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Police as therapist: the inherent risk of unconditional positive regard 

WESTBOROUGH, MA January 12, 2017 Changes in the responsibility for those afflicted with major mental illness must remain in the hands of medical and psychiatric providers who are trained in contemporary diagnosis and treatment models. 1,009 more words

Human Behavior

Don't underestimate the power of addiction.

A few weeks weeks into this year there’s a good chance your resolutions haven’t made it this far The idea that we can change our behaviour as easily as making a new year declaration is an ancient but impractical one. 477 more words


A Tale for Twenty Seventeen

With all the rage about decolonising and stripping all signs of our European past, I am not sure we should speak about colonial history in 2017? 482 more words


Raising the Dead

If you were to ask my sister what she wants most in life, she would likely tell you she would like to raise the dead. Seriously.  835 more words

Clear Lake Chamber teams up to combat sex trafficking

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – Human trafficking can happen anywhere, and interstates like I-35 are hot beds for this type of crime. That’s why the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce is teaming up with Crisis Intervention. 138 more words


Partners In Hope For the Holidays Worldwide

Have you or a loved one has been affected by a catastrophic illness or in the fight of combating a C.diff. infection, or any long-term illness? 508 more words


We'll do anything to appear normal

It’s called homeostasis and describes the process of living organisms to balance their physical and chemical environments to maintain life. It is homeostasis that maintains the hydration of the cells in our bodies, our blood pressure and even the rate at which we perspire. 455 more words