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Good Boy, Bad Boy
When my son was two, a younger cousin bit him. I was shocked. Never, my son would never ever do that. He was an “easy” baby, not demanding, never clingy like other babies. 882 more words


ABCs of Behavioral Problems: Keeping Cool in a Crisis: being prepared for behaviors

Crisis Intervention Training
Behavioral crises involving people with autism are a common concern of professionals and parents. Parents don’t talk about them as much because of stigmas, but professionals rarely hold back. 782 more words


Volunteer Opportunities!

Want to make a difference in your community?  Want to learn more about sexual violence?  Then become a Volunteer Sexual Assault Advocate!  CMSAC will be offering it’s next 40 hour training starting on March 16.  18 more words

Link between suicide and unemployment

“A new study published in The Lancet Psychiatry finds that between 2000 and 2011, unemployment was the cause of approximately 45,000 deaths by suicide around the globe each year, and it accounted for around nine times as many suicides as the recession, which first hit 2008.”

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Person To Self

Negotiating With Terrorists

The topic of “negotiating with terrorists” is one that has received much attention, of late, in law enforcement negotiating circles.  It is the subject of much debate and often the focus of articles and conference presentations.  2,246 more words


Life, death, and PTSD...

Under the typical circumstances of life I would venture to say that the common person has never been forced to view their own mortality.  Most people live their lives never having to look death in the eyes.  1,193 more words


Guest Blog: Crisis Intervention “My Day Did Not Go As Planned”   William P. Dieckmann

You are sitting in your office all ready for a hard day of work with much to get done. The phone rings and one of your employees has been in an accident. 418 more words