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Helicopter Moms, Cowardly Superintendents, and Fed-Up Teachers by Christina Knowles

I’ve been complaining about government interference in education for years. But forget the government. There’s a new clueless interloper on the scene. She’s been around forever, but she’s just recently gained the power of a government agency. 1,929 more words

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Class Size Matters: Overcrowded and Under-Reached in the American Classroom by Christina Knowles

Unfortunately, we are at a point in history where teachers need to defend the importance of smaller classes on student achievement and future success, as if this were not common sense. 2,518 more words

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Is There a Crisis in Boys' Education?

I feel as though I spend a great deal of my parenting energy fighting boy behaviour.  While I’ve given up entirely on stopping my three boys from making guns out of whatever material comes to hand, I feel I wage a constant battle to put a stop to other undesirable boy behaviour: taming their tendency towards violent play, stopping rough-housing before it gets out of hand, keeping the noise levels tolerable, taking their dinner chairs away and making them stand if I have to ask them too many times to  1,281 more words

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Straight talk on American Education.

The cost of sending your kid to a university has gone up by 8 percent in the middle of the next-best-thing to “The Great Depression” that my folks lived through. 676 more words


Interactions with the Past as it Informs the Future of American Education

Four weeks ago when I wrote my opening reflection for this course I expressed the fact that I had a very limited knowledge of the history of American education largely due to that fact that my own educational experience was gained in a foreign country.  974 more words

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Tie Dye Cupcakes

You are probably wondering to yourself (or perhaps even out loud) what tie dye cupcakes have to do with education in development!? My answer is, only everything. 657 more words

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Prensky's Panic Button

Marc Prensky pushed a ‘moral panic’ button in 2001 when he published, “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants.”  Prensky warns, “This is not just a joke.   273 more words

Digital Communications In The Writing Classroom