 more words

Data from Texas show that US-born Americans commit more rape and murder than immigrants

Donald Trump stopped by the US-Mexico border Tuesday to check progress on the wall he once promised to build to keep out drug dealers, criminals and… 271 more words

Justice system report slams Alberta for hiding Indigenous incarceration rates

The government of Alberta is being lambasted in a review of Canada’s justice system as the only province to keep secret the number of Indigenous people it has locked up over the last five years. 763 more words


10 Most Dangerous US Neighbourhoods

This short list looks at the most dangerous areas in the US. The causes of such deprivation can be traced to the political system and the corrupt and morally bankrupt clowns that run the government and its agencies. 18 more words


Crime, and the Politicians Who Lie About It

If we lived in a rational world, Allan Fung would’ve just disqualified himself from the governorship with this video where he states “Providence is not the same Providence I grew up in,” alluding to a recent spate of violence in the capital city, and then pinning the blame on Governor Raimondo. 817 more words


Study: Illegals Commit Crimes At Double Rate Of Native-Born — Exposing Modern Mugwumps

‘Tens of thousands of crimes committed in U.S. that wouldn’t have happened if immigration laws enforced and respected like they should be,’ says AG Sessions The Washington Times – January 27, 2018 27 Comments…

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