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What Company Looks into when Its Celebrity Screws up

Companies sign a partner contract with popular public figures for their strong follower base or matched characteristics, not for a negative buzz to get their services or products tracked. 1,363 more words


Commitment, cake and colleagues

It is the people that can make an organisation. For me, who you work with is important to whether you are just going through the motions or you are able to really get involved and enjoy what you do. 532 more words


Lochte vs Bolt- Why Lotche lost his sponsors and Bolt won't...

We’ve all been witness to the post Olympic reality show starring Ryan Lochte in one story line and Usain Bolt in another. These two sportsmen dominated in their disciplines at the Olympic games, but now they both seem to be dominating the news media for all the wrong reasons. 930 more words

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Understand the Different Dimensions of a Crisis to Restore the Confidence of Your Stakeholders

Every organization is susceptible to crises. On the other hand, it seems like the media is always waiting for something to occur so they can have ‘breaking news’, even though this might not necessarily be the case. 1,021 more words

Of Love and Respect for an Honourable Leader

A nation almost fell into a crisis on 21 August 2016.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (LHL) was giving the National Day Rally on the podium when he suddenly fell to his right; his face was visibly paler with beads of sweat on his left forehead before he had taken ill. 472 more words


The Australian census crisis: what can we learn?

One of the highest profile organisational crises in recent times was last week’s disastrous failure of the Australian online census. The Bureau of Statistics website… 538 more words

Crisis Management

Pointers For Dealing With A Company Crisis

Pointers For Dealing With A Company Crisis

Consider the following pointers if you are the manager charged with dealing with a crisis at work especially if the crisis will get your company well and truly into the news! 287 more words