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As the Syrian Civil War continues to rage in one of the most geopolitically intricate and complex parts of the world, 4 million hapless Syrians are forced to flee their torn country, abandon a lifestyle they have long been accustomed to, and acclimatise into countries and cultures completely foreign to them. 196 more words


All Borderlands Are Ghost Lands

WATCHING TELEVISION FOOTAGE OF REFUGEES streaming west by their thousands, along the highways of Hungary toward the Austrian border, my first thoughts are about my mother. 102 more words


Eurotunnel workers 'taken hostage on own train' as migrant crisis worsens

Eurotunnel workers have revealed how their lives have been ruined by the migrant crisis.

Train crews are consistently arriving home three hours late every day due to delayed services. 337 more words


Young Muslim Men Are Not the Only People Fleeing ISIS

Prior to 2014, I think our church in Istanbul had only 1-2 refugees associated with us. Now, given the current situation, we have had at least 17. 343 more words


Changing The World From Within to Without: My Take on the Importance of Critical Theory (9 Oct. 2015)

The fact that there is a so-called “crisis in the humanities” is old, though persistent, news, with many theories behind its impending demise.  The main culprits are understood to be funding cuts at the state and national level as well as an overall cultural shift toward valuing professional degree paths in the private sector, spurred by conservative thinkers’ critique of the humanities as a degree that leads to “nothing but unemployment.” 1,118 more words


Day 37: Am I too old?

Somedays I’m gripped by the thought that I’m too old to be doing what I’m doing. I should’ve taken the leap way sooner when I was in my mid 20s, less risk averse and didn’t have a baby. 602 more words

The Angst

Unmade Nations

Featuring some poems  which were written when I was in high school.This particular poem was written in 1990 after I read about the war going on in Beirut…..today it can be about a lot of countries which are directly or indirectly involved in war. 247 more words