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Reform in the ANC is scientifically impossible.

I keep reading calls for the ANC to change or die. Sadly the science of change suggests that the ANC will find that impossible.

A Harvard physicist gives me reason for this position. 460 more words

Crisis Intervention

Protect yourself against the Office Bully

When I think of a bully it’s usually in a schoolyard and the bully is an oversized and awkward, sycophant-surrounded adolescent male. It’s an old stereotype and really needs updating in terms of the places bullying happens. 467 more words

Crisis Intervention

The Good Samaritan Model of Crisis Intervention

Many people turn to and rely on the Bible as a source of wisdom and comfort, but for a crisis intervention model?

Who was the Good Samaritan? 833 more words

Defying Shadows

Crisis or Challenge? Do you know the difference?

Life is challenging as you know.  Why is it that we are able to cope with some of life’s challenges even though they are demanding and stressful, and other situations make us feel that our world is crashing around us? 464 more words

Crisis Intervention

A Change is as Good as a Rest.

This past Saturday morning I wanted nothing more than to snuggle deeper into the covers and stay there. After a month of early rising and little sleep, I wanted to remain in my cocoon and hide from the world. 402 more words

Part I - Diverse Personalities: Do you proactively de-escalate disruptive people in your life?

Arcosanti, Arizona is an experimental community between Flagstaff and Phoenix built by a bunch of volunteers to demonstrate sustainable alternatives to urban sprawl and also the home to a bronze bell foundry. 503 more words

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July 12, 2016

Dear Sgt Shaft
Are there any recent developments regarding how prescription drugs are handled by VA doctors?

Charlie B
Via the internet

Dear Charlie
The Congress has been keeping a good eye on this issue. 927 more words

Sgt. Shaft