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Edwin Droodcutter part 2

(The next  part of a story I wrote a few years ago. Part 1 is some posts back.)

For several minutes nothing was said. The young woman breathed deeply to gather her composure and for the first time Nathaniel noticed a speck of colour in her cheeks. 689 more words

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Don't put off

(An attempt at a science fiction story which I wrote last year)

Oppy arrived back from yesterday in mid morning.

‘Hey, Ophelia, you’re early.’

Oppy stepped out from the booth, saw Chris standing by the visual keyboard. 500 more words

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Skeleton in the cupboard

(I wrote this about 2 years ago, just light-hearted fun)

Guinivere Skelett immersed herself in the gloriously hot bubble bath. Just a month ago she had met the man of her dreams. 844 more words

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good intentions: The Price of Self-Worth

Chapter 1: Dollars and Dreams

“It was a good idea in my head”. A familiar phrase I constantly use to reassure myself that my mistakes are justified. 334 more words


Steve De Villiers exited the bookshop surrounded by four bodyguards. Cameras flashed all around him. The world’s most successful writer smiled and slipped on his shades. 848 more words

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Serious Reading's review of People Behaving Badly

An interesting review of People Behaving Badly: A Collection of Short Mystery Stories was posted on the Serious Reading website.

If you’d like to read the review, you can find it here:  

People Behaving Badly Review

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Edwin Droodcutter part 1

(The opening 600 words of a 8000 word story I wrote a few years ago, with plans of extending further. On the list of things to do…) 609 more words

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