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Salt and Vinegar Chicken

I can house a bag of salt and vinegar potato chips like no other, but since potatoes aren’t exactly paleo, I decided to create this recipe instead to get my fix. 136 more words


Homemade Home Fries

Quality home fries seem to be a commodity lately. You go out to breakfast and you end up with these flavorless pieces of potato on your plate. 271 more words


No Bake Crispy Date Bites

When I initially went to work on these no bake bites I was having quite the rough week. My daughter was sick with a severe cold and I had caught the dreaded bug myself. 522 more words


Pork medallions with crispy zucchini and cauliflower puree

You know it had to be a good restaurant experience when some years later you are still thinking about that meal, moreover, replicating it at home.   269 more words

What's For Dinner

90's Reload Kiev

With a buttery garlic centre and a crispy breaded coating, it was a big classic way back when and will definitely be again now you know you can have it without the nasties. 556 more words


Why We Like Food That Makes Noise

The crunch of a chip, the snap of a carrot, or the fizz of a freshly opened beverage may greatly influence just how good we think those foods taste, according to… 520 more words