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The Murder Bag

Our Forensics: Anatomy of Crime exhibition is on until 21 June 2015. One of the objects you’ll find on display is an equipment case from 1972, used by officers at the scene of a crime to gather evidence. 643 more words


1st year, 2nd term

So my 2nd term at Durham has come to an end. It’s going very quickly which is sad. Compared to last term there isn’t much to say. 285 more words


'Gee Officer Krupke' and Juvenile Delinquency

I was in the car yesterday, and ‘Gee Officer Krupke’ from West Side Story started playing on my car stereo. It’s a brilliant song about Juvenile Delinquency – sums up the whole theory around what causes JD in a very tidy time of approximately 4 minutes. 497 more words


Why Culture Counts in Criminology

In my second post, I talked about what Criminology is:

‘Basically it’s the study of crime – who causes, why and how to prevent it. Then the idea is that you can use that information once you are employed to better understand and respond to crime, and prevent it in the future.’ 293 more words


Bring Back Borstal

This Thursday, 8th January 2015, at 9pm on ITV a new programme is airing. ‘Bring Back Borstal’ is a programme aiming to put a number of young offenders through a 1930’s ‘borstal’ style regime. 99 more words

Happy New Year!

I want to wish all my friends, family, and readers a fabulous New Year! I am so lucky to have you ALL in my life.  2014 was a bit of a challenging year for me, but I feel truly blessed for the wonderful and positive aspects in my life. 46 more words

Emily Stone Series

bright side of life

dare I say that I’m actually starting to like my course… its actually nice to have essays to do again even though I know they are no where near the required standard but they are only formative anyway. 206 more words