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Tools for Practice Tuesday: #ZeroSuicide Toolkit

In honor of the ” International Zero Suicide in Healthcare Declaration” happening in Atlanta yesterday and today, I present the following resource.  The idea of Zero Suicide’s seems like lofty one but this goal requires a simple shift in thinking. 109 more words

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took today to recover

Hi everyone,

So today has been a good day for me. I think everything from over the weekend caught up with me. As I was super exhausted anxious and emotional. 1,299 more words

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PTSD and the Cone of Shame

In the movie “UP”, Gus is put in the cone of shame for something that he supposedly did wrong.  Just like Gus, nobody every wants to feel shame especially if it is for something that they didn’t do.  562 more words


WHEN TEXTING CAN SAVE A LIFE! #WorldSuicidePreventionDay

Texting has caught a bad rap. From texting while driving to breaking up via text. It has been accused of robbing people of “real” human interactions but the truth is…real is relative.  161 more words


The Angel of the Gap

As my years of being a professional crisis interventionist came to a close, I checked back through my agency’s electronic database to see how many ‘crisis intervention’ notes I had written. 549 more words

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Dealing with the Death of a Co-Worker

We don’t normally think about it, but it can happen at any moment. We can spend 40 hours or more every week with co-workers, which can make them feel like they are part of your extended family. 539 more words

Do unto others...

There are many solutions to a particular problem. Read a book, or go online and you can make a common cold out to be Ebola. The movie Patch Adams shows the dedication to treat individuals and not a particular disease. 647 more words

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