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"I'm Not Angry, I'm Just Disappointed"

Did anyone else’s parents shoot them right in the heart with the disappointment statement when you were a kid? If you did, without a doubt, reading the title of this post made the expression on your face fall. 537 more words


Israeli Palestinian Conflict

Once, Israel attacked an American ship off its coast during a war, and Americans didn’t do anything about it. Israel is one of our biggest allies in the region, and we endorse them with our money as well as our military. 598 more words


Finding Meaning in Difficult Times

A spiritual teacher introduced to me the idea that one’s practice is actually easier when things are going well. The spiritual strength developed during good times and neutral times helps during crises. 178 more words

Spiritual Work

America's Test Kitchen

I am doing some soul-searching.

I don’t know what it is about being in my twenties that makes me feel like I need to solve all of the problems of the universe, but I currently work at a desk every day, for 8-hours a day, answering no questions about the universe at all. 222 more words

Miller announces tighter security checks

Commanding Officer Joshua Miller has announced today that 30 more border agents will be assigned to protect Catan after recent threats have been made.

The MLF has seen a recent influx in it’s membership and has also made serious threats to life both UK bound and Catan.


#125 Five Minute Friday! Are You Tired of Being Asked - What are you doing with your life? [PODCAST]

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Welcome to Five Minute Friday!

Are you tired of being asked, what are you going to do with your life? 70 more words


Is it a Sin to be Depressed or Anxious?

As I have struggled my entire life with depression and anxiety, there have been times when I wonder what God thinks about me. Is he angry with me? 1,177 more words

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