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Will Marvel Studios get rights to X-Men?

As of what’s happened so far in the Hollywood scene, the short answer for Marvel Studios getting the rights of X-Men is NOPE. I don’t even think that we’ll even a deal like the Sony Marvel collab among Marvel and FOX. 325 more words


One in ten young Italians now live under the poverty line

Since 2007, the percentage of Italians living in poverty has more than doubled from 3.1% to 7.6%. Now over 7.5 million Italians live in poverty, and it’s the younger generations that are suffering most. 212 more words

Fire in the Jungle - Calais Refugee Camp Demolished

Monday, the day many have dreading, saw the begging of what is planned to be the end of the refugee camp in Calais – more commonly known as ‘The Jungle’. 199 more words


5 Steps on How To Beat Your Quarter Life Crisis

You’re laughing aren’t you? We aren’t. This is real. We might laugh, but then we cry because it’s so real. Grab the bottle of wine, tequila, whatever your poison might be and have a read. 1,300 more words



A first impression of this post’s title might be misleading. I should start out by explaining this isn’t the type of renewal that you’ll see on the side of face creams, but instead more like the renew that you’ll inevitably do three times for the library book that you brought home on a whim and will return without ever reading. 904 more words


Honesty To Drown In

Today is the first chance I’ve had to think for days.  Last week we hit the ground running with our counseling appointment Wednesday and I haven’t had a moment to process since. 1,149 more words


Storm Warnings

To my beautiful son Seth.  I write this so that at a date, many years from now, you will know the events around your first trail. 513 more words