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Present Day, April 14th, 2018

My daughter is a sophomore at NYU. She also interns (and has interned) with organizations which focus on the rights and advocacy of individuals based on gender, race, and mental health based issues. 329 more words

Brain Tracks

Toss It Into The Fire

It is absolutely true that we all hold onto things sometimes a little too long. Whether it is a grudge from someone pulling into the parking spot at the front of the store even though you had your blinker on and waiting, or the friend who still hasn’t returned your favorite shirt even though you’ve asked 515 times over the last month, we all have the ability to let a small thing get in the way of our positive outlook. 582 more words


Being There!

Gather your every element of your success and instantly invest! ;) Our thanks go to friends from the US, India, Brazil, Romania, and Canada ;) 450 more words

Sophie Essay

Three Rides

My family has no knowledge of the three rides I’ve taken in police cars.

In the span of less than one year, I was a passenger in three different police cars, all for the same reason: I was in crisis. 1,830 more words


Even Super Heroes Deal with Fear

So many people seek counseling because they are gripped with fear. Fear has become as much a part of our home lives as the family pet, except fear’s bite is much worse. 532 more words

Mental Health

Volunteers Of The Month - February

Sabrina from Ontario

Sabrina joined IMAlive through a Random Acts sponsorship in the fall of 2017. Ever since she has been dedicating her time on a regular basis to people in crisis. 155 more words


Let's Be Heard

National Be Heard Day is a day to support small businesses and organizations. IMAlive is an organization that encompasses the very essence of compassion by providing the first of its kind online crisis intervention chat center. 574 more words