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Burglar Nabbed After Falling Asleep On Couch In Middle Of Robbery

A man in Central Germany has been arrested after he allegedly broke into a house in order to ransack the place.  Luckily, the police didn’t have to work too hard to find him.   110 more words


China officials impersonation scam: Man charged for collecting $74,000 from victims

(Source: sg.news.yahoo.com)

A Taiwanese man has been charged for receiving $74,000 in criminal proceeds from victims of a scam involving criminals who impersonated Chinese officials. 303 more words

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A Brain Tumor & Criminal Behavior Connection

Some people may not believe that a brain tumor can transform a decent, moral human being into a criminal. I am writing this to tell you how my brain tumor changed me and how I have a felony conviction on my record. 1,793 more words


Making Watergate Look Like Kindergarten

CDN Daily Briefing uranium-one-cover-As the pieces come together like a shadowy jigsaw puzzle we are witnessing the vilest, vicious, blatant abuse of our constitution in history by a presidential candidate and her cohorts and the worst part of it is the mainstream media keeps silent on it and therefore are just as guilty of this abuse.Never in history has a presidential candidate, like Hillary Clinton, fixed a primary to steal the nomination from her opponent. 646 more words

Bamber & Snatch: Wait. I was robbed?

Think I’m getting a bit attached to the idea of Hexblades! Here are twin Goblins, both Hexblades, but diverge in their multi-class. Ideal for working together, they could pose a problem for parties with their combo of sneak attack, magical darkness and furry of being small! 1,045 more words


Subal Ghorai & Ors. Vs. State of West Bengal [SC 2013 APRIL]

KEYWORDS:-MURDER-Interested witness-Common object-

DATE: APRIL 2, 2013

  1. Absence of names of accused in the FIR in the abovementioned facts, lead Court to give them benefit of doubt.
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China's Shutdown Of Bitcoin Miners Isn't Just About Electricity

(Source: www.forbes.com)

    A woman touches an ATM machine for digital currency Bitcoin in Hong Kong on December 18, 2017.  (ANTHONY WALLACE/AFP/Getty Images).

China’s government is planning to shut down Bitcoin miners in its latest crackdown on the cryptocurrency. 749 more words

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