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Mountain Mindset Chapter 2

Mountain Mindset Chapter 2

Thank you for continuing to read on with my blog on how Mountain Mindset came to creation. As a reminder, Mountain Mindset represents all that the mountains bring to you. 573 more words

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Psychologically Wounded... The after affects of the war.

A young man fresh out of high school enlists into the military.  Eager to serve his county, he enthusiastically enters boot camp and earns the title of soldier.  1,783 more words

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Six Step Model to Crisis Intervention

Crisis intervention refers to the methods that are implemented to offer short term assistance to a victim that is suffering physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral distress.  977 more words

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Family in Crisis

A crisis is defined by Merriam Webster (2015), as an emotionally significant event or radical change of status in a person’s life that causes trauma.  Merriam Webster continues to define crisis as a difficult or dangerous situation that needs serious attention.  834 more words

Criminal Justice

Marsha Linehan and The Role of The Therapist in DBT

Marsha Linehan, founder of dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), was speaking today at The NAMI (National Alliance for the Mental Ill) national conference in San Francisco. How did I know this? 532 more words

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For the Child's Sake

Recently D and I found ourselves witnessing an adult’s meltdown. We got involved. The emergency situation went on for several hours. Were we ready? Sort of.  682 more words

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Scholarly Saturday: Understanding Youth Suicidal Behaviors

Found this excellent piece of research summarized in this article by “Mad In America” . It was a meta-analysis of qualitative research around youth suicide. The main theme they found was that youth “felt” the fear of suicide from their parents and professionals. 123 more words

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