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We'll do anything to appear normal

It’s called homeostasis and describes the process of living organisms to balance their physical and chemical environments to maintain life. It is homeostasis that maintains the hydration of the cells in our bodies, our blood pressure and even the rate at which we perspire. 455 more words


Managing a Family Member going Ballistic

It almost doesn’t matter what triggered it. What matters is it is escalating out of control. Someone in your home is going ballistic. Someone is losing it and there is a risk of property damage and/or a physical altercation. 1,182 more words

South Dakota Mental Health Task Force Submits Recommendations

Mental Health Task Force Submits Recommendations

To Gov. Daugaard

 PIERRE, S.D. – The South Dakota task force studying mental health and criminal justice today submitted a report with 15 recommendations for consideration by Gov. 456 more words

South Dakota

We can never go back to paradise

We all want to live in paradise. Americans have just voted to go back there. Something in every human heart wants to return to the wholeness of the Garden of Eden. 466 more words


Religion is more than promises that are out of this world

It is a truism that no one person suffers in the same way as another. The African-american song lyric made famous by Louis Armstrong puts it like this: “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen. 492 more words


Something Wicked This Way Comes: Part II

“Mr. and Mrs. Benson, I’m sorry to report that your son was involved in a car accident earlier tonight out on route 70 near Golden. He died from his injuries there.” 1,835 more words

The origins of "Decolonise the University"

It is said, “Some people change because they see the light, but most people change because they feel the heat.”
Fascinated by words, I have been intrigued by a phrase being used in student protests currently taking place across the country. 446 more words

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