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Book Review System

Grade: Objective grade based on my overall impression. A+ through F model. All grades but F are worth considering.

World: Some stories take place in broad worlds whether they just involve lots of travels or foreign countries. 246 more words


Most Important Candidate Criteria

Pay attention to the most important candidate criteria in the coming presidential primary elections.This year, the most important gift you want to give yourself, your family, your neighborhood, your community, State and the United States of America is your attention. 84 more words

Random Start: Criteria - “The Coincidence”

The internet suggested Criteria because I’m an Engine Down fan. Criteria’s alright, but it’s no Engine Down.

Random Start

Class, Wed, 9/30


Writing Moves


Discuss Maya‘s essay. Identify two points where she makes a move as a writer that you noted in your list on Monday. 163 more words


Selection Policy

The trumpets blare to announce the Medal events – Brownlow and Dally M.

The parades arranged for the AFL and NRL ultimate conclusion.

Nervousness flows from the winter tribes to the summer combatants. 147 more words

Class, Mon, 9/28


Writing With Woolf

Locate two passages you’d like to talk about in Chapters 5 and 6 on A Room—one in which Woolf does something as a writer you admire, and one in which she does something you find irksome or unpersuasive. 211 more words


3 things you need to know about college rankings before applying

So which college is better? Well that depends which ranking you look at…

1. Not all rating systems the same: when rating colleges they each weight various criteria differently, which leads to different answers to the question ‘which is the best college?” For example, if a rating is highly based on research output, universities from countries that receive more private funding will fare better than universities that are based on government support and have lower tuition fees. 625 more words