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Watch The Woman In Paris Who Walked Her Cat

Get to know writer Joe Kilgore: 149 more words

Why Does Prime Time TV Have to Suck?

I would like to know who decides what should be on prime-time television. Why? Either they lack material or they are too afraid to say “no, this sucks” to the network executives. 634 more words


Rachel Sharpe visits, bringing 'Jordan James' along

Hello everyone. Today author Rachel Sharpe is visiting, bringing along her feisty Southern character, ‘Jordan James’. Welcome, Rachel.

Ryan: You have a new release in the Jordan James series. 1,705 more words

Olive May Bennett: The Tombstone Murder

When Olive May Bennett reached the age of 45, friends and relatives noticed a sudden change in the quiet English nurse. Olive had never been one for partying before, but suddenly she was spending time drinking and smoking in bars, chatting to men and taking much more care with her appearance. 489 more words

True Crime

Teenage Runaway Tragedy: Michelle Garvey

By the time she reached the age of fourteen, Michelle Garvey was well known to local authorities in New London, Connecticut. The troubled young teen frequently ran away from home, so when she vanished two days before her fifteenth birthday on June 1, 1982 there was little reaction from her family at first. 554 more words

True Crime

Snapple Crackle Pop

I believe I was stuck down here in the recesses of Leon’s subconscious because of the lack of oxygen we experienced at birth. I see and feel what Leon does, but I have no say or control over whatever he, or should I say, we do. 968 more words

Crime Stories


“Run away with me,” he said.

I blinked.

“Let’s run away and get married,”

Married. It wasn’t a shock to hear, but it still sounded foreign and forbidden. 1,970 more words

Crime Stories