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It scared me to see myself.

It is strange what you discover when you look back. I wrote a post three months ago about getting a job, yet feeling depressed, and here I am, sitting at my computer, ready to write about how depressed I am… 638 more words


Inside the Life of an IMALIVE Volunteer


From New Jersey, USA


In a binder that I created at the beginning of my training to become a volunteer with IMALIVE, there is a buzzfeed article I printed out, laminated, and is the first thing I see when I open it. 445 more words


The retirement crisis is going to hit one half of America harder than the other

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

American women will have a harder time of it in retirement than men, according to Sallie Krawcheck, a former Wall Street executive who founded, … 142 more words

Money Matters

Pain makes us fragile

If someone lets you to the closest space of their heart where they share their pains, their fears and their most weird desires with you, never take them for granted. 122 more words


Armas silenciosas para guerras tranquilas. -Syti.net- — Neuronaliberal

La Servidumbre Voluntaria del Hombre al Poder es de vieja data, aquí la traducción moderna de viejas teorías, este blog NEURONALIBERAL nos regala en este artículo con toda crudeza la crueldad del hombre, la certeza de esta teoría, cuya practica burda vive Venezuela entre otros muchos países, nos afirma su realidad…hoy tenemos que ganar nuestra LIBERTAD , iniciemos en Venezuela la transmutación que debe llegar al mundo… tal vez explica tambien la convulsiones del ser humano hoy sobre la tierra…Educación y Conciencia son las armas para romper las costumbres de servidumbre voluntaria… 66 more words

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Women Who ASKED to be Raped

What runs through your mind of those individuals who claim a woman “asked to be raped”

What does that mean exactly?

Does it mean that because she was showing a lot of skin that she wanted a man to follow her and take what little she had on, off? 434 more words