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Hal's Ladder

Hal’s Ladder won the Mystery Women Crime Story competition in March 2011.   The first sentence was provided: ‘Poor Hal. I knew him well – like a brother …’  36 more words

The Deadly Pen

It all started when little Donnie was offered a job he didn’t have the training to accomplish. He wasn’t fit for the position, but his reckless behavior had somehow seduced the majority of deciding voices. 476 more words

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A Curious Case of Willington Street

“Let’s get going.” said my partner enthusiastically. We took our coats and left for the crime scene. As we were about to reach the spot we entered Willington Street which was quite famous street in Zathura. 363 more words

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In The Bag

His skin was old and ashen. Not ashen like a cigarette but ashen like the scorched embers of a campfire that had been left burning too long. 1,092 more words


Chapter 1

The air in the room was filled with white streaks of smoke, twirling in the dim light. Loud music filled his ears and the numbing base seemed to have imprinted itself in his brain. 416 more words


Debut images for aussie crime thriller ‘Father’s Day’

Gambling is a terrible addiction that has ruined the lives of many people. When you are a parent the risks can be even larger. In the new crime thriller from Jason Raftopoulos and Exile Entertainment FATHER’S DAY a man must deal with the ultimate failure of life. 474 more words

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Two slackers plan to use a boy with savant syndrome to help then steal an original copy of Amazing Fantasy #15

Written by Gregory Patrick Travers… 6,898 more words

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