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Spotlight: Prison Record of Thomas Rogan

Born in New South Wales but moving with his family to Victoria as a child, Thomas Baker was a child who was apparently doomed to a miserable life. 377 more words

Australian History

A Criminal History can Affect Your Immigration Chances

When you are an immigrant seeking legal permanent residency or citizenship in the United States, there are many issues and questions that may come up when you are in the process of submitting your application. 486 more words

Immigration Law

Τούρκοι είναι …τούρκικα θα σκεφτούν …τούρκικα θα πράξουν!

Η ιστορία το αποδεικνύει. Οι λαοί που δεν είναι ικανοί να δημιουργούν πολιτισμό είναι βίαιοι και υπερήφανοι για τις κατακτήσεις τους που πάντα φυσικά έχουν επιτευχθεί με αγριότητες και σφαγές.


New Dating App Checks Your Criminal Record

If you’ve ever been considered for a job or an apartment you’d like to rent, you’ve probably been subjected to a background check. But did you know that you’ll now have to undergo a similar process for online dating? 236 more words