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Can Western Civilization survive?

Today, Western Civilization appears to have lost its identity, lost its soul.  It is under constant attack from many quarters.  By “western civilization”, we mean those ideas, values and traditions that have come down to us through history from ancient Greece and Rome and the rest of Europe and have been greatly shaped or influenced by Christianity. 1,567 more words


Why You Need to Invest in the Ultimate Life Insurance Now!

Ever been in the midst of an emergency and had to haggle through your insurance’s customer service pipeline? Not the best feeling to have to jump through hoops to prove you need them to have your back. 1,309 more words

The Venezuela, more isolated than ever

Accused of human rights violation, opposition to democracy and rejection of free trades laws, the four founder members of the Mercosur agreement, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, request the expulsion of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela from the block. 655 more words


Like Sheriff, like PDP.

Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the ability to cope with conflict by peaceful means.~Ronald Reagan

Widely regarded by many Americans as the greatest president, the above quote was in an address by the 40th POTUS at the commencement exercises of Eureka College (Illinois) in May 1982. 1,665 more words


'Brazil: Carnival in a time of crisis'

Summary news: They are having to find cheaper ways to celebrate the traditional Carnival (at minute 9:00)

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The Waveform Transmitter Teams Up With Crisis for Fundraising Campaign

The Waveform Transmitter have teamed up with Crisis, the national homelessness charity, to help raise awareness (and funds) for the hard work they carry out daily. 341 more words

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German Chancellor's approvals plumit amidst refugee crisis

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