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It’s all about the people

I was interested to read the crisis communication predictions for 2018 in a blog by Jonathan Hemus. (https://insigniacomms.com/2017-crisis-management-predictions-for-2018)

He made some interesting points including the issue of readiness for a crisis, the questions about integrity and the future challenges of cyber attacks and terrorism. 188 more words


Networking in London

Hi readers!

Just wanted to give you the inside scoop on the two Public Relation firms, Northern Commerce and Sagecomm, I visited in London, ON, with St.Clair’s Public Relation club. 682 more words

Field Trip

The real thing

I don’t want to comment on the death of Max Clifford as I know there will be family and friends grieving their loss. One thing we do need to talk about is the reputation of the PR and communication business. 193 more words


"But it's for the Kids!"

While perusing the news last week, I came across an article that made its’ way all the way from Saskatchewan to Toronto. Now, if you’re unfamiliar with Canadian provincial dynamics, the only way Torontonians care about Saskatchewan news is if a) that’s where they’re from, or b) it’s really huge news. 989 more words

Case Study

Can any Famous Men be Trusted?

Lately in the news, I have noticed a spike in molestation reports. And the worst part is, is that they’re about people we love and look up to. 357 more words

Managing a Crisis

Anyone that works in the public eye may be confronted with announcing unpleasant news professionally, despite reeling with the news on a personal level. It is very difficult to find out that a coworker that you have deep compassion and respect for has done something that is incomprehensible. 240 more words

Public Relations

How To Manage A Crisis

How To Manage A Crisis

When a crisis breaks in any company swift and careful responses are essential. Prior to the crisis actually breaking work should have been done around recognising what the reputational risks of particular disasters might be in recognition that news of such incidents will spread fast and create damage in a way that cannot easily be initially quantified. 101 more words