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Verity Wyn Evans

I have just visited fascinating glass and light exhibition at the White Cube Gallery in Bermondsey. Her pieces are full of reflections and transparency, incorporating visitors to participate in the overall scene. 69 more words


Critical Analysis #2

“What are the pros and cons of a content management system?”

A content management system is one way to build a website. The CMS is helpful on many levels for one there is no requirement to know how to code making it easy for anyone to use. 168 more words

Critical Analysis

Critical Analysis #3

“The Web Design Process”

The web design process is very structured when you get down to it. It’s not just sitting down and building a perfect website the first try. 408 more words

Critical Analysis

Critical Analysis 3

“Write one short summary of the Web Design Process discussed in the lectures and in the three articles from this week.”

• Describe the professional design process. 396 more words
Critical Analysis

Week 3: Web Design Process

Write one short summary of the Web Design Process

The professional design process – and the team roles involved – is often broken up into a… 365 more words


Screen-Printing Workshop

To diversify my experiences from last year with mono-printing and etching, I opted for screen-printing.

Following an excellent presentation of technical possibilities, we reviewed an extensive range of examples of prints, covering numerous pieces produced by both, staff and students. 278 more words


Both Side-ism

One of the major criticisms of contemporary corporate media is its use of and reliance on both side-ism. The emphasis and priority has shifted from the journalism school’s basic of cross checked facts to one of ostensibly scrupulous fairness. 449 more words

Critical Analysis