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Emergency Measures Interoperability, what does it mean exactly ?

In the emergency measures industry, the term interoperability continues to grow in popularity. In order to better understand this concept, here is a definition specific to the emergency services field: «emergency interoperability refers to the socio-technical ability of emergency personnel to immediately communicate and share information» 307 more words


Faulty Airbags: Biggest Recall of All Time

Takata, a Japanese company, produces airbags for eleven major car brand companies. They have installed faulty airbags in over 34 million cars since 2000 to 2011. 211 more words

Crisis Communication

A reminder of the importance of crisis communication

I have been watching with interest the unfolding aftermath of the tragic case of the two children that died on holiday. It is terrible and the thoughts of everyone are with the parents who have had such a horrific experience that has changed their lives. 378 more words


Twin Peaks Shooting: Early Thoughts and Observations on the (Lack of) Public Relations

It’s a little more than 48 hours after a biker gang brawl in the parking lot of the Waco breastaurant Twin Peaks, (killing nine, injuring 18 and resulting in the arrest of 170) and there’s barely a word from the Twin Peaks corporate office. 540 more words

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Internet shaming: Virtual Vigilantism

Here it is, the Tweet heard ’round the world. Justine Sacco (at that time the senior director of corporate communications at IAC, ironically) tried her hand at sarcasm in 140 characters, and the rest is history. 311 more words

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What are the biggest communication challenges in emergency measures? Second Part

In the first part of the biggest communication challenges for emergency services, we’ve made the exercise to question first responders on their perceptions of communication barriers in crisis situations. 346 more words


Tom Brady has a reputation problem, not a crisis, and it's solvable

The “Deflategate” report is out, and at an inflated 243 pages — plus footnotes — finds New England Patriots quarterback and three-time Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady lied about his involvement and hid evidence that might have incriminated him even more. 675 more words