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My Mid-Session Crisis

It’s halfway through the Autumn session at the uni and I am LITERALLY a walking zombie;

  • I have not slept
  • I have lost all of my (albeit limited) human compassion…
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IKEA’s Road to CSR

IKEA is the world’s largest, multinational, flat-pack home furnishing retail chain. It operates over 300 stores in 48 countries worldwide. IKEA’s highly successful business model is based on low prices, which it achieves by directly controlling strategic resources (e.g., wood, labor) through a large network of suppliers, many of whom are located in developing countries. 617 more words


What is a financial bubble?

A financial bubble is an economic period in which the prices of particular types of assets increase in an exaggerated way, strongly exceeding their intrinsic value… 176 more words


Personal crisis and spiritual growth

Each of us has faced, or will face, a personal crisis in some form during the course of our lives.

For some of us, it occurs when young, with the loss of a parent or other childhood trauma. 421 more words

Syrian chessboard: deadly Turkish airstrikes provoke Washington

Turkey, which keeps targeting the U.S. allies, is up to pretend it has taken one of the leading roles in the Middle Eastern geopolitical arena. 620 more words


The Refugee Crisis - Who Is To Blame?

by Katherine Frisk:

With the recent Brexit vote and the French election next week, the refugee crisis raging across Europe needs to be fully examined. 1,611 more words



Somewhere, sometime, some girl thought that maybe walking away would make things easier

That maybe, just MAYBE all of her problems would finally cease and dissipate… 198 more words