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Cris Carter Calls AD Situation "Embarrassing" on Twitter.

In response to a Tweet, Cris Carter called the Adrian Peterson fiasco “Embarrassing”. With due cause.

In the opinion of this writer and fan. Peterson would’ve been better served to simply have stated this reasoning from the beginning. 469 more words


Top 4 Times Minn. Vikings Have Been Accused Of Cheating

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With the New England Patriots still reeling from the #DeflateGate fallout (Tom Brady suspended four games and general finger wagging aimed at the team), we thought it’d be interesting to explore how the Minnesota Vikings stack up in terms of cheating. 409 more words


Another twitter outburst

From yours truly.

Preserving here for posterity before I go off to work for the day.

Any grammar, continuity, logical or other errors may be blamed on the constraints of twitter. 233 more words

Jason Milgrom Hired At Chaminade

Jason Milgrom has never been one to hide his emotions and true feelings when asked his opinion.

The same passion that he has shown as a player and as an assistant coach over much of the past two decades has a new chapter – one that this 39-year-old embraces with open arms. 631 more words


HOF Worthy: Is the Wide Receiver Logjam Finally Over?

Two years ago, I wrote about how difficult it was for great wide receivers to get into the Hall of Fame.

The primary factor was the number of receivers vying for Canton. 337 more words


Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Jerry Rice Possibly Cheated During Career

The Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice is widely considered to be the best at his position in NFL history, but could that have been because of “stickum”? 110 more words