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Deadly Sands - Scene 10

John Jackson opened the door and escorted Carl and Peter through the house to the kitchen to meet his parents, Mark and Helen.

‘You have my condolences,’ said Carl, shaking hands with Mark and Helen. 640 more words


Deadly Sands - Scene 9

Carl and Peter returned to the surf lifesavers’ clubhouse on the beachfront. Expecting the search to be finished, they were surprised to see a line of officers walking towards the clubhouse along the wet, firm sand that had been exposed by the retreating tide. 274 more words


Deadly Sands - Scene 8

The interview with the Keatings was set for ten o’clock. That gave Carl enough time for a cigarette, from the packet he’d purchased at the kiosk next to the surf lifesavers’ clubhouse, before they had to leave. 857 more words


Deadly Sands - Scene 7

Carl looked at the clock on the bedside cabinet and groaned. He’d collapsed into bed, exhausted, when he’d arrived home from Morton Sands but his slumber had been fitful, haunted by a collage of images of Melissa Keating playing over and over in his mind. 1,350 more words


Deadly Sands - Scene 6

When they knocked, the front door was opened by Constable Jane Priest. Carl knew she wasn’t a community liaison officer. Jane smiled at Peter and acknowledged Carl with a nod. 676 more words


Sleep No More-A Story With a Story

Sometimes there’s a story behind a book and that’s the case for the one I’ve just revamped and self-published this week. Like the children’s book, this one also found a home at Muse It Up Publishing. 417 more words


Deadly Sands - Scene 5

Carl and Peter retraced their steps along the beach and made their way to the Morton Sands Surf Life Saving clubhouse, where the last of the beach party goers were still being interviewed by Uniform. 435 more words