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Editorial: Fix ‘retroactive’ death-penalty bill in special session

Senate Bill 1013 was the Oregon Legislature’s attempt to get as close as possible to abolishing the death penalty without going to voters. By significantly narrowing the definition of aggravated murder — the only crime that carries the possibility of capital punishment — lawmakers could largely shut down the pipeline of people to death row. 12 more words

The Oregonian

Criminalizing drug possession has led to devastating consequences

States have adopted laws that penalize drug possession to combat the war on drugs. However, the lack of focus on harm reduction, prevention, and effective treatment has led to overfilling of prisons. 328 more words

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Split Jury System Rooted in Oregon Nativism

Oregon is the last state in the country to allow convictions by non-unanimous juries, also known as split verdicts. As of November 2018, 49 states and the federal government require unanimous verdicts. 12 more words

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EconTalk: Anja Shortland on Kidnap

Anja Shortlandof King’s College London talks about her book Kidnap with EconTalk host Russ Roberts. Kidnapping is relatively common in parts of the world where government authority is weak. 47 more words


Life in a Nutshell: The art and science of Frances Glessner Lee - Tales from Wo-Fan's Land

Imagine peering into a perfectly replicated world – a miniature room, complete with working mousetraps and rocking chairs, bed linens and whiskey bottles. Picture quaint and perfectly appointed parlors with lace doilies and tea sets, deep marble tubs and sinks with plush towels in a pink floral bathroom, a kitchen with a blue enamel cooking stove and a cake put out to cool. 1,356 more words

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