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The DDOS that took place a couple of days ago ought to wake up some folks as to what could happen during our election.
Not the actual voting but the reporting of results during which the major networks are shut down in a pattern than prevents reporting of on a regular basis. 314 more words


Germany, a land where crime still pays off

The German government is planning a new law to confiscate money made from illegal business. That sounds great! But why was this not already a thing?! 430 more words


Hope n' Change

Split Decision

Granted, this isn’t the most subtle cartoon we’ve ever run, but there’s very little room left for subtlety in this election cycle. And despite the accuracy of the sentiment expressed, we almost certainly will be watching tonight’s final debate between the most criminal candidate ever to run for president and her loony duck-lipped opponent (and yes, we’re going to vote for him and then whip ourselves with a cat o’ nine tails as penance).

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Hillary Made Mistakes: But Donald Trump is a Criminal

The right wing newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, continues to allege that Hillary Clinton has committed crimes. For years extremists have attempted to discredit the former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State. 456 more words

Moms against everything

Imagine the POWER of the Presidential Pardon when this Dastardly Duo get the freedom to stalk the herd.