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All aboard the crazy train. 

The last 24 hours have been mildly amusing but I am about to hand myself in. Knowing me however, I shall do something big to get caught. 178 more words

A day in the life of a Sociopath. 

This is basically how an average day in my life will work. It may seem selfish to you, but I enjoy every single second of it. 348 more words

I plead never guilty. 

Journal entry #1. I do not feel guilt. Sometimes I may contemplate to myself “I would rather have not done that in such a way” referring more to the grounds that I got caught, but I do not feel guilt itself for the things I have done. 246 more words

F.A.Q about life in jail. 

Do people get bashed/raped?

The answer- yes and no. There are a lot of fights, I will not lie. I know this because I was unfortunately and entirely coincidentally in the centre of many of them. 578 more words

Juvenile Detention. 

It is time I mention where I have been as of late. It was all due to an altercation with a police officer that involved myself pulling a knife from my sleeve and going.. 342 more words

He Nailed It

In today’s New York Times, Paul Krugman writes a post on the Paris tragedy and nailed it.

Again, the goal of terrorists is to inspire terror, because that’s all they’re capable of. 23 more words

Criminal Activity

Blue Criminals Matter - Nov 9th

One of the things that has been exposed by BLM and other folks looking at Police Accountability is the level of criminality within the Police Forces themselves. 931 more words