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You've Got to be Kidding Me!

You’ve got to Be Kidding Me!!

Blog Post #2

After reading “Trust Me, I’m Lying” I am left with many mixed feelings towards online bloggers. I have always thought that some of the blogs that I read seem a little far-fetched so to hear from an inside source that they are all lies assured me that I was thinking correctly. 364 more words


Smarty Pin Sunday

I was at at house yesterday with no interent, phone service, tv, etc… I was forced to try and think of things based on my own memory. 8 more words

More Critical Thinking Videos

In early 2012 a series of short videos on the topic of critical thinking was released.

The group that produced them have created more. I think these are videos are superb; short, to the point, quirky and ideal for anyone wanting to quickly understand the scientific method and critical thinking including fallacies. 50 more words

Video - Vic Skeptics

What I want you to know about Science

Dear daughter,

Today we took a trip to Science North.  I was happy that you really seemed interested in learning about things.  Of course, mostly you just wanted to look, touch, and play and didn’t want to wait for me to read about what we were looking at, but that’s okay.  240 more words

Stress Can Make College Students Fat!

With these addictive graphs from Daily Infographic on the rise, sometimes a certain one just stands out, pulling you in, statistic-by-statistic and then somehow making you involve it in your day. 91 more words

International Students

Truth Saves

For your Sunday dose of edification have a look at the Truth Saves web site.

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I am an unbeliever and have great distaste for things religious. 147 more words

Faith & Religion