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Has all of Ohio become a sanctuary state under Governor Kasich's nose?

Did you see the tragic news from Lake County Ohio yesterday?   Another illegal alien (known to law enforcement) has been arrested in what appears to be a random shooting of a 60-year old woman, the wounding of another woman and the attempted rape of a 14-year old. 568 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program

Africa’s Most Beloved Lion Killed by ‘Evil’ Dentist From Minnesota

The “hunter” who made Cecil the world famous lion suffer for 40 hours after skewering him with a crossbow before shooting, skinning and beheading the King of Beasts, has been identified as a dentist from Minnesota. 1,067 more words


Walter Palmer, an American dentist and all-around piece of shit from Minnesota, is said to have paid $55,000 to kill a beloved 13-year-old Zimbabwean lion, nicknamed… 138 more words


So many years in silence, so many women who were damaged and had to witness how their abuser was being praised… So far, 46 brave women have come forward, and 35 of them posed for and gave their story to the magazine. 50 more words

A Killer Encounter

by Elizabeth Fontaine

Artie Garrison is a 37-year-old man with a carefully cultivated look: Lank brown hair hangs to his shoulders, and his wire-rimmed glasses frame beady eyes. 745 more words


"Chillen"  Collaboraton between my son and I ❤️

Four wheels and a deck, rolling thru the hood

Doing ollies, pops, and grinds reppresenting the way I should

Waving to the honeys while I’m catching some air… 78 more words



Done! Night is such a quick read that there is not enough time to lose interest, even for a moment. 

Though I’m used to read about this type of horror (North Korean camps, Cambodian genocide, etc.) … 122 more words