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On Shooting A Man Then Shaming Him For Bleeding

Police bias vs. black-on-black crime

The subject of black-on-black crime inevitably arises during any debate about race and racial bias in the criminal justice system. One of its most vocal denouncers is Heather MacDonald, the Thomas W. 1,412 more words

Crime Rates

Pima County Attorney Does Not Prosecute Hate Crimes

The Pima Liberator has obtained copies of every incident designated a “hate crime” by the Tucson Police Department and the Pima County Sheriff’s Department in 2015 and 2016. 898 more words

Crime Rates

New Swedish Crime Report: Almost All Crime Decreasing or Unchanged

The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention has recently published a new report on crime trends in Sweden. It features an introductory chapter and then separate chapters devoted to the different major crime categories being measured in Sweden, from lethal violence and physical assault to drug crimes and drunk driving. 1,464 more words

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Tucson Is Not Like Chicago - Solving Old Murders Helps Prevent New Ones

In recent months President Trump has called for a new national initiative to reverse what he sees as a sharp increase in violent crime across the nation. 1,053 more words

Crime Rates

Pima Sheriff's Home Detention Program protects & saves taxpayers $450,000

For almost two years, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department has been at the forefront of implementing a home detention program for low-level, non-violent offenders that has saved Pima County taxpayers $450,000 and counting. 955 more words

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"Tough On Crime" Deepens Mental Health Crisis

The bogeyman of “state intrusion” – a phrase usually used as a euphemism for taxation or regulation among advocates of small government – is a popular one. 754 more words

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