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Embracing the Unexpected

by Julie Zine Coleman

Life rarely goes according to plan.

Four years ago, my daughter-in-law Bethany went into early labor. As we waited in the hospital lobby, we were concerned. 764 more words

Responding to a crisis (Prayer day 25)

No-one schedules a crisis, but at some point in our lives each of us need to respond to a crisis.  But how do I prepare myself? 278 more words

40 Days Of Prayer

Walking Out

School shootings are rampant, They’re destructive. They’re complete tragedies. Yet, the issue persists and slowly we care a little bit less with each bullet that strikes despite the fact that they are not just striking students but the hearts of an entire world. 634 more words


The Other Side of Fear

“There is incredible growth on the other side of fear” – Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker is a blogger, entrepreneur and founder of The Product Launch Formula. 

695 more words
Day Job

Donald Trump on the Mexican Robit Spider crisis

My fantastic supporters, wow, I mean really, what a turnout. So many people. So many. This turnout is way way bigger than anybody in the leftist media would claim. 740 more words


Open Source Tools Save The Day...

Open Source tools save the day. ;)

I know this has probably been done a million times but it’s a good reminder that you can use open source tools to track a crisis. 350 more words

South Africa’s Plague of Corrective Rape

The practice of justifying rapes and instances of sexual assault has always been unsettlingly rife. However, these justifications take varied, yet equally repugnant forms across cultures. 704 more words