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Epilogue to 'The Theory of Nature(s)

So it draws to an end, the epilogue to ‘The Theory of Nature(s) but as I wrote in the previous post, I will (hopefully and eventually) create a framework to allow a complete cross pollination of ideas and definers of Nature. 1,139 more words


definer 8 of 'The Theory of Nature(s)

This week’s post looks at Nature as Geology. This explores the physical make up of the Earth. The natural happenings, processes and ecological cycles. I look at how we’ve augmented the Earth’s make up – at least on the literal surface of the lands that encompass this planet, mainly through the work of Smout Allen. 318 more words


definer 6 of 'The Theory of Nature(s)

This particular definer was quite an easy choice in regards to including it into the research thesis. I was particularly inspired by the Eames Power of Ten video. 868 more words


definer 5 of 'The Theory of Nature(s)

This one is a strange definer but through research it seemed like an interesting avenue to go down. Nature as a living thing with vital functions or needs could be the premise for the idea of survival or as I’ve noted in the research pertinence in breathing, consuming and sustaining which I guess could be intrinsically linked to survival yet again. 818 more words


definer 4 of 'The Theory of Nature(s)

A day late as I was busy walking the Yorkshire 3 peaks yesterday and there was no internet reception. Today’s definer is Nature as heredity, impulsed and influential factors in personality. 860 more words


Open Call is Still Running

Hello Everyone,

Just to let you all know, our open call is still running until the 23rd of September for anyone who would like to get their submissions in.   583 more words

Street Line Critics

definer 3 of 'The Theory of Nature(s)

Today’s definer explores the intrinsic and valued relationship between Nature and the Countryside. The Countryside is seen as a natural part of the land which makes up Nature. 950 more words