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Perbedaan HQl dan Criteria Query Hibernate

Tutorial kali ini saya akan membahasa perbedaan antara HQL dan Creteria query.

HQL (Hibernate Query Language) adalah bahasa query berorientasi object mirip dengan SQL. HQL beroperasi dengan object persisten dan berbagai peropertinya, query HQL ini akan diterjemahkan oleh hibernate dalam bentuk SQl query konvensional untuk manipulasi database. 83 more words


R.T.C Criteria

In each post created I will endevour to tag the following relevant criteria, linking it to the Registered Teacher Criteria for Teacher Registration.

Criteria Key Indicators… 659 more words

Letter to the Society : Why the 5th Criteria ? (Part 4)


The Society.

Subject: Why the 5th Criteria?

Dear Society,

In the last two parts of the letter, I mentioned to you about Her Wealth and Her Background Criteria and One Way,One of the Solutions. 1,196 more words

EdTech 543: Criteria for Effective Curation

This week our group of Katie, Ben, Jasmine, and myself created an alphabet to describe effective curation (via great idea of Katie!) I thought our group worked very well together. 93 more words

1.2 Using

More on Genetic Markers

Thanks to all of you who did some research after last week’s blog. You guys rock! It wasn’t even an issue I had thought about asking for help with and yet you jumped in anyway. 656 more words


Plural Misunderstandings

The plural forms of some nouns are widely misunderstood.

The two with which I am the most familiar are phenomenon and criterion. These usually are regarded as mistakes when their plural forms are misused. 28 more words


The Determination

Anyone who knows me, even a little, knows I work hard. Some say maybe I work a little too hard. Personally, I love working towards a goal and the harder I work, the better I feel when I get to my target. 151 more words