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Crimewave: Bad gals

“Hi, Mom. Last night I got arrested. (Sort of).” So begins Duane Swierczynski’s Canary (Mulholland, 400pp., $29.00), whose protagonist, Sarie Holland, is writing to her recently-dead mother, not in a supernatural-communion way, but to get a record of the most complicated events of her late-teenage life down on paper while keeping herself sane. 1,070 more words


Happy Birthday, Brion James

What a coincidence that I just, this hour, watched Brion James freak out in Blue Sunshine, and now I discover it’s his birthday. Synchronicity!
“I play out negative fantasies for people. 84 more words


EPD takes a step backwards and it’s a good thing!

The Examiner is very critical of the Eureka Police Department particularly its management, with good reason. However, when EPD takes some positive action, we would be remiss to not bring attention to their work. 359 more words


Eureka’s crazy bike ordinance; pulled!



LoCO is reporting that Eureka’s crazy bike ordinance has been sent back to the City Attorney for a rewrite. If Day-Wilson was responsible for its content in the first place, no wonder why it has been catching so much flak. 288 more words


Crimewave: Top of the world, bottom of the sea

Let me begin with praise for Cecilia Ekbäck’s excellent Wolf Winter (HarperCollins, 366 pp., $21.99), a historical mystery set in 1717 Swedish Lapland. A small settlement of farmers mingle with nomadic Lapps and try to survive a savage winter, preceded by the apparent wolf-attack death of Eriksson, one of the settlers. 1,050 more words


“Eureka Citizen” apparently wants to end the public debate

The “Eureka Citizen” group sent us an email, after our recent reporting about the City going after the Blue Heron Motel. Apparently, this Citizens group was not happy with our questioning of their stated priorities. 289 more words

City Of Eureka

Human "Rat Cages" in Eureka?

(Thanks for the tip, Verbena)

Put a rat in a cage, alone, with two water bottles. One is just water. The other is water laced with heroin or cocaine. 2,236 more words