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Shut Up, Her Story

“God is a first rate novelist and to be there when He’s strutting his stuff is not only legitimate but honorable, part and parcel of fighting the good fight.” Richard Price wrote that, in his foreword to David Simon’s Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets, the greatest work of crime non-fiction you’re ever likely to read. 681 more words

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Ed Smith is a writer from Derbyshire, UK, whose work has appeared in such publications as Killscreen, Vice, and The Observer. He runs (and writes) the websites Words That Won't Sell and shutupvideogames. His work is (as you will soon discover) nuanced, wry and engaging—and oftentimes quite challenging; Against Child Protagonists an example of all these, but the latter particularly. I don't always necessarily agree with his conclusions (that last article highlighted not merely for its challenge)—but agreement, of course, isn't requisite to stimulation (frequently it's the opposite, actually), nor even enjoyment. Smith has an excellent eye for analysis where all key elements of games are concerned, and I've found that I can always rely on his commentaries to greatly deepen and/or alter my perspective on the game at hand—L.A. Noire and The Beginner's Guide as examples of either or both circumstances. Whatever my level of alignment normally, there are absolutely no caveats necessary, no gray areas at all, in my agreement with this pithy and surgical piece, Shut Up, Her Story (summary and link to full text below), which is fitting given that writer/director Sam Barlow's whodunnit/who's who, for the many accolades thrown its way from choice corners of cyberspace, contains not even a rumour of subtlety or nuance itself. I finally made time today to sit down with the game myself, and I did so, I might add, equally prepared to love the thing or hate it—or to land without embarrassment somewhere between. My experience, however, paralleled to an unfortunate tee the words you're about to read. Speak up, Ed Smith!

The Big Short - A Criminology Perspective

It’s been a very long time since I last blogged, nearly a year in fact, but the release of a film relating to my field of research has given me the incentive to do so. 760 more words


Cornell Woolrich twists a readers mind into a pretzel in "Fright."

Cornell Woolrich, 1903-1968, wrote great crime stories including, “It had to be Murder,” made into the classic Hitchcock film “Rear Window.” In fact over thirty movies have been made from his stories, including two by French director… 378 more words


Excerpt: Bounty Hunter/Spy Short Stories

When approaching a suspect it is always best to do it in broad daylight in crowded public places. They are more at ease. Strangers approaching them are less suspicious. 587 more words

Short Stories And Writing Topics

Depraved Heart by Patricia Cornwell (a book review)

This is another addition to the long-running Kay Scarpetta book series about a forensic medical examiner. The newest release starts out with a reminder of one of the memorable characters in the series–a diabolical character who makes you think she is always a step ahead of our heroine, Dr. 470 more words



(this follows posts 20 and 21 about a man in 1950s USA, shooting his cheating lover and leaving town with his new girl – 20 and 21 temporarily removed as they’re being used elsewhere) 7 more words

Creative Writing

Should writers comply with trends?

Should you write the type of story that’s popular among the masses or whatever you feel, something that (just) might get published? It’s possible, of course. 772 more words