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White Thug Lochte, Super-Human Gabby Douglas, and the Dominant Narrative at the Rio Olympics

For this blog post, we had the amazing Bianca “Call me Beyonce” Bellot write her thoughts. Bianca, who was a member of our SAHE cohort, is one of the wokest people we know, and we’re so excited for you all to read her piece!  625 more words


The Millennials

For all you who wish to help Hillary, you can help her up these steps. At some point she’s going to climb these on Earth or as an entry to Hell.


Malaysian PM Najib Razak says no one can force him out of office -- But Shadow of 1MDB, Criminal Activity, Theft from the Malaysian People and Corruption Remain

‘I was chosen democratically. I am not going to cave in to pressure to go on leave,’ said Najib.

By Rachel Middleton
August 15, 2016 01:16 BST… 489 more words

Do Refugees Enrich Cultures of The World?

by Rev. Austin Miles

A major problem in countries throughout the world is the flood of Immigrants and refugees demanding to enter any country they wish and be afforded all benefits of the citizens of that country. 1,201 more words

Islamic Terrorism

Bill posits and posits!

Yep and Hillary is always welcome in any church. Hillary is the most ethical person to ever stand in a place of Truth and Purity. 7 more words


The ephemeral Legacy: the Search

Monty Python’s quest for the Holy Grail had as much if not more success as Obama search for his Legacy. Given what his desires are for this Country, it is a more of a fishing expedition for some item rather than a solid pursuit for a real accomplishment. 87 more words