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The case against / for Yeshua as Moshiach.

Is Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah?

Messianic Expectation according to the TNK:                        Did Yeshua Fulfill?

  1. Be anointed.                                                                                    No.
  2. Return Jews to Eretz Israel.                                                        No.
  3. Rebuild the Temple.                                                                      No.
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Not a single three letter word !

Daily Prompt – Three Letter Words

I have to write a post which shouldn’t contain above criteria; however, it should also make sense. I would like to write down that I have actually succeeded in doing so as I don’t believe that I used above criteria in my post anywhere. 6 more words

The Daily Post

Grails Criteria Query with DataTables

Grails Criteria Query with DataTables

This tutorial is about how to integrate Grails criteria query with DataTables pagination, filtering and sorting.

Grails version: 2.4

DataTables version: 1.10… 279 more words


Lesson Observation - Do You Meet The Oftsed Criteria? - YouTube

for more: http://www.TeachingPlusLearning.co.uk on the subject of lesson observation. A few of the reasons why Observation Manager will make a huge differenc…

Credit Repair

Public Employment – Transparency

An important requirement of public employment is that of transparency. Therefore, an advertisement must specify the number of posts available for selection and recruitment. The qualifications and other schedule of recruitment process should be published with certainty and clarity. 68 more words

Employment Law

Instructional objectives have some practical use and come from a process known as “needs analysis”.

Instructional objectives have some practical use and come from a process known as “needs analysis”. That is the last of 12 truisms that have influenced how I have been doing my work as a learning and performance consultant over a number of years. 603 more words

State of Art

Wenn du nicht das, was du tust, in den Stand der Kunst erhebst, und ihre Kriterien an das, was du tust, anlegst und achtest, so ist alles, was du tust, echt keine Kunst und bestenfalls bedeutungslos. 10 more words

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