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We are stronger together

I was busy sat at my desk concentrating on clearing a few tasks before I left the office for the day. The rolling news is always on in the office but the breaking news banner caught my eye. 302 more words


Waiting is torturing

As my moving out issue is getting bigger and more problematic, another factor is also tearing me up inside. Going on such a long-hour trip just to sightseeing a room for 2 mins does not worth my precious time and money. 193 more words


Crisis: A Life Lived in Episodes

A thought has occurred to me that it is possible we live our lives based on a series of episodes or events, defined by a single focal point upon which the rest of the ‘episode’ is centred. 586 more words


Let Sadness Happen

Several months ago, your father started to become sick. Both he and you wondered what was wrong with him. He went to the doctor, but the doctor could find no problem. 919 more words


TW- Post openly discusses themes of suicidality and self-harm. Only read if you feel appropriately strong to manage your own personal feelings about this.

For the benefit of my international followers- in England we say “a right bobby dazzler” when something has happened that is full-on, something worthy of drawing attention to, something overpowering and something almost amusing in it’s over the top epic shitness. 1,526 more words

Mental Health

Creationism Vs Evolution

Evolution vs Creationism is the conflict between two very vehemently defended beliefs that determine the very roots of our existence; indeed the existence of the universe. 325 more words

Apocalypse then

The concepts of ‘crisis’ and ‘apocalypse’ have reappeared rather abruptly on our secularized horizons, yet they have never been completely absent: merely, one could argue, in retreat from our prevailing belief in ‘progress’. 767 more words

French Revolution