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This Is the Kind of Thing You Post on the Internet, Right?

My dad found this on the back of a box of Kellogg’s Crispix cereal:

It would get pretty soggy, wouldn’t it?

(Aka, I’m too lazy to get on my computer and write a real post. 11 more words

Have A Laugh!

23 - Soul Walker

I thought we’d finally do an Earth Stuff episode, but an unexpected guest showed up. I still think Blemish might be creepier, though.


Download… 67 more words


Puppy Chow

Not the kind you might be thinking of, but it does sort of look like puppy chow. I love to make this stuff. For some reason it seems to taste best when I make it in the fall. 67 more words

Cooking And Baking

Thank you for this, Jason Eskenazi: Dogfood, Issue 3

Dogfood, Issue 3.

Only Jason Eskenazi gets me on record with the important stuff. Barbara, Oprah, uh uh… “Jason!”

And then I jumped on his couch and told him how much I love Katie Holmes. 24 more words


What if... ?

As I sit and enjoy my bowl of Crispix and almond milk, this question plagues my every waking minute. It is a single chip off of the writer’s mighty cornerstone, and it holds the weight of many worlds upon its two-word foundation. 226 more words


Spicin up the Night

Tonight has been dull and dreary, so I decided to spice up my night.   No, not in the way that you might think.  I spiced it up with my own version of spicy crispix mix!   230 more words


Puppy Chow (Powdered Sugar Goodness)

Not soon after nightfall, we experienced our  first seasonal snowfall. There wasn’t a large amount of the fluffy white powder, but just enough to cover the green grass and trees. 230 more words