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An English teach from Wales introduced me to Blow-Up . I first watched it in the early 1980s and loved it. I was excited to see it added to Criterion (#865). 223 more words

Street without End

Directed by Mikio Naruse, Street Without End centers on Sugiko, a beautiful young waitress. All the customers are smitten with her and when she walks down the street a talent agent stops her to get her into the movies. 193 more words


His Girl Friday (1940)

Plot: Hildy (Rosalind Russell) is the star reporter for The Morning Post and while she has been gone for a while, her return is to be a brief one, as she plans to inform her boss that she is leaving her position. 567 more words

#912 An Actor’s Revenge (1963)

#912 An Actor’s Revenge

1963 // Japan // Kon Ichikawa

Criterion Collection (LINK)

Kon Ichikawa’s oeuvre lies across a large spectrum, from anti-war fable to Olympic documentary, from farcical comedy to detective story, and above all, various literature adaptations from authors like Soseki Natsume, Junichiro Tanizaki and Seishi Yokomizo. 581 more words

Criterion Collection

Redemption in Paris, Texas

Our conflicted and silent protagonist Travis (Harry Dean Stanton) emerges from the desert like a mirage. Dressed in an old suit that hangs loose on him and a red trucker hat, an outfit only Stanton could don with such earnest, he reenters civilization in a trance. 627 more words


Revisiting Night of the Living Dead (1968)


I recently revisited George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, a movie I first saw in 1971 when I was nine years old. Was I too young for such a movie? 1,629 more words


#911 The Hero (1966)

#911 The Hero

1966 // India // Satyajit Ray

Criterion Collection (LINK)

The Hero is arguably an autobiographical film, but instead of dramatising one’s own past and memories, it exhales the auteur’s existential dilemma, raising questions that are inexorably devoid of answers. 335 more words

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