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Fiction Review: American Tabloid by James Ellroy

It feels weird to write a review of a book you don’t finish (I got to around 200 pages out of 592). But I think there’s a legitimacy in talking about why you don’t complete a book. 595 more words

Johnny and Grace

Johnny fingertip-flicked his hat, rubbed his forehead and smiled a wolf-smile. Grace was a beauty to ribkick-rival Monroe, blonde locks wave-washing a face cherub-cheeked and bee-stung lipped, blue eyes ocean-painted with a greater depth than Poseidon could dive to. 586 more words

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Edwin Droodcutter part 2

(The next  part of a story I wrote a few years ago. Part 1 is some posts back.)

For several minutes nothing was said. The young woman breathed deeply to gather her composure and for the first time Nathaniel noticed a speck of colour in her cheeks. 689 more words

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Don't put off

(An attempt at a science fiction story which I wrote last year)

Oppy arrived back from yesterday in mid morning.

‘Hey, Ophelia, you’re early.’

Oppy stepped out from the booth, saw Chris standing by the visual keyboard. 500 more words

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Skeleton in the cupboard

(I wrote this about 2 years ago, just light-hearted fun)

Guinivere Skelett immersed herself in the gloriously hot bubble bath. Just a month ago she had met the man of her dreams. 844 more words

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