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The West Port Murders of Burke and Hare

Auld Donald, an army pensioner abiding in his later years in a damp and mouldy room of a filthy lodging-house at West Port in Edinburgh, died at the end of November 1827. 1,434 more words

Burke And Hare

The Free Promotion Of Samantha Ends On Friday 12 June 2015

The free promotion of my book, “Samantha” ends on Friday 12 June 2015.

Samantha tells the story of a young woman forced into prostitution in the city of Liverpool. 68 more words


Chapter I: second part

– Are you ok? –
– Yes. Is just that… –
– Are you shy? –
– Kind of… were you saying? –
– I saw you standing there in the corner. 545 more words

Capitol Hill

Killing Out of Jealousy: Dr. Villarreal on Lifetime's "Killer Kids", Bernadette Protti's Story

Dr. Christina Villarreal was recently featured as a mental health expert on an episode of Lifetime’s Killer Kids discussing the murder mystery case of Bernadette Protti, a teen convicted of killing 15-year old classmate and cheerleader… 386 more words


Wolf's Daily Brief

Introducing Wolf’s Daily Brief, a glimpse into the daily life of detective Wolf Mallory. Get inside information about his cases and interactions with Vicky, Vinnie, Art Trasker and his other friends as Wolf continues to make a new life for himself in Porto Cielo.  75 more words

Wolf Mallory


By Julia Proud ©2015

Waking up after a night of rough sex, booze and weed abuse wasn’t fun. Waking up after all that and going straight to a crime scene at the outskirts of the city was almost impossible. 1,701 more words

Short Story

How well do you know the person you live with?

Most of us in living in long-term relationships assume a lot things about our partner based on trust.

It’s only when something unexpected happens that we start to doubt that trust – which is one of the themes explored in… 377 more words