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How Many Laws Will Trump Be Allowed to Commit before He is Arrested?

The list is getting longer. The criminal actions by Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump are piling up. They began with what will surely prove to be his fraudulent “Trump University.” Then the “Trump Foundation” was proven to be a foundation to support Trump’s legal difficulties, and to allow him to contribute to the reelection campaign of Pam Bondi who then ceased her intended investigation into Trump University.   562 more words

How It All Began

Dexter Aspacio fancied himself a gold prospector of sorts and when he found someone wanting to sell 7 gold mine claims outside of Yuma, Arizona, he sought someone to help fund purchasing them. 370 more words

Dexter F K Aspacio

Iniquitous Individuals

When the Founding Fathers worked to get this Country up and working, many parts and pieces were added as time went by, some as they became apparently needed while others came about to cover actions by individuals and groups. 308 more words


Does Technology Trump the Right to Privacy? A Recent Ruling Says No!

Many law enforcement agencies utilize cell-site simulators (a.k.a StingRay, Hailstorm, or Triggerfish) to track the whereabouts of suspected criminals. Essentially, these devices act like cellphone towers—deceiving cell phones into sending pings by which the specific location of a particular device is narrowed down.  482 more words

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