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The role of the private sector in humanitarian context

Text: Elina Warsta

European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO) has over 140 registered partners, and it holds annual meetings with the partners to discuss recent developments, challenges and needs in the humanitarian sector. 779 more words


Reports say about 8,700 civilians managed to flee rebel-held Eastern districts of Aleppo city during last 24 hours. 49 more words


Trump era confronts organized labor with gravest crisis in decades

President-elect Donald Trump’s Twitter attack this week on a union official, followed by his choice of a labor secretary who has criticized new worker protections, has rattled leaders of the American labor movement, who fear unions may be facing their gravest crisis in decades. 1,301 more words

Daily News

Christianity Today: How Good Church People Become Addicts - and How They Recover

Timothy King’s article Just Say No to Shame in the December 2016 issue of Christianity Today includes a very insightful comment: “My recovery from opioid addiction began when I realized my addiction had chosen me.” King fell to the disease of opioid addiction following suffering from acute necrotizing pancreatitis caused by a surgical procedure. 1,413 more words


Capriles: La oposición está en crisis

El gobernador del estado Miranda, Henrique Capriles, hizo un llamado a los integrantes de la Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MUD) a iniciar un “proceso de unidad legítima, honesta y sincera”. 267 more words


David Harvey and Robert Brenner discuss Trump, finance and the end of capitalism

Here is the video of the debate between David Harvey and Robert Brenner last week at the CUNY Graduate Center, with the title ‘What now? The roots of the economic crisis and the way forward’. 15 more words

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