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Your Grief Is Unacceptable! 100 Years Dungeon!

Patel maintains that she did not abandon a living baby. “I assumed because the baby was dead there was nothing to do,” Patel later told law enforcement officials.

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Gender Wars

TV shoes that could have a prison version of them

“Survivor” prisoners versus CO’s…Take two teams, one of prisoner and one of corrections officers and put them against each other survival style. Threw weekly competitions. At the end of each episode each team has to vote off one player who is the weakest link until only one remains as the winner… 290 more words


Let them be

You must be wondering who the “them” applies to but first let me tell you why I am writing this article…

I am of those people who hate “Injustice” and by hate I mean that most of the times it creates a feeling of ANGER in me. 1,182 more words

On Being Umurundi

Wondering what IS going on HERE

I seem to have walked into an episode of a conspiracy series because I truly don’t understand. My husband and I landed on the top of this Mountain by either fate, or destiny or a higher power or whatever you believe in, that explains that we were meant to get, and be here, and I believe grow and help others grow here. 1,442 more words


Criminal Law

Actus reus is simply the Latin term for the ‘guilty act’ and men’s rea means ‘the intending mind’ in Latin. Every act must be considered in two parts, the physical act of the crime (actus reus) and the mental intent of the crime (mens rea). 525 more words

Criminal Law

Cut a baby from a woman; kill it; it isn’t murder in Colorado

When people defend abortion, this is one of the consequences. I’m not sure the Planned Parenthood, pro-infanticide crowd sees this as a feature or a bug: 373 more words