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Human rights kay pohs don't do "fixers" and "jihadists"

The Court of Appeal ordered the release of alleged match-fixer Dan Tan release from detention on Nov 25. (Bit strange as he should have released on Oct 15) 1,741 more words

Public Administration

At Thanksgiving, we Must Remember the Plight of the Refugee and Our History

© Josh Sager – November 2015

This Thanksgiving, world events force us to look back at the founding of our nation and consider our choices in the near future. 616 more words

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Criminal Justice: Domestic Violience Victims

PART 1 N 2
1. you may copy my word document so the formatting is correct

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Domestic Violience Victims

What about the police shootings that aren't on video

Hopefully you’ve heard the latest on the recently released video of a many getting killed in pretty much cold blood by a police officer who is now charged with murder.   144 more words


Why do we punish drug users?

Seriously.  Really interesting NYT Q&A with a philosophy professor making a strong case for why we should not punish drug users (a positions with which, of course, I strongly agree).   515 more words


Chicago is the worst big US city for police shootings

Chicago was rocked by protests on Tuesday night (Nov. 24) after mayor Rahm Emanuel released a graphic dash cam video showing a white police officer killing a black teenager with a hailstorm of 16 bullets in October 2014. 325 more words

The Laquan McDonald EXECUTION by the Chicago Police Department

I will not put the video in the main post. It will be in the replies.

But, make no mistake, this young man was EXECUTED. 594 more words

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