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If The Cuban Missile Crisis Were Tweeted

Two weeks ago, Professor David Rothkopf broadcasted a podcast about digital diplomacy. In the podcast he wonders, like many others, how past crises might have played out differently had digital tools been invented at the time. 2,183 more words

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Volkswagen’s Long Road to Recovery

In 2015, Volkswagen a popular German engineering and auto company found themselves in hot water. The Enviornmental Protection Agency (EPA) came out with a report that certain Volkswagen cars that were being sold in the U.S. 891 more words

Crisis Communication Saves Under Armour with a Product Scare at the 2014 Sochi Olympics

 We (humans) tend to be extremely present people that enjoy drama and big reactions, but when it comes to following through can sometimes fall short. Some PR plunders go unnoticed whether it’s because no one shared it on Facebook or it was irrelevant next to the newest story about Donald Trump… However, once some scandals surface, it takes a lot of work to a) realize the complete circumstance, b) downplay the situation, c) defend the company, and d) maintain positivity within the brand image.   1,399 more words

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Crisis Averted for Chipotle?

Companies have their fair share of mishaps, but how they respond to those mishaps defines them. That’s why crisis communication is important in letting your audience know you are a trustworthy company. 636 more words


Breaking Bad…News that is! How to Soften the Blow

It’s never good to receive bad news. To actually be the one to deliver the bad news can also bring an unsettling feeling to one’s stomach. 248 more words


The do's and don'ts of social media

With social media growing bigger every day it is important for companies and individuals to keep in mind what is appropriate and what is not for their personal image on social media. 514 more words

Crisis Communication

Consider Politics for Crisis Communication Practice.

Donald J Trump is a walking, talking, tweeting crisis creator.

Once Donald trump  was elected, fear took over for many people and cultures causing a crisis along many walks of life. 470 more words

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