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La democracia, tema central en la crisis fronteriza con Venezuela

Los griegos en muchas ocasiones se vieron abocados a grandes guerras para defender su tan anhelada libertad, su sistema democrático que les permitió a los ancianos de cada familia, a los ciudadanos griegos, decidir sobre el futuro de su ciudad-Estado como bien quisiesen. 680 more words

Israel to receive first Turkish visit since Marmara crisis

A Turkish delegation advancing plans for a Palestinian industrial zone next to northern West Bank city Jenin was scheduled to visit Israel on Monday and meet with an Israeli official to discuss the project. 456 more words

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"Vocês Fedem". A revolução do lixo no Líbano é um grito contra o governo

Os políticos no Líbano não cheiram mesmo nada bem. Têm tendência para brincar com a democracia. O Parlamento já alargou o mandato por duas vezes. Sem respeitar a Constituição, claro. 473 more words


I saw this and wept

This refugee family is no more. They all drowned in the med, desperately trying to reach safety. As a mother myself I can’t imagine how desperate that poor young woman must have been as her three beautiful children slipped away from her. 54 more words

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Last Second Major Change (literally)

A complete state of panic took over my entire being. I was a train wreck full of nervousness and anxiety. Every morning I woke up with the lingering question on my mind, “What do I want to do for the rest of my life?” 564 more words


Is this the defining moment for this century?

Flash back to the middle of the last century. Thousands of people fleeing a terror regime in Germany and across mainland Europe. Undergoing unimaginable hardships to reach peace and security in the USA and England. 319 more words

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