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Canoes skirt closed bridges in Colombia-Venezuela border crisis

WATCH ABOVE: Relations between Venezuela and Colombia are deteriorating to the point that borders have been closed and thousands of people are being deported. Mike Armstrong reports. 632 more words


Woman or girl?

There is a point in every woman’s life, where the difference of meaning between “woman” and “girl” become very clear – too clear for some to face.  242 more words


Niñez adulta | LETRAS DE VANIÉ

¡Ay, la querida etapa de la niñez! Mucha energía, imaginación, aventura, aprendizaje, experiencias, fantasías, crecimiento y cambios. ¿Y qué de las ocurrencias de los niños y niñas? 830 more words


Welcome to your quarter life crisis.

If somebody would have told me that at 24 I would be sporting pink dip dyed hair and recently acquired a Harry Potter tattoo I would genuinely have laughed in their face. 462 more words

You're Live in 3, 2, 1

And so the showgram is going live once again: Labor Day, September 7, 2015

What the hell AM I thinking? I must be a fool and an idiot. 352 more words


The Great Mobile Disaster

I have carefully selected my header raised to the power of sensationalism because we all desire to be jolted from our tranquil existences. Therefore disaster! 964 more words


Death as your advisor

Some decisions are very difficult to make. When weighing the pros and cons is almost impossible due to the complexity of a given situation, one might start hearing advice like “ 144 more words