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Swearing Up A Storm

The town of Taber, Alberta passed a bylaw that banned swearing, spitting and yelling in their town. It’s what the people of Taber wanted and it’s what the people of Taber put in place. 530 more words


Accused Alberta dog hoarder previously charged in Saskatchewan

WATCH ABOVE: The SPCA is investigating a severe case of animal neglect in southern Alberta. As Shallima Maharaj reports, the person believed responsible for the hoarding has a history of animal neglect. 446 more words


Unlicensed Calgary contractor faces 16 charges

News Release

Unlicensed Calgary contractor faces 16 charges

Howard Bursey, owner of Lock-Out Security Inc. in Calgary, has been arrested on warrants issued by Service Alberta’s Consumer Investigations Unit. 277 more words

Summary Conviction Offences and Charge Section of Criminal Code

Summary Conviction Offences and Charge Section of Criminal Code:

Source: http://allontario.ca/2012/07/summary-conviction-offences/

  1. Advising reward/immunity Section 143
  2. Assisting a deserter Section 54 & 56
  3. Being found at or being a landlord or tenant of a common bawdy-house Section 210…
  4. 264 more words

Part 4: Protect Yourself- Get A Restraining Order

Who issues a restraining order?

: It is a common misconception that police officers can put in place restraining orders, in reality, that’s the court’s jurisdiction. 127 more words


Most Canadians support assisted suicide ... but under which circumstances reveal much deeper divides

Experience with palliative care a key driver of opinion; also differences in perspective along religious lines

Canadians express moderate to strong support for changes in legislation that would allow physicians to help patients who want to commit suicide, but the specific circumstances that might justify this course of action suggest deep divisions in public opinion.


Physician-assisted Dying

Domestic Violence – Whose side are officers on? An officer’s perspective

I interviewed an active officer who spoke to various aspects of domestic violence. He provided a general outline of how domestic dispute matters are dealt with but wanted to reinforce that every case is unique and not all cases will be handled in the same manner due to their severity. 520 more words

Domestic Violence