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Steve De Villiers exited the bookshop surrounded by four bodyguards. Cameras flashed all around him. The world’s most successful writer smiled and slipped on his shades. 848 more words

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Serious Reading's review of People Behaving Badly

An interesting review of People Behaving Badly: A Collection of Short Mystery Stories was posted on the Serious Reading website.

If you’d like to read the review, you can find it here:  

People Behaving Badly Review

People Behaving Badly


(The opening 600 words of a 8000 word story I wrote a few years ago, with plans of extending further. On the list of things to do…) 609 more words

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Olivia lent against the window. Took a drag from a cigarette. Stared at her feet. Decision time. Frank held her back. Her career was stagnating. The only parts she was offered now were commercials. 480 more words

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Removed as the writing is now part of a much longer novel-length piece.

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“So, Mr Bond, you have 90 seconds to save yourself. It’s been nice knowing you…I think not!”

The evil Dr Feelingstrange laughed and hopped aboard the helicopter. 362 more words

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Crime novels

Crime novels are written for entertainment.

The stories are more about people than crime. They are a way of exploring human behaviour.

Crime stories allow us to look at why people commit acts, like murder, and at the impact of those acts on others, especially the people tasked with bringing the perpetrators to justice. 261 more words