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Crisis Averted

As most of you know, I depend on my iPhone for probably way too much. I do all of my updates, recaps, everything in that phone. 95 more words

Family Is Family...Or Is It?

If you read my past blog post, you know that my mother was killed in a car wreck. What you may not know is that I am dealing with family that I either haven’t spoken to in a very long time or that I am left to be the adult in a world full of children. 271 more words


The Qatar Crisis: A Master Class in Diplomatic Failure

By Adeeb Chowdhury

The roots of the so-titled Qatar Crisis wind sneakily back to another, much older, much grander conflict—a rivalry that is simultaneously archaic and worryingly relevant today. 1,195 more words

Adeeb Chowdhury


They were like regular kids. Noor was in the early phase of her teenage and Jaan was still some years away from this phase. So quite natural, it was not possible that their big beautiful house could have been saved from the screams and fights of the young brigade. 1,566 more words

Midlife Crisis

There you are, at the most awkward and confusing stage of life, trying to figure out what’s need to be done next. With your friends’ successful advancement into their next phase of life (read promotion, relationship, marriage and kids), the stress is overwhelming. 52 more words