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Banks need customers’ help to fight cyber crime - FT.com

A large chunk of cyber crime is possible thanks to lax security among bank customers, rather than within bank HQs. When individuals use outdated browsing software, fail to install proper antivirus protection, or use similar passwords for their online purchases and their financial affairs, it makes hacking that much easier.

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Critical infrastructure: It’s time to make security a priority

The security of industrial systems has been a matter of analysis and debate for years, especially after the onset of threats against them such as the… 1,547 more words


Critical infrastructure: It’s time to make security a priority

This is a well written article and a very serious topic.  I agree completely that conversation needs to be moved forward.  Critical infrastructure is a target by both rogue entities and nation states and we need sound defenses.


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Common Pentest Scoping Mistakes for ICS-SCADA

Cyber criminals are interested in critical infrastructures more than ever before therefor cyber threats are raising dramatically for critical infrastructures. Catastrophic attacks are just a matter of time so we need  realistic risk assessments and penetration tests. 233 more words

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When a Nuclear Plant is Hacked, It's Time for New Best Practices

Most of us won’t lightly brush off news of a hacked nuclear power plant. As was widely reported April 27, one such incident involved the Gundremmingen plant in Germany that was found to be infected with malware intended to allow remote access. 596 more words

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The Next Battleground – Critical Infrastructure

Cyber threats have dramatically developed throughout the years. From simple worms to viruses, and finally to advanced Trojan horses and malware. But the forms of these threats are not the only things that have evolved. 685 more words

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Tank Brigade Maneuvers

This is video of a successful breach conducted by a tank brigade from Ft. Benning Georgia. A successful breach consist of Suppression, Obscuration, Security, Reduction, And a Violent Assault. 18 more words

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