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You are not a punching bag!

Many women and children are abused in the United States and have no way out of the situation. Words spoken in anger are as harmful as a fist to the face, whether it be to a woman or a child.  1,002 more words


The Language of Borderline Personality Disorder

Language has power. The simple addition of a comma into a sentence can change language drastically. As professsionals we need to be cognesient of language as it often effects our actions. 616 more words

Mental Health

Crisis Intervention

As much as we like to think of ourselves as unbreakable, we break, and when we do it’s usually hard and fast. If this feeling of being in crisis comes we may not feel comfortable to reach out for support. 790 more words


First day of class

I spent most of the day yesterday in a state of panic when I was unable to locate my virtual classroom, but managed to calm down after exploring the site when it became available.   481 more words


Myrtle Pellew

Title: Clinical Therapist, Author

Company: Shekinah Counseling Services

Location: Woodbridge, Ont.

Myrtle Pellew is a Clinical Therapist and Author, offering individual, family, couples and group counseling services through… 165 more words


NAMI Ohio Conference addresses criminalization of mental illness

It’s a startling statistic that nearly 20% of Ohio’s prison inmates are struggling with diagnosable mental illness in any given year. NAMI Ohio brought to the spotlight the fact that those suffering with a mental illness often find themselves incarcerated with no-where else to go. 625 more words

Psychiatric Care

Help Yourself & Help Families Displaced by Crisis!!

Some of you have asked how you can help Called to Peace provide for the financial needs of women and children who have been displaced by crisis. 403 more words

Bind Up Wounds