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Were BP's Apologies in the Gulf of Mexico Ethical?

In the six years that have passed since the tragic explosion of the BP-owned deep water platform in the Gulf of Mexico, much has been written about the spill, the organization, and BP’s response to it — including a few of my own academic publications. 1,661 more words

Crisis Communication

What a Crisis Can Teach You About Internal Comms

It doesn’t take an actual crisis for internal communications to go off the rails. But there is a lot comms professionals can learn from the crisis comms folks about getting a clear message across internally… and thereby diverting an internal crisis.

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Managing crisis: the least you need to know

The greatest misconception about crises is that they are caused by acts of God. Prof. Noel Turnbull once suggested suggested the more likely causes are incompetence, inattention, outright stupidity or the failure to spot the bleeding obvious. 693 more words

The Case for Good Crisis Comms

The next time your boss tells you the company doesn’t need a crisis communication refresher, show him this article about what happened to Nestle…

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How PR needs to adapt to Digital Media

Nowadays, it is noticeable how people disappear from traditional media. Newspapers and magazines are visited online and people use all kinds of social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.(Horton, … 522 more words

In Case of Crisis: The App

Written by: JoAnn Briscoe, SAS for the Clymer Museum 

The digital age is growing at an accelerated rate. We now have watches that can speak to us and surf the web, we have cars that can drive themselves, and a smart speaker that can order you dominos just from your voice. 380 more words

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From Hater To Belieber: How Justin Bieber Regains His PR Image

Written by: Erika Acode, AAE of Winegars Ice Cream & Coffee

Justin Bieber has been sweeping the charts since he entered the music industry in 2012, earning 44.7 million albums and songs sold in the U.S., 24 Top 40 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and earning $77 million for the 2013 “Believe” tour. 546 more words

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