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Top 5 crimes about Apple iTunes

Apple users, iTunes is definitely their nemesis. Poor availability of Apple’s iTunes, not only slow, taking up space and require regular updating to maintain, and often get stuck or crash. 14 more words

US wiretap of Greece may have led to death of Vodafone technician who discovered it

James Bamford, The Intercept (excerpts, not necessarily in order):

According to previously undisclosed documents from the Snowden archive, NSA has a long history of tapping into Olympic Games, both overseas and within the U.S.

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Afghan Women by Farzana Wahidy.

The Afghan city of Kunduz was seized by the Taliban this week. A hospital in Kunduz was bombed today during the US airstrike – Medecins Sans Frontieres… 344 more words

Art Of Resistance

Day 163 - The Crime Scene

“I have a feeling you’re gonna hate it. Ballistics – and this is all preliminary, mind you – find that the bullet’s path through the skull wasn’t exactly normal.” 379 more words

The Phantasmagoria

Germany: Diversity not so beautiful after all

Invasion of Europe news…..

Reader ‘domstudent11’ directed us to this Washington Post story yesterday—The Washington Post is actually reporting this! That is probably the big news! 333 more words

Muslim Refugees

Richard Corriere's Fun Science Update: Violent Video Games and Aggressive Behavior...Duh!!!

Richard Corriere’s Fun Science Update:  Violent Video Games and Aggressive Behavior…Duh!!!

What you already knew…the violent criminals like to play violent video games.

A review of almost a decade of studies found that exposure to violent video games was a “risk factor” for increased aggression.  53 more words

Richard Corriere