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Terrorist Designation of Abu Ubaydah Yusuf al-Anabi

The Department of State has designated Algerian citizen Abu Ubaydah Yusuf al-Anabi as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist under Executive Order (E.O.) 13224, which targets terrorists and those providing support to terrorists or acts of terrorism. 95 more words

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The Governor's Son, the Knights Templar and the Impotence of Mexican Justice

Written by Jesus PerezThursday, 24 September 2015

Mexico La Tuta Knights Templar

Rodrigo Vallejo and ‘La Tuta’

The weak sentence handed out to Rodrigo Vallejo, son of the former governor of the state of Michoacan who held office during the height of the reign of the Knights Templar, is yet another example of the impotence of… 1,056 more words

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The edge of desperation for Hillary

When the campaign staffers resort to blatant criminal activity to sign up voters, one knows the triple 666’s are descending upon Hillary’s corrupt campaign.

O’KEEFE STRIKES AGAIN: Undercover Video Purports to Show Hillary Campaign Violating Election Law…

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Ten ranked SEC teams? The College Game is Under a Fix and You're a Fool for Thinking Otherwise

By the Bug

The statistics used come from studies derived from yearly data collected from The College Football Warehouse, the NCAA, and individual school archives related to Southeastern Conference, Big 10, Big 12, PAC 10/12, and Atlantic Coast Conference football play since 1999 but exclude statistics from the current season. 1,797 more words

I am Officially a Narc... And I'm Okay with That

I’m now officially that mom who calls the police non-emergency number on other parents.

Some woman was going 40 in the school zone this morning, weaving in and out of traffic. 330 more words