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It’s hard to get along: CIS and EU still negotiating

By Alessandra Goio

Negotiations are still far away from a final decision. Yet, the purpose is always the same: trying to negotiate an agreement with Russia in order to stop the embargo which is heavily hitting the European states for the second year in a row. 380 more words


Debaltseve Diary. Part 3. Shell Fragment In My Bed

The first shelling of our 40th battalion’s main base in the evening of January 28 continued during several hours in a row. When all stopped at the midnight, my friends and I returned to our sleeping room on the 2nd floor of the building. 410 more words


We. Do Not. Fear You.

Should the Stadtds choose to launch their missiles at Recheve, they will be condemning themselves and their nation. Recheve possesses a far larger number of missiles, and before the Stadtds are able to get their missiles off the ground, these missiles will have been launched from hundreds upon hundreds of secretive locations. 143 more words

Southern Anticipation, Northern Seige

As the war in the West of Stadtderflammen rages on with no signs of remitting, Individualist troops and Freedom League militias deadlocked, the Individual State has made significant gains on other fronts in an effort to keep up territorial expansion and retain the strategic initiative against its rivals. 1,956 more words

A friend in need is a friend in debt

(Sorry, i know it doesn’t rhyme.)

Diving inside the mind of a person who likes to borrow money

Adakah uang yang bisa dipinjamkan? XD

At first i thought this was a prank, set up by him and colleagues from the same previous company i used to work for.

393 more words

Central African Republic: The Forgotten Crisis?

The Central African Republic is currently experiencing a humanitarian and human rights crisis of historic proportion. However, unlike many other disasters, the CARs dilemma is largely being overlooked. 480 more words

Presidential Crises

To borrow a Monty Python trope, and now for something entirely different. Usually this blog briefly records my personal observations on current events, but this time I want to discuss those of someone else. 536 more words