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Dove Social Media Ad Goes Wrong

Remember that first article about social media? We agreed on the idea that those platforms were amazing for allowing people to share, connect and express themselves freely. 361 more words

Social Media

Mistakes and Misconceptions: HHIV 2017 -Round 2

THBT Pharmaceutical Companies Should be Civilly Liable for the Opioid Crisis.

Round 2 of the HHIV dealt with whether or not pharmaceutical companies should be civilly liable for the opioid crisis. 368 more words


Mental Preparedness for Crisis Situations

 Las Vegas Nevada.  Everyone’s seen the footage, and everyone has their theories.

Plenty of information will come forward in the coming weeks and months that will undoubtedly answer a lot of the questions we all have.  1,629 more words


How the Debt Crisis in Puerto Rico Impacts the Future of the United States

If Puerto Rico was in bad shape, it would be in a much better place than where it is now. Due to poor budgeting, lack of restraint, and utter negligence, Puerto Rico has collapsed into a mess that seems unimaginable. 802 more words


Partisan Politics - Now Hyperpartisan

I am old enough to remember when Democrats and Republicans actually worked together to solve issues, and coming from New York, I remember when there were 5 or 6 different political parties on the ballot in most elections. 1,408 more words


Getting rejections

It’s not a very pleasant feeling when we get rejections, whether it’s about work or love life. Nevertheless how big a rejection can affect our life, we’d all go through an emotional roller coaster after it. 200 more words