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Uptown Funk Parody Collections

While a lot of Bruno Mars songs annoy the hell out of me, I must say I absolutely love Uptown Funk (yes I haven’t forgotten Mark Ronson either) and the number of parodies and remixes out there on YouTube are phenomenal. 126 more words


Why Buffalo Trace Tastes Ace & Why Jack Daniels Can Suck It?

“All bourbons are whiskeys but not all whiskeys are bourbons”.

First of all what is the difference between bourbon and whiskey?  Basically whiskey is made by different countries using similar distillation methods, but in America bourbon is a type of whiskey that is traditionally made in Kentucky and must follow strict rules and regulations for it to be considered a bourbon. 637 more words


The Inconvenience of Convenience (Online Food Shopping)

Because I don’t work a regular 9-5 job with consistent weekends off and because sometimes I am sleeping a lot on my days off from work, 90% of the time I rely on ordering my food shopping online and having it delivered to me at my convenience.  801 more words


Crispy Fried Egg with Guacamole

Well, this is my first post on a brand new blog! I have been enjoying a paleo diet for about 5 weeks now. I’ll put a little more about me on this blog but basically, I really love what I’m eating and cooking and I want to share a few recipes! 290 more words


Fried Barbeque Chicken Schnitzel

Hey everyone! So last time I said I was going to give you a hint to what my next recipe post would be a chicken recipe. 547 more words


Yummy! Baked Crispy Shrimp - GawkUpon

Learn how to cook a baked crispy shrimp and serve a full meal at dinner in just under 3 minutes!

A Gambler's Tale (part 1)

Like I said in my “introduction” post I have a gambling problem and have abstained from all gambling for nearly 2 years (2 years on June 8th to be exact).  1,165 more words