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Smooth Criminals: 4 Notorious Masterminds

The criminal underworld is filled with all types of characters. Thugs. Psychopaths. And masterminds. These sociopaths are often so diabolically creative and clever, that it becomes virtually impossible for law enforcement to bring these outliers to justice. 1,038 more words


Dysfunctional Minds: 6 Common Personality Disorders of Criminals

It’s the unique personalities of people who help make this world an interesting place. Generally, our one-of-a-kind character traits are just harmless little quirks. But sometimes, there is a dark side to our eccentric personalities. 927 more words


The Whisperer

By Donato Carrisi

Six severed arms have been found, by a dog sniffing around in some woods out for his walk. Six children’s arms. And six young girls have gone missing. 207 more words


Book Review: The Burial Hour by Jeffery Deaver

The Burial Hour
A Lincoln Rhyme Novel #13
Jeffery Deaver
Grand Central Publishing, April 2017
ISBN: 978-1-4555-3637-5

The latest Lincoln Rhyme mystery novel begins with an argument between the criminologist and his aide, Thom, about the forthcoming marriage of Rhyme and supercop Amelia Sachs. 230 more words

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DEAD COLD Excerpt: The Search for an Abducted Girl


An Emily Stone Thriller

Copyright © 2017 by Jennifer Chase


Life is not worth living if you cannot make a difference—right a wrong, save an innocent life, or catch a serial killer. 2,546 more words