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CPNI UK Publishes Guidance for Industrial Control Systems

Security for Industrial Control Systems
Major industries and critical national infrastructure are increasingly reliant on modern Industrial Control Systems (ICS) for their core operations. These are constructed from commercial off the shelf technologies similar to those used in the IT domain. 357 more words

Information Security

O revenire la prima dragoste

In ultima perioada de timp, mi-am axat publicările pe subiecte de relații internaționale și mai putin pe teme de securitate energetica, cibernetica sau a infrastructurilor critice, nu fiindcă acestea din urma nu ar fi de actualitate, ci doar pentru ca sunt mai greu digerabile de către cei mai putin specializați. 1,122 more words

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Department Announces New Chair of the Defense Business Board

The White House and the Department of Defense announced today that Michael Bayer will return as the chair of the Defense Business Board (DBB).

Bayer, a former member and chair of the DBB, is also a current member of the… 230 more words

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The Internet Threat - Part 3 - Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure

These state actors from a number of countries, such as Russia and China have conducted these dangerous cyber-attacks on rival countries. Most notable of which, is the systematic targeting of these two super powers biggest rival, the United States. 440 more words

Cyber attack campaign focused on Gulf's energy sector

Cyber attack campaign focused on Gulf’s energy sector

By Mark Sutton

Symantec is warning of a new malware that appears to be focused on targets in Petroleum, gas and helium industries in the Gulf. 431 more words

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DNI Wants Cyber Researchers to Predict Attacks, not Just Respond to Them

According to Robert Rahmer, who leads IARPA’s Cyber-attack Automated Unconventional Sensor Environment (CAUSE) program, one of the biggest factors in the security industry’s inability to stay ahead of cyber threats is a model built heavily on looking backwards and analyzing what has happened, instead of looking forward to predict the future.   85 more words