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Difficult Seasons

I was in elementary school, probably 6th grade. I don’t recall the surrounding circumstances….I believe our pediatrician prescribed medication but it only made things worse…it took a while until we found the right medications, especially being an adolescent. 160 more words

Mental Illness

From The Ashes

Whoops…it’s been over a year since my last published post. What happened? Well, that’s a long story. One I could have shared with you all had my brain had the foresight, my body the energy, and my spirit the drive. 1,318 more words


*This post contains graphic imagery*

Sometimes we watch a ‘debate’ online for sheer curiosity because that’s all it can do. It won’t change our minds, or empower our thought processes. 133 more words


Banks warming up to mortgages again after housing crisis

If you want to buy a home and go to a bank for a mortgage, you may get a warmer welcome than people have received in years. 10 more words

Jonny from the PRS Block

PRS & Event Intro

I’ve decided to write this blog, which is about Welsh Tenants’ (WT) Not Just Bricks & Mortar conference, from a private rented sector (PRS) tenant’s perspective; allowing me to comment from a service user’s point of view and not as a staff member of WT/ Tenantiaid Cymru (TC), making this blog more open and relatable to others. 3,046 more words

When the sky is the limit for asset prices

Each day, i skim through the news and each day there is yet another article on property prices hitting the roof in China and the party goes on. 398 more words


My Safety Net

It’s okay everyone I didn’t die! These past two weeks have been intense…starting off with an infection/virus/whatever it was that left me bedridden for a week (shout out to my boyfriend for being my personal slave during that time), then I had a bit of a scare which caused me to cry hysterically but that’s been pretty much resolved now so all g, and THEN it was production week for my show Beauty and The Beast Jr so I think I’m fully justified in taking so long to make another post. 505 more words