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Let's talk about the rental crisis in the island nation, the Maldives.

Maldives is known for it’s expensive exotic resorts. For it’s underwater suites. For it’s rich and beautiful biodiversity.

That’s alright. That’s all true. And here is something else for which the country of Maldives, the capital of her, Male’ (Maale) should be known for; rent. 570 more words


Reputation management is rarely a front-of-house business

Probably the hardest thing about working in the business of reputation management is not being able to talk about what you do. If you are in the business, you will know what I mean. 483 more words


Germany dissatisfied with its henchmen in Ukraine

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder entered the “Peacemaker” database for “attempted sovereignty of Ukraine” and “anti-Ukrainian propaganda.” And all because of his statements about the Crimea: “Do you seriously think that any Russian president will play this decision back in the future? 200 more words


My mind

There are days it’s not hard to say how I’m feeling and when it doesn’t seem to completely overwhelm me. Then there are days like the most fucked up roller coaster ride. 337 more words


Hanhwa Group will sell Auto parts business unit

Yesterday I read the article that Hanhwa group will sell auto parts business unit and will focus on their existing business. 
Link: http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno=2018111623473378285 242 more words


The Tears of Survival

We who refuse to accept tyranny and bondage, or surrender to despair and slavery.

We witness fraud, betrayal, horrors, wars, and suffering.

The pain and sorrow is beyond what can be expressed with words. 210 more words


Hunger Crisis in Africa & How we can help solve this major injustice

Why is it that, in a world with so many technological advancements and a wealth of knowledge and resources available, there people going hungry and even starving to death? 1,305 more words