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Liar, Liar

Do you like being lied to?

If you are considering prosecuting for a rape, reconsider. The Victim Rights Organization I made the mistake of consulting offers all kinds of lies: take your pick. 591 more words


Corruption by Trump and his 'Stepford' Family Mounts and Proves that he Leads the Washington Mafia

A single truth offered by Trump during his campaign; “I love spending other people’s money.” Today he and his despicable family are spending your money to maintain their lives of luxury and privilege, and also aid their closest friends with money which does not belong to them. 430 more words

Crestview porch pirates arrested

SHALIMAR, Fla., Jan. 9, 2017–A call in reference to suspicious activity on Poverty Creek Road in north Okaloosa County led to the arrest of four Crestview residents suspected of stealing packages off a front porch. 249 more words


DACA: Trump's Terms Are Reasonable, Democrats Caught Between Rock & A Hard Place

President Trump has expressed a clear willingness to work something out for the current DACA recipients (over 800,000 foreigners), but only on the condition that chain migration end, the visa lottery end, and the border wall gets funded. 478 more words

United States Politics

Mario Collins and Paulette Clayton Convicted of Human Trafficking in Oxford, Mississippi

Mario Collins of Memphis, TN and Paulette Clayton of Atlanta, GA are the two individuals, pictured below, who have now been convicted of human trafficking in Oxford, MS. 234 more words

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EU considers launching database of Bitcoin owners to crack down on criminals

Now we shall see how much anonymity is valued… whether they will accept the vulnerability to criminality, to keep the freedom of anonymity….. How much freedom will you sacrifice for security? 7 more words

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