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“Data Activism in Light of the Public Sphere” - Nuevo artículo en la revista de filosofía contemporánea Krisis

Miren Gutiérrez, Directora del Programa “Análisis, investigación y comunicación de datos”

Mucho se da dicho sobre la esfera pública desde la popularización de internet, las redes sociales y la infraestructura de datos: ¿existe realmente como la planteó Jürgen Habermas? 1,118 more words

Activismo De Datos

New article! Maputopias: Cartographies of Communication, Coordination and Action — The cases of Ushahidi and InfoAmazonia

Get the whole article here: Maputopias GeoJournal

Maps have been established as objects bestowed with knowledge, power and impact. In the hands of people, maps have been a form of political counter-power. 177 more words


Infrastructuring in the South: An interview with digital humanitarian Luis Hernando Aguilar

OCTOBER 30, 2017*

by Miren Gutierrez

Is the so-called South more creative when it comes to devising bottom-up, data-based solutions for social needs? Looking at Luis Hernando Aguilar’s experience in disaster response, it might seem as if the answer is affirmative. 1,332 more words

Humanitarian Organisational Structures: Spider, Starfish or whole new breed?

Spider v. Starfish

Although the impact crowdsourcing has had on technology and vice versa has been discussed, there is very little analysis of the impact of both of these innovations on organisational structures. 414 more words

Crisis Mapping

The Cold Shoulder of Collaboration

Without effective collaboration between the digital and traditional humanitarian worlds, the technology that is constantly advancing in order to improve our capabilities to crowdsource crisis maps is next to useless. 589 more words

Crisis Mapping

The Evolution of Crowdsourced Crisis Mapping: A Timeline

I’ve tried to capture some key summary points from my research “The Evolution of Crowdsourced Crisis Mapping” which I’ll post in a series of blogs. For those of you with a little more time to kill, you are more than welcome to get in touch if you’d like to read the full 15,000 words. 63 more words

Crisis Mapping

Snapshot with a HOT Voting Member

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Tasauf, a HOT voting member based in Bangladesh.
He spoke to me about his first involvement with HOT in 2015 as a translator, to his role now as a senior campaigner, to his vision for the future of HOT. 296 more words

Crisis Mapping