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Taking the Stage

– Text taken and adapted from the book “Expect the unexpected: a comprehensive introduction in the PrepTIME crisis management system” –

If we have good news, or want to introduce and sell a new product, nobody listens. 1,041 more words


Where’s the Chicken?

In what might arguably be one of the most ironic situations faced by a restaurant, KFC ran out of chicken and had to close more than half of its 900 restaurants in the UK. 222 more words

Classroom Activities

4 Helpful Crisis Communication Tips: Are You Ready When Shit Hits The Fan?

I work on a platform that deals with money for its community. So when things go wrong, they can go really wrong. Long story short, we once faced an issue with our third-party server over a weekend and this led to the loss of some data for a number of users. 799 more words


Snapchat, PR & the Great Update Debate

It’s been almost a month since Snapchat released an update to its app that has left teens, celebrities and Bitmojis everywhere up in arms. But how does the photo-messaging company balance the need to change and evolve in the tech space, while also battling the public relations nightmares that sometimes come with it? 493 more words

Social Media

A Final Word

There has been so much discussion this week about the KFC no chicken issue and the response that happened. Everyone has to agree that a chicken restaurant without chicken is a reputational and operational crisis. 287 more words


Prep for Your Crisis

Given the fact that I have two upcoming presentations on the topic of crisis communication, I have been wondering what actual companies do to prepare for a crisis, not just what they do when it occurs. 343 more words


Pelotonia deflects a "crisis"

Today is a special day. A highly anticipated day. A day that approximately 3000 people have been dreaming of since August 2017.

Registration opens for Pelotonia 2018. 598 more words