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What's the Difference Between High and Low Functioning Autism?

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Author: Lisa Jo Rudy

People with autism are often described as being “high functioning”  or ” low functioning” But there are no such diagnoses in the diagnostic manual. 87 more words

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How To Screen For Stocks

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Singapore’s stock market is not the biggest. But even then, it has more than 700 listed entities. Unless you have the capabilities of someone like Warren Buffett, analysing each company individually would be incredibly difficult. 721 more words

Money Matters

Inspection Criteria

Most surgical instruments go through dozens of processes before they are considered completed. Broadly speaking there are three major inspection categories that are followed at different inspection points. 224 more words


You must know that every good leader is a master of the act of delegation of authority. They put the best professionals where they are most suitable to perfectly interpret and implement a company’s policy in order to achieve set goals. 299 more words


Choosing A Temporary Spouse

At this point in my life, I have not been on a trip where I was able to choose person for person who I was with, where we were going, and what we were doing. 271 more words


Unreality and It's Stories

Finally, I Think I’m Going Somewhere Here (First)

I aim to write fiction and nonfiction here. Fiction will mostly be for cross- genres and easily adaptable to multiple mediums and platforms.

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Switching Jobs? Think About This...

Recently, I’ve been thinking about switching jobs. And I’m sure many of you would agree that deciding to switch jobs, and evaluating options when they become available, is not an easy task. 1,257 more words