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definer 2 of 'The Theory of Nature(s)

Definer 2 is the second entry in ‘The Theory of Nature(s) and explores the wild side of nature, the unkept wilderness. Here I’ve looked at the pastoral and the rural upbringings. 613 more words


definer 1 of ' The Theory of Nature(s)

Definer 1 is the first entry of 12 for ‘The Theory of Nature(s)’. It explores the stereotypical and in some instances the quintessential Nature. I explore the power behind Nature, through phenomena and power. 497 more words


The "Critical Mass" of Cannabis in the World Today

From “Random House Webster’s College Dictionary”    

Critical: adj. 1. inclined to find fault, or judge severely.

Mass: n. 1. a body of coherent matter, usu. of indefinite shape. 495 more words


Critical - Series 1, Episode 4

I wrote the episode of Jed Mercurio’s trauma medicine drama Critical that’s due to air on Sky One next Tuesday (17th March) at 9pm.

It’s… 57 more words

Matthew Broughton

The Importance of Music Education

There are fewer joys than the joy of music. Often described as the most significant art form man has created. From the ancient percussive instruments to the antique harpsichords, we see how beauty and sound is intertwined into one, to create an aesthetically and sonically pleasing, form of art. 291 more words


"Hello word" - Parte 1

Após a leitura da primeira metade do livro Hello Word de Alice Rawsthorn, pode concluir que este livro nos mostra a diversidade existente no que diz respeito a palavra… 487 more words


Review: Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V: Getting Lost in Los Santos
By Luke Lewis 

As I write, Grand Theft Auto V has been out for a month. I’ve been playing it all month. 616 more words