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Waking up to hear that your parents are trapped in the house because of 1.5 feet of snow, in one night. The week of January 9th Portland experienced one of the worse snow storms of the recent millennium. 430 more words


Credit Card Limits in Australia - no growth in 7 years

Sifting through the Reserve Bank of Australia’s statistics section I stumbled over an interesting selection on credit cards. It is quite detailed. After cutting, dicing and slicing the data I noted that financial institutions are perhaps hiding their hand with respect to confidence in consumers. 146 more words


Welcome to my life

I have no idea how you came across my ramblings, but the chances are you probably searched Google for the way you’re feeling about life and shit – Like I did. 422 more words

Reaction to the Crisis...

365 Daily Prompts – today’s is: Evaluate honestly how you react in a crisis and do you like how you act?

Hmm, if I had to accurately and honestly tell you how I act in a crisis it would be simple. 187 more words

Crisis Averted - For Now

Glad to see a few followers,  big virtual hugs and cookies for everyone! I’m so excited.

Today I wanted talk about my minor crisis last night. 609 more words


The test of leadership is your ability to handle crisis.

According to Murray Newlands of inc.com, running your own
business can be difficult, and sooner or later it’s going to test you. 130 more words