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Middle age crisis or...?

Its very trendy to speak about midlife crisis now days. Many people mostly at the end of their 20s until mid 40s feel lost, quit everything and try to find their place in life, what they like to do in the future, etc. 778 more words

September 20,2018

Well, i am afraid. My father got me married to a stranger. everything happened as it was meant to be. i was broke and depressed. i was crying everyday. 333 more words

Living in Acute Crisis: My Experiences

Not everyone will have experienced depression and anxiety, although 1 in 4 will struggle with their mental health in their lifetime, and in order to raise awareness, everyone needs to understand mental illness. 1,140 more words

How can we help those in mental health crisis?

Recently I did a post expressing my concern about learning that a local police force routinely handcuffs people that they are taking to hospital under a… 490 more words

Venezuela: More Universities, Less University Education

Hugo Pérez Hernáiz

Venezuela’s higher education system, comprised of established public universities and a “revolutionary” parallel system established under former president Hugo Chavez, is going through a… 1,008 more words

International Dialogue

Crisis 2018

November is the month of Miniature/Modeling Exhibitions across Belgium, starting with November 3rd and Crisis 2018 in Antwerp at the usual Waagnatie exhibition hall.


3 Questions on Motivation That Can Move Your Story Forward

A few weeks ago, I met a Christian Creative friend at a local coffee shop. As we settled into the conversation and polished off our Tim Horton’s coffees, she said the words that inspired this post: “I’ve gone back to a story I’ve been writing for years, … 884 more words

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