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Bee strong

I can remember receiving the call from duty press officer around 10.45pm on 22 May. The words he spoke will never leave me. I remember the drive to work planning what we needed to do in my head. 288 more words


Simple Tools

Carpenters have used hammers since the dawn of their trade. Even the ancient Egyptians used them. The design has changed very little over the centuries. Why? 487 more words


Steps to Create an Effective Crisis Communication Plan

Every company is aware that problems and issues arise without any warning. There are times when companies are not ready to tackle a problem or a crisis as it strikes. 411 more words

Crisis Communication

Covey Summary: Installment #3

Welcome to the third installment of my Covey summaries:

In this chapter of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the habit discussed is: Put First Things First. 299 more words


Overcoming the Complications the Internet Creates within Crisis Communication

As public relations specialists, a topic of discussion and something a lot of us deal with is crisis communication. This is something that can range in seriousness from the lives of our loved ones to the safety of our food. 358 more words

Starbucks: A Crisis Communication Examination

PR crises are unavoidable, especially in our digital age where everyone has access to everything. With the advent of the internet it has become increasingly difficult for PR teams to control a situation once it has reached the public. 352 more words

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