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Crimewave: a stranger mystery

Persuasion is at the core of so much great crime fiction. A character’s ability to justify past actions or future plans to a potential collaborator have launched many a plot, and also kept readers invested in the dubious pursuits of characters like Tom Ripley or Amy Dunne. 1,108 more words


Crimewave: Murder in a quiet room

Almost every procedural ends up being about people talking in rooms. It’s important that the people, or the rooms — hopefully both — are interesting. Elena Forbes’s… 800 more words


The Crime wave "Tipping Point" is here, now

The Crime Wave has gotten so bad recently that The Humboldt Bay Fire Department has to wait for the Eureka Police to secure the scene for them so that they can begin fire suppression activities or life saving measures! 332 more words

City Of Eureka

1 out of 13 residents will become a victim of crime in Eureka

Thanks for the tip Chief Mills!

One of the worst cities to live in, in California?   Eureka!

Many of the smaller towns in California seem to be more dangerous than the big cities that people often expect to be the biggest threat. 375 more words

City Of Eureka

Crimewave: Around the world

Pascal Garnier. He’s French, he’s dead, and he wrote some of the best little crime novels of the past 30 years. The ones I’ve read have been of the Simenon school: psychological dissections of characters, well under 150 pages each. 913 more words


Crime, the Homeless and the Andrew Mills conundrum

Chief Mills certainly has gotten quite a discussion going surrounding Homeless issues in Eureka. People are getting excited about the potential for change, and it appears that many want to support the plans that they know very little about. 462 more words

City Of Eureka

Has Eureka, as a community, become unlivable?

Nightly house shaking explosions.

Trashcans turned over and scavenged,

Tagging everywhere. Paint over it’s tagged again.

Random people trying to set up camp in your yard. 151 more words

City Of Eureka