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Cosby's Preventive Maintenance Plan

Just days after a deadlocked jury released Mr. Bill Cosby from criminal sexual assault charges, the news is that he plans to embark upon a national tour, a series of Town Hall events. 1,137 more words

Education Management

Judge, jury and...say what again?

Recently called for a month of jury duty, I showed up at the various appointed times, and actually made the next-to-final cut for two different cases, but never got the nod to actually sit on a trial jury. 868 more words

What it Means to Believe

One of Christianity’s foundational doctrines asserts that a belief in Jesus is necessary for eternal life. Which raises a crucial question: what does it mean to believe? 480 more words


My Experience As a Juror Part I

This week I was summoned for jury duty & was selected as a juror. I was unable to discuss anything involving the case until the trial was over and the jury was dismissed this evening. 513 more words

Real Crime

China's Legal System To Introduce Concept Of Plea Deals

(This article is courtesy of the Shanghai Daily News Paper)

Pilot study will reduce charges for defendants who enter guilty pleas

Source: Xinhua | August 30, 2016, Tuesday | PRINT EDITION… 479 more words


A Judge in Court

I downloaded this from The Marshall Project, a non-profit news organization covering the US Criminal Justice System


Nonprofit journalism about criminal justice

Opening StatementThe best criminal justice news from around the web, delivered daily. 1,389 more words