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A Criminal

In times not long ago, a tyrant king was famous for giving absurd type of punishment for crimes in his state. One day, guards of the king caught a thief, who has been suspected of stealing a loaf of bread from baker’s shop. 989 more words


Iain Stirling

A man in a tuxedo stood in the precise center of a large, dark, circular room. Flat vidscreens floated all around him. His eyes darted from feed to feed as he gleaned the information he sought from the feeds. 829 more words


Criminal Negligence in the Workplace: Marine Employment Lessons

For the first time in B.C. history, the government has charged an employer with criminal negligence causing the death of an employee. Although the facts of the case do not involve the death of a mariner, this article should be of interest to marine employers and the families of deceased mariners because the same legal principles apply across all industries. 95 more words


DUI Defenses

There are many defenses available with a DUI charge.  Know what your rights are. There may be affirmative defenses available, problems with the accuracy of the Breathalyzer, or it may have been an improper stop in which evidence can be suppressed. 27 more words


Defining Terrorism is Key to Defeating Terrorists

Defining Terrorism is Key to Defeating Terrorists

 One of the major reasons the world struggles with how to combat terrorism is because of the world’s inability to agree on a common definition of terrorism. 811 more words


Inmigrante Se Viste De Criminal En Publico Y Mira Lo Que Pasa

Su nombre es Sergio y aunque usualmente hace bromas en YouTube este video deja un impactante mensaje.

Sergio decidió vestirse con traje de prisión, esposas y una venda en los ojos con una poster que decía “Conoce a un inmigrante, en verdad me vez como un narcotraficante, violador, criminal?” sin saber cómo reaccionaría la gente. 174 more words