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The Cabinet Mission

The plan of the cabinet mission was to create a united India which would handle defence, foreign policy and communication. Other areas of policy were to be devoted to provincial governments which would be groups according to religion being Muslim or Hindu but never Sikhs. 205 more words

India (1900-47)

Round 4 Hand Candy

A brilliant week for some. A week of total carnage and destruction for others.

I see round 4 as follows:

  1. Cripps on field, someone other than Sloan as captain … …
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Hand Candy

Soldiers Letters - Xmas 1916

Research is always on going. New records are being added online everyday, or it could be that a different search was entered which brings up a variety of different records to what you’ve seen before. 1,769 more words

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Remembering our Anzac's

Several weeks ago, I was approached by the ABC Rural programmers (Australian Broadcasting Commission for the Midwest rural areas of Western Australia) asking if they could interview me on the history of my Great Grandfather Charles Thomas Cripps for a segment they were doing for the 100th Anniversary of ANZAC. 325 more words

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In Search of Annie

Who is Annie? Well, that has been the question I’ve been asking myself for the past 20 or so years. When my father “Charlie” Cripps (1924-2000) first showed me some letters that my great grandfather, also known as “Charlie”, had written during WWI, there was one letter in particular that had me wondering! 1,189 more words

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2015 Cripps Family Reunion

A family reunion was held on Sunday, March 1st for the descendants of Tom Cripps and Norma Lymburner formerly of Mumby farm, Northampton.

Tom is the eldest son of Charles Thomas Cripps and Margaret Haigh nee Williams, pioneers of Northampton who took up farming on their property at west Ogilvie in 1894 by swapping a team of horses. 353 more words

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Charter, Cripps, Agnew, Heemskirk & Lyell

Ah, at last this weekend was coming! It had been set aside for three days filled with mischievous adventure for a few months, as we found it would be the only weekend we could both get out and about together. 2,482 more words