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Crispiest Chicken Wings on Salt

I love crispy chicken and so does J. In fact he is Portuguese so the perfect crispy chicken is a must!

These little crispy chicken wings are absolutely delicious as a party food or as a light main with a side salad. 177 more words


Crispy Tofu With Minced Chicken Meat and Pickled Lettuce

1 block tofu – pat dried and deep fried till crispy and golden on both side
150 g minced finely chicken meat or pork… 152 more words


Good Morning, Turkey

Photo: Pinterest
Good morning, everyone. I’m so into the holidays this year. And my love this holiday season is the golden brown turkey…the “deep fried” turkeys. 131 more words

5 Puerto Rican Christmas Recipes You Must Try At Least Once

From crispy-skinned roasted pork and coconut-laced eggnog, discover five traditional Puerto Rican Christmas recipes you can prepare at home.http://bit.ly/2jZIig7

Trader Joe's - Crispy Crunchy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies - Food Review

November 29, 2017

Crispy is the key word on the bag.  Pay attention.

Homemade might be another word for the bag.  What’s meant by that is; not your homemade, nor grandma’s homemade, but my homemade.  154 more words


Apple Crisp! One more apple recipe before Christmas cookie baking!

Good morning beautiful people!

It’s Wednesday! Aka Weekly-Wednesday-Recipe-with-Rachel day! Today we’re making….

Apple Crisp! Apple Pie’s beautiful, crumbly-topped cousin. Fresh, slightly tart juicy apples, sweet brown sugar, & spicy cinnamon, all underneath a golden brown buttery oat topping. 501 more words


Coconut Fries

These coconut fries are super delicious! They turn into the perfect combination of soft and crispy. They make a great addition to any meals and are quick to put together! 88 more words

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