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African-American Digital Practices and Their Relation to Issues in Criminal Justice

Criminal justice professionals with an interest in African-Americans have given little attention to the role information and communication technologies (ICTs) may play in their work.  There are few scholars and professionals who explore how technologies like the Internet, social media applications, and mobile phones impact African-American experiences in modern society.  717 more words


Alec Karakatsanis vs. Bail

A great piece in Slate on the heroic efforts of Systemic Justice Project Board of Advisor member Alec Karakatsanis to tackle incarceration of people unable to pay money bail: 173 more words

Criminal Justice

Researchers discuss FASD and criminal justice

REGINA—Although many people living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) are not violent, that segment of the population still has a high incidence of involvement with the criminal justice system. 236 more words


Pathologist gets spanked for using defendant's statements as basis for determining cause and manner of death

This case defines some limits to what a medical expert can consider in rendering  “with medical certainty” testimony. This should be a message to the odontologists who rely on law enforcement to determine how many people should be considered potential “biters” . 688 more words

The Disrespect of Law Enforcement: Enough is Enough!

Our law enforcement officer are under constant verbal attacks and their authority to enforce any violations is constantly being challenged and second-guessed.

The criminals are not the only people in our society disrespecting our uniformed officers these days. 371 more words

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Recidivism Reduction

Re-entry of offenders into society is one of the most crucial phases of the justice process. After a criminal is caught and then punished/rehabilitated, the convict must then be reintegrated into society.   1,143 more words

Criminal Justice

2015 Legislative Sessions Review - New Criminal Laws


The Tennessee General Assembly approved a wide range of legislation addressing crime during the 2015 legislative session.

Animal Fights – The Legislature voted to increase penalties against spectators attending animal fights. 1,893 more words

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