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Chapter 11 - The Sads

A brief, sad chapter. Hope you’re not already sad and then it makes you sadder. Dear reader, read on. You have been warned. Okay, it’s not actually that sad but I hope it’s a little bit feely for you. 785 more words

Criminal Mastermind

The unsolved mystery of THE JOKER

There have been multiple existences stated in numerous Comics Books, Movies & all of them have a different approach altogether. But the criminal mastermind always has something different  to offer, The guy who is known to be  & a psychopath lover always has tricks up his sleeves making everyone fond of his attitude. 1,920 more words

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Bedtime, Chapters 10 and 9

Oh what cheap maneuvers I’d pull for an almost-rhyme. Seriously though, I’m getting this done way later than I would like. Ten-thirty is like the crack o’ midnight late for me these days. 1,761 more words

Criminal Mastermind

Chapters 7 and 8 - Never too late

This week Raine reveals more of the strengths and weaknesses of her character while the case and the office gets a bit more sticky. I love these two chapters, and to make things pleasant they are, once again, very brief. 2,532 more words

Criminal Mastermind

Rolling out Chapters 5 and 6

Okay, so I haven’t exactly been rolling out the chapters, but at least they’re done! Let me know what you think because every time you leave a comment or a like my little heart fills with joy. 2,308 more words

Criminal Mastermind

Woot to Chapters 3 and 4!

Reader! Thanks for coming back. I’ve been super thrilled to read your comments and encouragement. And, if you look back at Chapters 1 and 2, I’ve implemented changes thanks to your sage advice. 2,089 more words

Criminal Mastermind

Chapters 1 and 2 - Huzzah!

The chapters commence! But first, a little preamble before you delve into reading. I like to write chapter titles, which makes for rather brief chapters. If this strikes you as weird and cut off, please comment. 2,178 more words

Criminal Mastermind