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         /// CRISTINA EN ENSENADA, CON EL PUEBLO /// -INP-DBN- HOY, desde las 15 horas, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner visitará junto al intendente de Ensenada, Mario Secco, a los trabajadores de la cooperativa de servicios “Futuro Ensenadense”, ubicada en el Barrio Mosconi de ese distrito bonaerense. 324 more words


Mario Secco y Máximo Kirchner dieron cierre al plenario del Frente Ciudadano en etapa de organización

   /// En Exactas (UNLP) Mario Secco y Máximo Kirchner dieron cierre al plenario del Frente Ciudadano en etapa de organización ///

Bancas Bancadas Lucio Pedro Aberastain Ponte… 178 more words


Those krazy Kirchner krooks

Okay, this one is kind of funny. But first you need to know who José Francisco López is.

Who is he? He’s a civil engineer and a longtime member of the sleazy Kirchner circle in Argentina. 514 more words


The callow Kirchnerite: Ben Norton

This week we’ve been perusing the writings of highly prolific Salon contributor Ben Norton, who in a career that is now barely three years old has established himself as a leading American champion of Islam and hard-core socialism and a major detractor of the U.S., Israel, and “neoliberalism.” … 580 more words


Dilma, Cristina, Michelle and Hillary

If there are any contemporaries to whom Hillary Clinton can be compared, they would be Dilma Rousseff of Brazil, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of Argentina and Michelle Bachelet of Chile. 554 more words


The "able propagandist": Mark Weisbrot

A few months after Cristina Kirchner’s October 2011 re-election as president of Argentina, American economist Mark Weisbrot – whose career as a sycophant of socialist despots we’ve been charting the last couple of days – cheered her decision to nationalize her country’s largest oil company, the Spanish-owned YPF. 579 more words


Apocalypse no?

Yesterday we began taking a long look at Mark Weisbrot, whose enthusiasm for chavista economics appears to know no bounds. In November 2013, he ruled out the possibility of a “Venezuelan apocalypse” of the kind that is now well underway. 601 more words