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Airlines resent cost of paying to return passengers deemed inadmissible in Canada

OTTAWA – Major Canadian airlines say they’re unfairly shouldering the costs of removing from Canada people who arrive with a passport or other valid document only to be turned away by federal officials. 563 more words


Australian Visa cancellations under section 501

The Australian Human Rights Commission explains how visas can be cancelled under section 501 of Australia’s Migration Act.

The five broad categories under which visas can be refused or cancelled: 2,100 more words


Will the Real Steve Evans Please Stand Up?   -   by Rob Atkinson

So, who have we got coaching the Leeds United first team now? If it’s the gentleman in the picture above, then it’d be hard to think of an incoming United manager giving a better example of getting off on the wrong foot since a certain Brian Clough breezed into Elland Road, slagging off all and sundry.  142 more words


Oregon Expunging Marijuana Violations From Citizens' Records

PORTLAND, Ore. (CBS Seattle) — The state of Oregon is expunging marijuana violations from citizens’ records, according to a new report.

Portland’s Metropolitan Public Defender’s office is conducting “expungement clinics” in which records of past pot crimes will be indefinitely sealed as a way to prevent pot tickets haunting users for life and ruining job opportunities. 195 more words


Oregon’s new marijuana freedom law includes a chance to erase your record

Erika Walton processing paperwork to remove minor weed bust – from 15 years ago

About 15 years ago, when she was in her 20s, Erika Walton handed a bong to someone who turned out be a police officer, and was cited for marijuana possession.

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Leaving the Past Behind

For Carlton Martin, the Legal Clinic staff attorney who heads up Project GRACE (Guided Re-Entry Assistance and Community Education), working in Expungement Law comes with a fair number of obstacles, not the least of which are other people’s attitudes. 561 more words

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